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Overview - Century
  20th Cent. Twentyfirst
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Cycles of the 21st Century

This Overview is a brief look at the time and the influence of Cycles. Significant events from each decade are noted along with the position of the Cycles to show how history is moving in Rhythm. Enjoy the walk through history.

See the go to Timelines here link near the top for a detailed look at Cycles for this century.

See the Matrix links above left for navigating through all Overviews and Timelines by Time, Subject, or Cycle as described in Introduction to Part II.

American Cycles 2000s2000s: The New Reality This Trirhythmic High in the Cycles came into being after and Upward Physical Crossover in 1999-2000 that put is in a vulnerable period of crisis as we reached an Emotional Peak in 2000. Consequently, we were in a point of over-peculation in an over-bought market when we hit an abrupt Physical crisis and "the bubble burst" in the market. Meanwhile a rising Intellectual Cycle brought us further into space and scientific achievements. The unexpected attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 came from external sources beyond the internal rhythms of the nation producing largest External Aberration in our history. We recovered, due in part to the strong position of our Cycles. We moved on to a Physo-Intellectual Peak in 2006 that gave a pause as real estate sales slowed down. Now we are gaining momentum in a Trirhythmic 2nd Expansion which produces even more energy a Peak and our greatest expressions unfolding in an historic High. We face a moral and emotional crisis in 2009-2010 when we have an Emotional Downward Crossover.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2010s2010s: Our positional High that is now in place will have a gradual decline with stages. In 2009-2010 as the Emotional Cycle has a Downward Crossover we are bound to see a moral and ethical crisis in a major event in the nation. In 2013-2014 when the Physical Cycle has a Downward Crossover will are likely to experience a brief industrial recession. In 2017-2018 with the Intellectual Cycle has a Downward Crossover we will likely see a dip in stock prices and commodities. This will all lead to gradual decline and a recession in 2020.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2020s2020s: We will rise toward new High from a likely recession in 2020, but we will encounter a major national crisis in 2027-2028 as we have a Physo-Emotional Double Upward Crossover, the fourth only Double Crossover in our nation's history. This will likely result in over-reaction put into action with possible acts of violence and public outcry. The industrial sector of the economy could suffer and we should be cautious with are responses in foreign relations as we will have a tendency to use force. An Intellectual Low will decline through a period of reform to reach a bottom in 2028.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2030s2030s: Rising Cycles will reach Physical and Emotional Peaks in a High that will be somewhat reminiscent of the "gay '90s" of the 19th century, but in a new time. The Intellectual Cycle will be Low and rising through 4th Qtr. Alternatives and we make a progressive shift in our methods of learning and scientific pursuits.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2040s2040s: In this decade we may lay new foundations as the Intellectual Cycle rises toward a Peak in 2050, but both the Physical Cycle and the Emotional Cycle will end their Highs to enter strong period period of reforms in the Physo-Emotional Double 3rd Qtr. Review. In this decade we are likely to find new ways to revise old practices as we shift from survival of the fittest to survival of the wisest.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2050s2050s: This should be the new age of reason as we bring education and scientific achievements to fruition during the Intellectual 2nd Qtr. Expansion. Meanwhile will may abandon the past as both the Physical Cycle and the Emotional Cycle will run through most of their 3rd Quarter of Review at this time.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2060s2060s: A period of strong industrialism and masculine energy may prevail as we hit a Physical Peak. The rising Emotional Cycle could usher in a period of rising optimism and add hope to action. An Intellectual decline will call for a time of looking back on previous scientific and technical accomplishments...
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2070s2070s: A romantic era with feminine energy will likely be represented in all forms of artistic expression as we hit an Emotional Peak  at this time.  Industrial reform brought on by a declining Physical Cycle will likely coming during a market decline.  An   will add to an economic slow down and the latter half of the decade should take a departure from the past.  The combined effect Emotional 2nd Qtr. Expansion during a Physo-Intellectual Double 4th Qtr. Alternatives may bring wild expression in non-traditional ways and a generation gap.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2080s2080s: America's fifth great internal crisis (after 1901, 1929, 1973 and 2027) will come during the Physo-Intellectual Double Upward Crossover of 2083.  This will very likely disrupt the economy and disturb the banking industry but be will likely recover sufficiently as we rise into new foundations.  A period of romantic nostalgia is also likely to prevail and the Emotional Cycle declines through 3rd Qtr. Review.
Cycles Forecast - USA - 2090s2090s: The last decade of the century should be strong as both the Physical Cycle and the Intellectual Cycle reach their Peaks producing a strong economy with military readiness.  An Emotional Trough at the beginning of the decade will precede a rise from the Low and period of searching with the advant garde taking some leads.  This will be an era of all things new.