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Overview - Decade
  1830s 1840s 1850s 
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American Cycles 1840s
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26 star flag of 1837 includes Michigan. 27 star flag of 1845 includes Florida.
28 star flag of 1846 includes Texas. 29 star flag of 1847 includes Iowa.
30 star flag of 1848 includes Wisconsin.

This Overview is a brief look at the time and the influence of Cycles. Significant events from each year are noted along with the position of the Cycles to show how history is moving in Rhythm. Enjoy the walk through history.

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Map of 1840

The overall energy of the decade was mid-ranged.  The  Physical Cycle was High for half of the decade and Low for the second half after a Downward Crossover in 1845.  An

Emotional Cycle Low ended its 4th Quarter Alternatives with an Upward Crossover in 1847 which sent it into a new 1st Foundation.  A High for the Intellectual Cycle ended early with Downward Crossover in 1841 that left in 3rd Quarter Reform for the rest of the decade.

  March 21, 1840 -
  March 21, 1841
1840: The first steamship line with scheduled transatlantic sailings, established by Samuel Cunard, came at this Physical Peak. While were in Emotional 4th Quarter Alternatives Transcendentalists emerged in philosophy, literature a communities. In Intellectual 2nd Quarter Improvement the Independent Treasury Act became law to grant government exclusive responsibility over its own funds and provides for government depositories to hold funds.
  March 21, 1841 -
  March 21, 1842
1841: Coke, a coal product, was manufactured in Pennsylvania this year and band the earliest commercial use of oil, "Tock oil" also began in Pennsylvania began about this time while we were in a Physical High. With the Emotional 4th Quarter Alternatives came the Brook Farm in Massachusetts founded by George Ripley, a Unitarian and Transcendentalist, as an alternative community based on a cooperative program and an economy of farming and handcraft. Whigs denounced President Tyler in the  Intellectual Downward Crossover of 1841/42 and the entire cabinet except Webster resigned.
  March 21, 1842 -
  March 21, 1843
1842: Exploration and migration expanded in the Physical High as Colonel John C. Fremont began a four-year expedition to explore the Rocky Mountains in southern Wyoming, and, a major party of 130 people in 18 wagons headed for the Oregon territory from Independence, Missouri setting they way for settlers who began a great migration over Oregon Trail the following year. Showman Edwin P. Christy founded the Christy Minstrels in the .. Citizens in the northeastern Massachusetts town of Haverhill have John Quincy Adams in January, 1842, to submit a petition to Congress requesting the peaceful dissolution of the Union in this Intellectual Downward Crossover of 1841/42 - Emotional 4th Quarter Alternatives.
  March 21, 1843 -
  March 21, 1844
1843: President Tyler sent a diplomatic representative to Hawaii as we were in a Physical High after Daniel Webster advised him the year before to take a stand which prompted him to send a message to Congress that the US would not approve of any power attempting control of the islands. Edgar Allen Poe published his short stories "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," "The Pit and the Pendulum," and "The Tell-Tale Heart" as dark tales with a touch of horror in this Physical High Emotional Low.  Daniel Webster became the last cabinet member assigned by former President Harrison to resign as the nation was in Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.
  March 21, 1784 -
  March 21, 1785
1844: With the Physical 2nd Quarter Improvement iron replaced wood on railroad tracks. The Fruitlands Utopian Community began near Harvard, Massachusetts as an alternative community during this Emotional 4th Quarter Alternatives. Victorian Rococo furniture styles catch on in the US after they are introduced by German-born furniture maker, John Henry Belter, in the Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.
  March 21, 1845 -
  March 21, 1846
1845: President Polk sent 3,000 troop to Mexico after the Physical High entered a Physical Downward Crossover. The Walden Experiment was conducted by Henry David Thoreau during this Emotional 4th Quarter Alternatives. The first public attempt to remove a tooth painlessly from a patent amnestied with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) by Connecticut dentist, Horace Wells, failed in the Intellectual Low because because he began the procedure before the patient was completely anesthetized.
  March 21, 1846 -
  March 21, 1847
1846: Michigan becomes first state to abolish capital punishment and enforcement lessened in the Physical Low The Seventh-Day Adventists split from the Adventist Church in the Emotional th Quarter Alternatives to vary toward legalism and Sabbatarianism and other changes. Gothic revivalism, neo-Greco, and Romanesque architecture emerged during the Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.
  March 21, 1847 -
  March 21, 1848
1847: Now the the nation was in a Physical Low Abraham Lincoln made his first speech in the House of Representative in which he sharply disagreed with President Polk over the Mexican War. After Captain John C. Fremont was found guilty of mutiny, disobedience and prejudicial conduct and dismissed form the army in the Emotional Downward Crossover of 1847/48, President Polk approves most of the sentence, omitting mutiny, but restored Fremont to duty, but Fremont eventually resigned and the situation caused opposition between Polk and Senator Thomas Hart Benton, who is Fremont’s father-in-law. The cornerstone of the Smithsonian Institute was laid in Washington, DC. during this Physo-Intellectual Double 3rd Quarter Review in what became America's greatest archive of the past.
  March 21, 1848 -
  March 21, 1849
1848: During the Physical Low Emotional High the free soil party formed in opposition to slavery. The Modern feminist movement began with the Women's Rights Convention New York in the Emotional High while the nation was in Emotional 1st Quarter Foundation. Elizabeth Ellet authored her 2-volume work: “Women of the American Revolution”  in the Intellectual 3rd Quarter Review.
  March 21, 1849 -
  March 21, 1950
1849: horeau advocated "Civil Disobedience" as passive resistance to Mexican War in the Physical Low. The California gold rush came after gold was discovered in 1848 and unbridled enthusiasm ran wild in the Emotional High. The American economy was heading toward a period of business decline and failure in the Physo-Intellectual Low.