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These Timelines are a detailed look at the time and the influence of Cycles. Significant events of the decade are analyzed through Twelve categories that serve as a kaleidoscopic lens through time, (see the clickable links above), as well as the position of Cycles at the time, (see the clickable folder links in the upper left corner). You can read and link up and down vertically through this Timeline, or, you can go any Category and link horizontally to the same Category in other Timelines (links are provided at the head of each Category). This cross linking is designed to provide a fast and easy way to make reading fun and interesting.

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Although most reforms come during a 3rd Quarter of the Cycles, President Bush spoke from Sequoia National Park on May 30, 2001 to renew his campaign promise to spend $4.9 billion on the restoration  the nation's national parks and to protect "these works of God" and other natural treasures from mankind.

While enforcement was up in the Physical High, an Absence of 3rd Quarter Review simultaneously ushers in more permissiveness.  In a decision that could have gone either way, US District Judge Robert Jones upheld Oregon's assisted-suicide law on April 17, 2002 to say that Attorney General John Ashcroft should not "determine the legitimacy" of medical acts.

In Oklahoma Wanda Jean Allen was executed for 2 murders on January 11, 2001, making this the first execution of an African American woman since 1954. On March 27, 2001, Robert Lee Massie became the 9th prisoner to be executed in California since the death penalty was reinstated in 1997. Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection at the federal prison in Terra Haute, Indiana on June 11, 2001, for the bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. But contrary to the general rise in law enforcement that comes with a Physical High, Maryland Governor Parris Glendening declared a moratorium on executions on May 9, 2002, as Maryland became the second state after Illinois to do so because. A US district judge in New York ruled on July 1, 2002 that the federal death penalty is unconstitutional because it creates undue risk of executing innocent defendants. A trial court in Florida ruled on July 2, 2002 that the state's capital sentencing statute in constitutional.  Possibly countering the Physical High that calls for greater enforcement is the Emotional Cycle that calls for greater compassion.

Also contrary to the trend toward military build-ups in a Physical High, Presidents Bush and Putin signed the Treaty of Moscow on May 24, 2002 to shrink their countries' nuclear arsenals by two-thirds to 1,700-2,200 active warheads at the end of 10 years.

President Bush spoke in the Florida Everglades on June 4, 2001 and emphasized his request for $58 million in the 2002 budget for Everglades restoration.


1. Political  2000s Physical Cycle top    

Physical Upward Crossover (March 21, 1999- March 21, 2000)

The Upward Crossover of the Physical Cycle in 1999 / 2000 ended a period in which we were in a Physical Low - Emotional High that brought us a time of over speculation in weakened companies that presented false bottom reports. Consequently, our aspirations outran our strength giving us a bubble of inflated stock prices and values.  A correction was due and it began in the crisis created when the Physical Cycle crossed up and continued in the recession of 2001/2002.  We experienced negative growth in three non-consecutive quarters in the third quarter of 2000, the first quarter of 2001, and the third quarter of 2001. Inasmuch as speculative costs continued to rise in the 1990s while we were in a Physical Low - Emotional High, and we did not see more of a correction during the Upward Physical Crossover of 1999 / 2000, then this was a signal that our hopeful reached exceeded our grasp while the Emotional Cycle Peaked in 2000.  Having an Emotional Peak in an adjacent year with a crossover means that we can be reaching for the sky when the rug is about to be pulled out from under our feet.  The last time we had an Emotional Peak in an adjacent year to a Crossover was in 1929 when an Emotional Peak in 1928 preceded the Double Downward Crossover in both the Physical and the Intellectual Cycles giving us a crash an over-speculated market.  The Crossover of 1999 / 2000, however, was a single Upward Crossover which is not a consequential.

 The correction that followed demonstrated aspects of the Inversion Principle of Correction.  That is, when the market deviates from the level at which Cycles would have, not only will be make a sudden return to our proper position, but we may continue past the correction point to go to the other side and remain there for as long and as much as we perturbed on the previous side before returning back to the correction point with stability. That is the Inversion Principle of Correction.  Therefore, as the new Trirhythmic High (1999 - 2009) was moving the overall energy level higher, the over-correction following the Upward Physical Crossover and the burst of the bubble was pulling market indicators downward and the effect was to leave 2001 and 2002 mostly flat in overall growth with some volatility in market prices as we sought our true level.

For more on this, see under:
2. Business & Economy - Polyrhythms - Physo-Emotional High following a Physical Low with Emotional High
When the Bubble Burst

Physical High (1999 - 2013)

Spending increases during a High in the Cycles, and on May 2, 2002 President Bush and Republican congressional leaders enacted most of the president's tax and spending goals. But along with spending increases also came tax cuts.  2001 Jun 7, President Bush signed a $1.3 trillion tax cut bill on June 7, 2001 that raised exemptions on estate taxes until 2010, and on July 1, 2001 lower tax rates went into effect for some middle and upper-income taxpayers. Although the US House passed 417-3 a bill cutting taxes on March 7, 2002, it extended unemployment benefits and spending was up.

