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American Cycles 1880s
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38 star flag of 1877 includes Colorado.

This Overview is a brief look at the time and the influence of Cycles. Significant events from each year are noted along with the position of the Cycles to show how history is moving in Rhythm. Enjoy the walk through history.

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Map of 1980

The overall energy of the 1880s was mid-ranged, and every Cycle crossed over in this decade. A Physical 4th Quarter Alternatives ended its Low with an Upward Crossover in 1887. The Emotional Cycle also had and Upward Crossover in 1883 and remained in 1st Quarter Foundation for the rest of the 1880s. The Intellectual Cycle was High for half the decade, and after a Downward Crossover in 1885, it was Low for the second half of the 1880s.

  March 21, 1880 -
  March 21, 1881
1880: 1880s The Progressive Movement for Industry formed in Physo-Emotional Double 4th Quarter Alternatives. The painting by George Inness painting in this Emotional Low named "The Coming Storm" gained fame for its depiction of ominous clouds. We were in Intellectual 2nd Quarter Variation, Thompson patented a three-phase alternating current generator.
  March 21, 1881 -
  March 21, 1882
1881: The USS Constitution (aka Old Ironsides) made its last sail under free sail in this Physo-Emotional Double 4th Quarter Alternatives. Author Frank Baum called for the extermination of American Indians in the Emotional Low Michelson invented the "interferometer" that used light waves to measure distance in the Intellectual 2nd Quarter Variation.
  March 21, 1882 -
  March 21, 1883
1882: Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act which barred Chinese immigrants from the United States for 10 years during this Emotional Low Edison patents a 3-wire electrical system in this Intellectual 2nd Quarter Variation which is still in use today, and Nikola Tesla discovered the rotating magnetic field in which is the basis of almost all devices that use alternating current.
  March 21, 1883 -
  March 21, 1884
1883: In the Physical Low -Intellectual High, the Pendleton Act established Civil Service Commission to administer competitive examinations for federal jobs applicants in order it replaced the spoils system with a merit system. Amid an Emotional Upward Crossover, twelve people were trampled to death in New York City on May 30, 1883 after a stampeded was triggered by a rumor that the recently opened Brooklyn Bridge was in danger of collapsing. The Intellectual High was characterized as the "Edison Effect" became the basis of electronics.
  March 21, 1784 -
  March 21, 1785
1884: "Mugwumps" of the Liberal Republicans began a search for an alternative political machine in the Physical 4th Quarter Alternatives.  Southern Negroes won Supreme Court ruling on voting rights in the Emotional High. While we were in an Intellectual High Dorr E. Felt  invented the first adding machine.
  March 21, 1885 -
  March 21, 1886
1885: Congress forbade fencing by cattle and railroad companies in the Physical Low. The Great Southwest Railroad strike that began with walk-outs in 1885 that led to massive strikes during the 1885/86 Intellectual Crossover went unresolved in such a manner that it precipitated the collapse of the Knights of Labor.
  March 21, 1886 -
  March 21, 1887
1886: Sullivan's Chicago Style of architecture abandoned Victorian & Romanesque styles in the Physical 4th Quarter Alternatives. The Neighborhood Guild, the first settlement house, was established in New York City in this Emotional 1st Quarter Foundation to provide social services for poorer residents of the cities. Henry James turned to themes of social reform, with his work "The Bostonians" while we were in Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review./div>
  March 21, 1887 -
  March 21, 1888
1887: Fishing disputes with Canada brought talk of war during this Upward Physical Crossover and a severe real estate bust devastated wealth. Architect H. H. Richardson designed his works in with an emphasis on aesthetic affects in the mid-1880s while where in an Emotional High The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 abated discriminatory Railroad rates in the Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.
  March 21, 1888 -
  March 21, 1889
1888: Major sports organizations formed during the Physical 1st Quarter Foundation. The existing game of golf emerged as an organized sport in the US by founding of the St. Andrews Golf Club at Yonkers on the Hudson in 1888, the fist All American Football team began in 1889 and basketball was invented in 1891. The famous poem “Casey at the Bat” by Ernest Lawrence Thayer was 1st published during this Emotional High. The poem was based on a game played in Stockton, Ca. George Eastman patented 1st successful roll film in 1880 while were where in an Intellectual High.
  March 21, 1889 -
  March 21, 1990
1889: Osler emphasized the importance of humane medical practices and established clinical training as part of the medical school curriculum during the Emotional High in 1889. The First Anti-Trust Laws emerged in four states in 1889 and eight more states in 1891 amid the Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.