Recent Cyclic changes brought a split in polarities in the presidential election and the Emotional Cycle change from the 1st Quarter and the Physical Cycle was still in an Upward Crossover in 2000, and election year.  Consequently, we had the closet presidential election results in history that had to be decided by a Supreme Court decision over election rules and an eventual final count that favored Republican George Bush over Democratic candidate Al Gore.  Florida was the most closely contested state and on January 12, 2001 the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights concluded a two-day hearing on Florida's presidential election, with members accusing Secretary of State Katherine Harris of presiding over a "disaster" and trying to shift blame to others, but the accusations did not hold and a final decision was reached. Nonetheless, some 25,000 protesters gathered in Washington DC for the inauguration of President Bush on January 20, 2001 while some 7,000 police were on duty.

The state flag of Georgia took a step from the past with its new flag premiered on January 31, 2001 with a smaller Confederate battle emblem.  First and Second Quarters in the Cycles call for new beginnings. Howerver, 01 Apr 17, In Mississippi voters decided to keep their Confederate emblem on the state flag by a margin of 65% to 35% on April 17, 2001.

Arms increase in a Physical High. President Bush announced his commitment the US to a missile defense shield and May 1, 2001, and presented his case for withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia.On his first overseas trip, President Bush met with Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar in Madrid and pushed for his missile defense shield on May 28, 2001, and on June 13, he had a closed meeting with NATO leaders in Brussels, Belgium, to support his missile shield plan, though response was with mixed. President Bush strongly backed the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe as he spoke in Poland on June 14, 2001,  and he criticized Russia for suspected nuclear commerce. A classified memo to Congress on November 2, 2001, notified lawmakers plans for a $400 million arms deal with Egypt that included 53 Harpoon Block II surface-to-surface satellite guided missiles. On December 13, 2001, President Bush gave Russia a formal 6-month advance notice of his decision to withdraw from the 1972 ABM treaty in order to advance his missile-shield plans.

Violent crime rises and falls with the Physical Cycle, but on June 17, 2001 the Harvard Quarterly Journal of Economic claimed that legalized abortion since 1973 accounted for up to half of last decade's national crime decline.  This was a controversial report that was contested by other social observers. The FBI tracked 8,322 US bank robberies in 2001, up 17% from the year before.

The use of military force increases with a Physical High and on July 1, 2001, the US launched an attacck at Kakrak, Afghanistan, in which civilians were killed. President Bush warned China that an attack on Taiwan could provoke a U.S. military response in an unusually blunt message in very blunt message on April 25, 2001.  US federal judge ruled that military exercises could resume on Vieques Island in a decision on April 26, 2001, and Puerto Ricans gathered for mass demonstrations.  Nonetheless, on Jun 14, 2001 President Bush ordered a stop to the Navy bombing exercises as leanup was estimated to cost hundreds of millions over decades of work.  President Bush honored America's veterans with the Memorial Day to construct a World War II monument on the National Mall by signing of legislation for such on May 28, 2001. The Bush administration restored some military ties with Indonesia on June 15, 2001, after the Clinton administration had cut some ties during the 1999 upheavals in East Timor.

Enforcement is up in a Physical High, and said on October 12, 2001,  Attorney General John Ashcroft urged federal agencies to resist most Freedom of Information Act requests made by American citizens, contrary to the 1974 act that was passed during Double 3rd Qtr. Review and the Watergate scandal. President Bush issued an executive order on November 1, 2001 to allow past presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan in 1980, to have as much say as incumbents in keeping some of their White House papers private. Enforcement continued as the Air Force Academy implicated 38 cadets in a drug scandal that began in December 2000. The US State Department ordered the expulsion of 5 suspected Russian spies on March 21, 2001, and informed Moscow that as many as 50 intelligence officers using diplomatic cover would have to leave. The US Supreme Court ruled to give police officers authority to handcuff, arrest and jail people for minor offenses including traffic offenses in a 5-4 decision on April 24, 2001. The US Supreme Court upheld regulations on March 26, 2002 to allow federal housing officials to evict an entire household if even one member is arrested for drug violations.

The use of force is up in a Physical High. 2002 Sep 26, US immigration officials seized Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian, and refused him legal council or a phone call as the CIA questioned him then handed him over to Syrian intelligence where he was held and tortured for 10 months before his. The case came to be called an instance of "torture by proxy."

Arms are in a Physical High. A Michigan state law went into effect on July 2, 2001 to allow virtually any gun owner to carry a concealed weapon in public. On  uly 9, 2001 the Bush administration announced opposition a UN draft to restrict the sale of small arms as the US was the leading exporter of small arms. "The Nuclear Posture" of the Bush administration sent to Congress as a secret report on January 8, 2002 to state that the Pentagon needs to be prepared to use nuclear weapons against 7 nations: China, Russia, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Iran, and Libya. A June 3, 2002 report reveled that the US planned to resume manufacturing plutonium triggers for nuclear warheads at a new $4.4 billion plant in 2020. The US became officially free from a 1972 treaty banning major missile defenses on June 14, 2002 and work began in Alaska for missile interceptors. On June 25, 2002 the Defense Department informed Congress that it planned to supply the Canadian navy with Raytheon Co. -built SM-2 Standard surface-to-air missiles and related gear valued at up to $19 million. (Reuters, 6/26/02)

 South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges failed to prevent a plutonium shipment from Rocky Flats in Colorado to the Savannah River Site nuclear facility for re-processing when he was blocked from doing so my a federal judge on  June 13, 2002. The US Senate approved a nuclear waste burial site at Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert on July 9, 2002 to entomb thousands of tons of radioactive waste inside despite fervent protests by the state's governor.

Protection of natural resources is down during a Physical High as we have no 3rd Quarter Review in the Cycle. The Supreme Court limited the reach of federal law to protect wetlands on January 9, 2001. The Bush administration that the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act does not extend beyond the few miles of territorial waters in a statement made on August 9, 2002. Top environmental officials from across the Americas ended two days of talks in Montreal on March 30, 2001, without a consensus agreement on global warming. A statement signed by 26 ministers from Latin American and Caribbean countries could not be enacted because of a decision by the United States to reject the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Australia subsequently indicated  on April 14, 2001 that it would not ratify the Kyoto treaty to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions since the treaty is probably defunct after US repudiation. The EU leaders said on June 14, 2001 that they would move to implement the Kyoto treaty without the US. The US House passed energy legislation on Augut 1, 2001, that to allow opening the Arctic national Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling.

Fences are up during a Physical High. The US and Mexico unveiled a new border safety pact on June 22, 2001 to prevent migrants from crossing at deadly transit points across the border. On May 15, 2002 the Bush administration rejected urging from former President Carter and farm-state lawmakers to ease the trade embargo on Cuba.

Agrarian Interest rise during a Physical High. President Bush signed a $190 billion Farm Security and Rural Investment Act on May 13, 2002 to guarantee higher subsidies to growers in Midwestern and Southern states.by some $83 billion over the next 10 years to help farmers to deal.

West Coast dockworkers struck against shipping lines in 2002. On October 8, 2002, President Bush, used the Taft-Hartley Act and won a federal court order to reopen West Coast ports and to impose and end a 10-day labor lockout which has cost the shaken economy $1 billion to $2 billion a day. The order lasted through October 16. (AP, 10/8/02)(SFC, 10/9/02, p.A1) 2002 Nov 1, West Coast dockworkers and shipping lines reached a tentative agreement on major issues on November 1, 2002, and a tentative 6-year contract on November 23.

The War In Iraq

On December 17, 2002 U.S. President George W. Bush ordered the military to deploy a national missile defense system with land- and sea-based interceptor rockets and to make it operational starting in 2004. US Secretary of State Colin Powell declared Iraq to in material breach of a U.N. disarmament resolution on December 19, 2002. British and US warplanes flew multiple missions on December 30, 2002 to attack Iraq air defense facilities after an Iraqi fighter jet defied the southern no-fly zone. British warplanes attacked an Iraqi mobile radar system on January 1, 2003 after it flew into the southern no-fly zone. U.S. warplanes bombed two Iraqi anti-aircraft radars that threatened patrol pilots in the southern no-fly zone on January 6, 2003. Thousands of Marines, sailors and soldiers shipped out from the U.S. on January 6, 2003, as the buildup for a possible war with Iraq suddenly escalated. US warplanes struck an anti-ship missile launcher in southern Iraq on January 13, 2003 and US planes dropped leaflets over An Najaf, about 85 miles southeast of Baghdadover An Najf, their 14th drop in 3 months. Hundreds of American soldiers arrived in Israel on January 14, 2003 to take part in maneuvers with anti-missile defenses for protectiong against any Iraqi retalliation should the United States attacks Iraq. Secretary of State Colin Powell countered opposition to swift action with bold statements to the U.N. Security Council that the United Nations must not shrink from its responsibility to disarm Saddam Hussein's Iraq. American warplanes bombed an Iraqi air defense site on January 14, 2003, it was their 12th strike in the southern flight interdiction zone this month.

1. Political  2000s Emotional Cycle top    

Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

President Bush created a new white House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives by signing the executive order on January 29, 2001.

The "compassionated conservative" George Bush was the first president with an MBA and he was inaugurated as a "compassionate conservative" who vowed to lead "through civility, courage, compassion and character" which are characteristics that have appeal in an Emotional High

Moral opposition to Abortion increased with the Emotional High. President Bush banned US funding of overseas abortion counseling on this anniversary of Roe v. Wade as he signed a memorandum on January 22, 2001 to reinstate full abortion restrictions on U.S. overseas aid.  His opposition was on moral grounds. A federal appeals court in San Francisco threw out a record $107 million verdict against anti-abortion activists on March 28, 2001, and ruled that a Web site and wanted posters branding abortion doctors "baby butchers" and criminals had 1st Amendment protection. The Bush classified a developing fetus as an "unborn child" on January 31, 2002 to extendi prenatal care to low-income pregnant women under the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

The first woman elected House Democratic Whip was Representative Nancy Pelosi of California on October 10, 2001, making her the No. 2,  House Democratic leader holding the highest post ever Congress ever held by a woman.

A US federal appeals courts favored Native American interests in a decision on February 23, 2001 that held that the US government mismanaged and neglected Native American trust funds.

Public activism increases in an Emotional High. Protesters of the World Economic Forum turned showed up en mass in New York City on February 2, 2002.  Inside the forum the US received criticism from foreign economic leaders for protectionist its policies, and Bill Gates and U2 rock star Bono urged increases in foreign aid by rich countries to poor countries. Thousands of Jews and supporters of Israel gathered for a "National Solidarity Rally" in Washington, DC on April 14, 2002.

Sexual permissiveness increases with an Emotional High.  The US Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional a ban on simulated depictions of child sex on April 16, 2002 and overturned two major provisions of the 1996 Child Pornography Prevention Act in stating that the government went too far in trying to ban "virtual" child pornography. The Arkansas state Supreme Court ruled against that a law banning sexual relations between people of the same sex on July 5, 2002, saying that it was an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

The California Supreme Court ruled that the state's marijuana law can help pot smokers avoid trial for drug offenses on July 18, 2002. Nevada lawmakers approved Internet gambling and passed a medical marijuana measure with its legislation on June 4, 2001.Public gatherings increase in an Emotional High, and tens of thousands of anti-war protesters circled the White House on October 26, 2002,  after Jesse Jackson and other speakers denounced policies regarding Iraq by the Bush administration.

Women in Politics: Senator Hillary Clinton has become first woman in history to receive 18 million votes as a presidential candidate in the same year that Governor Sarah Palin became the first Republican Vice-Presidential candidate. Does this represent a rise in feminine energy in the political process? And if so, is this Cyclical? That is, did we see a strong masculine influence in society during the 1950s, followed by a rise feminine energy during the 1960s and early seventies succeeded by a the macho disco era of the latter 1970s and much of the 1980s? Generation X followed in the latter 1980s and early 1990s, but we rose from that with the Lilith Fair femininity of the 1990s and the military strengthening in our current decade. An Emotional High always bring a rise in feminine energy.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act: The first act signed into law by President Obama was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act which he did with Lilly Ledbetter by his side. Lilly Ledbetter had worked at a company for 19 years not knowing that her male counterparts were being paid more for doing the same job. In comparison, she lost $200,000 in salaray and even more in Social Security and pension benefits. She sued and took her case all the way to the Supreme Court. Equal pay requires that people differentiated by gender or other groups will receive equal pay for doing the same job. This case represents the recognition and the liberation of women in often come with the increase of femimine energy that accompanies an Emotional High.

1. Political  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

Former Vice President Al Gore taught his 1st class "The Media and Public Policy in the Information Age" at Columbia University on February 6, 2001, as technology and politics came closer together.

1. Political  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Emotional High (1999 - 2009)

President Bush toughened enforcement of the sanctions against Cuba on July 13, 2001, and he promised to expand the support for human rights activists in that country.  Both enforcement and human rights were up in the Double High.

The first woman 4 star general, Ann Dunwoody, was nominated by President Bush on July 23, 2008 and confirmed by the Senate. Women often achieve positions of power during a Physo-Emotional High which increase both masculine and feminine energies.

Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

President Bush named Governor Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania to direct the new office of Homeland Security on September 20, 2001, as we responded to an emergency by setting this important precedent on the Double 1st Quarter of Foundation. On July 26, 2002 the US House voted to create the enormous Department of Homeland Security as a new cabinet department and the largest government reorganization in decades. the US Senate also voted in favor on November 18, 2002.

The US Federal Election Committee voted 6-0 to recognize the Green Party as a national committee on November 9, 2001.

Republicans took the majority U.S. Congress in elections on November 5, 2002, by regaining control of the Senate and expanding their majority in the House of Representatives and the country rallied behind 1st Qtr. Foundation.

Trirhythmic High (1999 - 1009)

President Bush permanently normalized trade relations with China on December 27, 2001 as we expanded our outreach in the High.

Absence of 3rd Qtr. Review & Reform (1992 - 2009)

An absence of 3rd Qtr. Review meant that we were not investigating the past, and on February 8, 2001 a House committee opened hearings into a last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich by former President Clinton as  former prosecutors complained that they had not been consulted before the pardon. President Clinton had also final-hour acts on January 20, 2001 as he issued 36 commutations and 140 pardons that included Susan McDougal, Patricia Hearst, Henry Cisneros, John Deutch and Roger Clinton. while it was later revealed that Hugh Rodham, brother of Hillary Rodham Clinton, received $400,000 to help 2 felons win clemency, no investigation ensued.

The US Senate approved the McCain-Feingold bill on campaign finance reform on March 20, 2002 and President Bush planned to sign it into law, but a 3-judge panel in 2003 ruled most of the provisions of campaign finance reform unconstitutional and the reforms were not enacted.

An 1897 Michigan law against swearing in front of women and children was declared unconstitutional on April 1, 2002.

Although President Clinton admitted on January 19, 2001, that he misled prosecutors about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, he struck a deal with independent counsel Robert Ray to accept a 5-year suspension of his Arkansas law license and pay a $25,000 fine.

On March 30, 2001 the Bush administration suspended a rule made late in the Clinton administration that directed federal agencies to evaluate whether prospective contractors had violated federal laws.


External Aberration September 11, 2001

The War Against Terrorism

President Bush made his 1st State of the Union address on January 29, 2002 and declared that the "war against terror is only beginning" and singled out Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an "axis of evil."  On February 4, 2002, President Bush released his $2.13 trillion budget plan for the coming federal year on that included a 12% increase in military spending and cuts in highway and job training. The following day he called for $5.9 billion for bioterrorism preparedness as part of a $38 billion homeland defense. On March 1, 2002 President Bush approved plans to send some 100 US troops to Yemen to help train their nation's military to defend against terrorists.

2002 Mar 11, President Bush outlines a "second stage of the war on terror" in an address on March 11, 2002. US and British planes bombed Iraqi air defense systems on April 19, 2002 after they fired on our aircraft.  The 1st 20 of what will be 2,000 US soldiers landed in the former Soviet republic of Georgia on April 29, 2002. President Bush told addressed West Point graduates on June 1, 2002 and said that the United States would strike pre-emptively against suspected terrorists if necessary to deter attacks on Americans, noting that "the war on terror will not be won on the defensive."  US and British warplanes destroyed a military communications facility in southern Iraq on July 19, 2002. US-British air patrols over southern Iraq bombed an Iraqi communications site on July 29, 2008 in response to hostile actions by Iraq. U.S. warplanes bombed an air defense site in northern Iraq on August 23, 2002 after they were targeted by an Iraqi missile guidance radar system. Coalition aircraft bombed an Iraqi defense facility in one of the no-fly zones on August 30, 2002.

President Bush met with British PM Tony Blair at Camp David, Maryland on September 7, 2002, to organize against Iraq's Saddam Hussein who defied the United Nations resolutions and who, it was believed, was amassing weapons of mass destruction. Allied aircraft struck again in Iraq on September 9, 2002.

President Bush addressed the UN on September 12, 2002, to present his case against Iraq's President Saddam Hussein and the "grave and gathering danger." On September 14, President Bush said the United States was willing to confront Iraq on alone if the United Nations failed to "show some backbone."  US and British warplanes bombed Iraqi installations in the southern no-fly zone on September 15. Allied aircraft struck Iraqi air defense facilities again in a double strike at two southeastern installations on September 24. US jets raided the Basra civilian airport to target its radar systems on September 28. Allied planes bombed radar and missile sites in the southern no-fly zone over Iraq to target air defenses on October 10, 2002.

2002 Oct 23, President Bush signed a $355.5 billion military budget on October 23, 2002, which was an increase of $34 billion  over fiscal 2002. President Bush initiated urgent diplomatic talks during the Pacific rim annual talks on October 26, 2002 in order to unite Japan, South Korea and other allies to contend a nuclear-armed North Korea and to support a possible war with Iraq. Allied warplanes responded to fire by bombing Iraqi defense systems in the northern no-fly zone on October 30, 2002.

The UN Security Council unanimously approved a tough new Iraq resolution on November 8, 2002,  stating that Saddam Hussein must disarm or face "serious consequences." On November 10, 2002 Bush administration officials promised "zero-tolerance" if Saddam Hussein refused to comply. US warplanes flying from an aircraft carrier in the Gulf responded to hostile acts with a strike at missile sites in southern Iraq on November 10, 2002. Iraqi air defense units fired at American and British warplanes on sorties on November 26, 2002.

A US federal review court expanded the government power to use wiretaps and searches and to prosecute suspected terrorists and spies on November 18, 2002.

Secretary of State Colin Powell announced on January 21, 2002 that the US would contribute $297 million for Afghan reconstruction in the coming year. Allied aircraft launched an air strike in the southern no-fly zone over Iraq on October 1, 2002  after Iraqi aircraft violated the restricted area. In a somber address to the nation to support his action against Iraq, In an address to the nation on October 7, 2002, President Bush labeled Saddam Hussein a "homicidal dictator" said that "We refuse to live in fear." The US House of Representatives gave President Bush authorization to use armed forces against Iraq on October 10, 2002 and the Senate gave approval the next day.

The Attacks of September 11, 2001 began at 8:45 am as American Flight 11, a Boeing 767 carrying 92 people crashed in the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City as it was en route from Boston to Los Angeles. Next, United Airlines Flight 175, a Boeing 767 carrying 65 people crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9:03am as it was en route from Boston to Los Angeles. Then, American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 carrying 64 people crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia as it was en route from Washington, CD to Los Angeles (9:38am). The FAA grounded all domestic flights and ordered the immediate landing of all airborne flights at 9:40am. The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed at 10:00am. United Airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757 carrying 45 people crashed in southwestern Pennsylvania at 10:10am as it was en route from Newark to San Francisco. It is believed that passengers overtook the hijacked Flight 93 and a later report stated that Congress was the target for that flight. The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed at 10:29am. Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapsed at 5:25pm. All planes were hijacked by terrorists with knives who are believed to be linked with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The death toll at the World Trade Center was estimated to be 2,752 in 2003.

President Bush announced a crusade against terrorists on September 16, 2001 and identified Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect behind the attack on September 11. It was reported on September 18, 2001 that more than 4 planes may have been targeted by hijackers on September 11.

Anthrax was found in 3 US states on October 13, 2001 as a result of infected letters that were mailed to numerous people. Another anthrax letter was received by a Reno Microsoft office on October 15 from Malaysia. Two postal workers in New Jersey also showed signs of anthrax and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle test positive for anthrax. A wing of the US Senate building was closed down on October 16 and hundreds of staff members were tested for anthrax. Traces of anthrax were then found in the US House of Representatives mail on October 20, 2001. The House and Senate reopened on October 22 but their office building remained closed. By November 2nd, 17 cases of anthrax were reported.

Afghanistan was struck by British forces who hit 31 targets on October 7, 2001. US Special Forces arrived in Afghanistan on September 13, 2001 after the US had requested land and air space from Pakistan. President Bush declared a national emergency on September 14, 2001 and called on some 50,000 military reserves. Congress approved almost $40 billion and granted President Bush war powers.US warplanes began heavy bombing in Afghanistan on October 14, 2001 and 2 gun ships joined the bombing on October 16. Attacks on November rendered heavy losses on the Taliban and US Marines landed near Kandahar on November 25. Soldiers of Bin Laden were captured in the Tora Bora region on December 16. The US intensified its campaign and bombing in eastern Afghanistan on January 12, 2002.

Other explosives were found in Philadelphia on October 19, 2001 when luggage in a baggage locker that was deposited September 29, was found to contain C-4 plastic explosives.

A sweeping anti-terrorism bill was signed into law by President Bush on October 26, 2001 empowered intelligence agencies. The USA Patriot Act with Section 215 gave the FBI authority to acquire library and bookstore records at will and it allowed for unannounced detention of aliens.

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2003 Jan 20, Energizer agreed to buy the Shick-Wilkinson Sword razor business for $930 million from Pfizer as it aimed to expand beyond batteries. (WSJ, 1/2/04, p.R8) 2003 Jan 29, AOL Time Warner posted a record $98.7 billion loss, the biggest in corporate history. It included a $45.5 billion write down on the value of AOL. (SFC, 1/30/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 1/2/04, p.R8)

Despite entering a Trhythmic High the year before, US unemployment was reported to be 4.3% on April 6, 2001, the highest since July, 1999. The US unemployment rate went up .2% to 4.5% as reported on May 5, 2001, its highest level in 2 ˝ years, but the DJIA rose 154 to 10,951 and the Nasdaq rose 45 to 2,191. The US Senate passed an 11-year, $1.35 trillion tax cut bill on May 23, 2001. It was reported that the US economy grew a revised 1.3% from Jan. to March, as reported on May 25, 2001 and the DJIA dropped 117 to 11,005 as the Nasdaq dropped 31 to 2,251.

Republicans and moderate Democrats passed a sweeping $1.35 trillion, 10-year tax cut through Congress on May 26, 2001. About 100 million refund checks were due to be mailed out by Oct 1.

2001 Jun 6, A jury in Los Angeles awarded more than $3 billion to lifelong smoker Richard Boeken, deciding that tobacco giant Philip Morris was responsible for his incurable lung cancer. The jury award was reduced by a Superior Court judge to $100 million, then cut to $50 million by an appeals court; the U.S. Supreme Court refused in March 2006 to consider tossing out the award altogether; Boeken died in 2002. (SFC, 6/7/01, p.A3)(AP, 6/6/06)

2001 Jan 27, Bill Gates pledged $100 million for an AIDS vaccine on January 27, 2001 after making long-term earnings as his company rose with the Intellectual Cycle.

On February 14, 2002, President Bush proposed an environmental plan to encourage businesses to cut pollution and develop more energy-efficient technology.

The US International Trade Commission upheld a 27% tariff against imported Canadian softwood on May 2, 2002.

2. Business & Economy  2000s Physical Cycle top    

The Absence of 3rd Qtr. Review meant lessened reform for Microsoft when a unanimous federal appeals court reversed the court-ordered breakup of that company on June 28, 2001, but ruled that the Mircosoft had violated antitrust laws, and appointed another judge to make future rulings. The Bush administration abandoned the previous administration's effort to break up Microsoft on September 6, 2001. Eighteen states likewise dropped efforts to breakup Microsoft Corporation and he US Justice Department announced a tentative settlement with Microsoft Corp on November 2, 2001.

Physical Upward Crossover (March 21, 1999- March 21, 2000)

[raw] By 2000, Bethlehem Steel Corporation reported an annual loss of $118.4 million. Its stock value depreciated, and it was dropped from the standard Fortune 500 index. Robert S. Miller, a noted savior of troubled companies, took charge in 2001 but to no avail. Bethlehem Steel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 11, 2001. The year 2002 did not bring any improvement in Bethlehem Steel’s financial status, and on December 18, 2002, the U.S. Pension Benefit Security announced that it would take over the company’s pensions, assets, and obligations. The newly formed International Steel, which had earlier purchased the assets of Acme Steel and LTV Steel, purchased Bethlehem Steel for $1.5 million in 2003, making it the second largest steel producer in America. After a campaign of drastic cost cutting, International Steel merged with the European Mittal Steel Group. Mittal Steel has recently made strong profits at the former Bethlehem Steel’s Steelton, Burns Harbor, and Sparrows Point plants. One small portion of the Bethlehem plant remains in operation, the forging division, which, under the management of Lehigh Forge Company, continues to produce nuclear reactor vessels, turbine rotors, and propeller shafts for the U.S. Navy. The Bethlehem Steel Corporation (1857–2003), based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was once the second-largest steel producer in the United States, after Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based U.S. Steel. After a decline in the U.S. steel industry and management problems leading to the company's 2001 bankruptcy, the company was dissolved and the remaining assets sold to International Steel Group in 2003. In 2005, ISG merged with Mittal Steel, ending U.S. ownership of the assets of Bethlehem Steel. Bethlehem Steel was also one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world and one of the most powerful symbols of American industrial manufacturing leadership. Bethlehem Steel's demise is often cited as one of the most prominent examples of the U.S. economy's shift away from industrial manufacturing and its inability to compete with cheap foreign labor.

Physical High (1999 - 2013)

The Absence of 3rd Qtr. Review in the Drug Industry. Bayer AG revealed on January 18 that as many as 100 deaths might be linked to Baycol, a drug intended to reduce cholesterol, which was withdrawn in August 2001. An FDA advisory panel ruled that the allergy medications in favor of drug companies on May 11, 2001 to say that , Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec, are safe enough for sale without prescriptions.

The Absence of 3rd Qtr. Review in Regulations. President Bush backed off from seeking reductions in carbon dioxide emissions on May 13, 2001, citing projected higher energy costs from a shift from coal to natural gas. On May 17, 2001, President Bush unveiled his energy plans and aggressive plans for more drilling for oil and gas and the use of more nuclear power to avoid "a darker future" of high costs and energy blackouts. The US EPA eased rules on November 22, 2002 that require installation of anti-pollution gear when plants modernize.

The Absence of 3rd Qtr. Review in Environmental Protection: The Bush administration released thousands of documentson its energy task force just on March 25, 2002 before a midnight deadline. They revealed that Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham, had relied almost exclusively on industry representatives for information with no input from conservation or environmental groups.

Some 28,000 state workers went on strike in Minnesota over wage disputes on October 1, 2001, as workers are empowered in a Physical High.

Business Enforcement is up in a Physical High. A unified US Senate approved harsh new penalties for corporate fraud and document-shredding on July 10, 2002, and the House approved a measure to allow pilots to carry guns in the cockpit to defend their planes against attacks by terrorists. The US Senate banned personal loans from companies to their top officials on July 12, 2002, the type of which had benefited executives from Enron to WorldCom executives. The US Senate voted 97-0 for a bill to crack down on corporate accounting abuses on July 15, 2002. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed into law as the most far-reaching government crackdown on business on July 39, 2002, to curb corporate scandals and call for the independence of corporate directors. President Bush signed legislation to restore broad trade negotiating authority to US presidents on August 6, 2002.

Health Food is sought in a Physical High.  McDonald's announced on September 3, 2002 that it will use a new soy-corn oil to reduce the levels of trans fat and increase polyunsaturated fat in its fried products.

Labor is empowered in a Physical High. All West Coast ports shut down when the Pacific Maritime Association locked out some 10,500 longshoremen of the ILWU in retaliation for work slowdowns and deteriorated contract negotiations on September 27, 2002. Ports faced a 2nd lockout two days later which continued into October 1. On October 2, 2002 West Coast dockworkers and shippers agreed to federal mediation as the 4-day lockout paralyzed 29 ports.

2. Business & Economy  2000s Emotional Cycle top    

Women comprise almost 50% of the workforce according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics who reported in February, 2009 that by the end of December 2008, women accounted for 49.3 percent of the nation's payrolls. Society often shifts towards advancements for women during an Emotional High.

2. Business & Economy  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

Interest rates often decline in Intellectual High. On January 25, 2001, Alan Greenspan said budget surpluses were growing enough to allow for a tax cut and still be able to eliminate the national debt by the end of the decade. The US Federal Reserve cut interest rates .5% to 5.5% on January 31, 2001. The US Federal Reserve lowered interest rates 0.5% on March 20, 2001, but,  stocks the DJIA fell 238 to 9,720; and the Nasdaq fell 93 to 1,857. The US Federal Reserve lowered short term interest rates on April 18, 2001 by a half point to 4.5% and the DJIA rose 399 to 10,615 as the Nasdaq rose 156 to 2079. The US Federal Reserve lowered the short term federal funds interest rate .5% to 4% on May 15, 2001. The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by one-quarter percent. to 3.75% on June 27, 2001. The US Federal Reserve announced another .25% lowering of the short-term federal funds interest rate on August 21, 2001. The US Federal Reserve cut interest rates by .5% to 3% on September 17, 2001 and the discount rate at 2.5% reached its lowest point level since 1959. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates for the 10th time this on November 6 for the 10th time in 2001 as the half point drop put the benchmark federal funds rate to 2% and the discount rate to 1.5%, making this these the lowest levels in 40 years as the The DJIA rose 150 to 9591 and the Nasdaq rose 41 to 1835. The DJIA gained 129 to finish above 10,000 for the 1st time in 3 months on December 5, 2001.

The DJIA rose to 144 to 9,762 on January 30, 2002 as the Nasdaq rose 20 to 1,913. The DJIA rose 247 to 7,533.95 on October 10, 2002 as the Nasdaq rose 49 to 1,163. The US Federal Reserve cut interest rates .5% from 1.75 to 1.25 on November 6, 2002 as thhe Dow rose 92 to 8771 and Nasdaq rose 17 to 1418.99.

2002 The average CEO in the US earned 282 times the salary of an average worker. In 1982 the ratio was 42 to 1. (WSJ, 4/12/04, p.R11)

Intellectual 1st Qtr. Foundation (1995 - 2006)

Unisys, Dell and Microsoft announced their agreement to jointly create an electronic voting system on January 11, 2001.

On January 11, 2001 Researchers in Oregon reported the first genetically altered monkey that was produced to contain a jelly-fish gene for florescence. (SFC, 1/12/01, p.A1)

The Nasdaq 4,880 stocks completed pricings to dollars and cents instead of fractions on April 9, 2001.

2. Business & Economy  2000s Polyrhythms top    

Physo-Emotional High
following a
Physical Low with Emotional High

When the Bubble Burst

(1999 - 2009)

America was in a Physical Low, Emotional High from 1991 to 1999.  During that time speculation outran strength as corporations floated on false figures and over statements to entice investors. Numerous Internet companies sprang up with hopes of connecting buyers and sellers with no more resources than telephones and computers.  Speculation soared with the Emotional High in companies that did not have the foundation or resources in the Physical Low.  A rapid grounding was inevitable and it came after the Upward Crossover of the Physical Cycle in 1991 - 2001.  That was the crisis that sorted the wheat from the chaff as companies that possessed more aspiration than value folded by the dozen.   It was when "The Bubble Burst."  This created and inverse effect on the economy we recoiled back to where Cycles would have us, but by virtue of "Inversion Theory.

Trouble in California: California had economic woes with a recession, declining credit ratings, escalating energy costs, the collapse of Enron and more. All of which that came when the bubble burst. California's credit rating was downgraded by S&P on April 24, 2001 for the 1st time since the recession of 1994. California regulators adopted the highest rate increase in the state's history on May 15, 2001 and raised the residential consumer burden  by more than $100 million. On January 10, 2001 LA Mayor Richard Riordan warned Governor Davis that he would cut off the sale of surplus power to the state, unless LA was paid in advance. On May 25, 2001 PG&E filed for permission to award $17.5 million in additional payouts to the management team that guided the company to bankruptcy. On January 12, 2001 The FERC approved a corporate restructure for California's PG&E to allow the parent company to shield profits from the mounting debts of its utility subsidiary. Questions were raised on January 14, 2001 as whether power generators in California were shut down power plants to sell high-valued natural gas, thus contributing to high costs and power shortages. California used rolling blackouts to cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people on January 17, 2001 and Governor Davis declared a state of emergency and ordered the Department of Water Resources to buy and sell electricity to help alleviate the crises as PG&E defaulted on $76 million in short term debt. San Francisco sued 13 energy providers on January 18, 2001 for collusion to fix prices and restrict the energy supply. On February 1, 2001 California state lawmakers enacted legislation to spend up to $10 billion for power and Governor Davis ordered large retail outlets to dim lights or face penalties as of March 15. On February 15, 2001 California Governor Davis began negotiations to purchase 32,000 miles of transmission lines from the utilities that would enable them to issue bonds to pay off their debt. California officials declared a power alert on March 19, 2001 and ordered the first of two days of rolling blackouts. California regulators approved electricity rate hikes of up to 46 percent on March 27, 2001.  California PG&E filed for bankruptcy with $9 billion on April 6, 2001 just after awarding bonuses and raises to 6,000 senior managers and other employees, the resulted in a case that would be assigned to San Francisco Judge Dennis Montali. Some electrical power companies repeatedly shut down generating plants for unnecessary maintenance according to evidence uncovered  2001 May 17, California energy regulators on May 17, 2001. Federal regulators released documents on May 6, 2002 that showed Enron Corp. manipulated the California power system to increase profits.

Trouble with Enron:  Enron Corporation reported a 3rd quarter loss of $618 million on October 15, 2001 and reduced shareholder equity by $1.2 billion. Enron Corp. froze the assets in its 401 (k) employee retirement plan and barred employees from selling company stock that was trading at $32.20 on October 19, 2001. On November 8, 2001 Enron Corp. disclosed that it had overstated its annual profits by nearly $600 million and  kept over $1 billion off its books since 1997. Enron executives awarded themselves big bonuses 2 days before their company bankruptcy filing on December 2, 2002, then reneged on promised severance as it laid off 4,500 employees. Enron Corp.  The SEC inquiry into Enron Corp. became a formal investigation on October 31, 2001. Enron fired accounting firm Arthur Andersen on January 17, 2002 who, they said, destroyed of thousands of documents.  Enron CEO Kenneth Lay resigned under pressure on January 23, 2002. A House committee opened hearings into the collapse of energy giant Enron Corp. on January 24, 2002. The Florida state pension fund reported a $325 million loss on January 24, 2002, which resulted from the demise of Enron, and the University of California reported a $145 million loss. Former Enron vice-chairman, J. Clifford Baxter, was found dead of apparent suicide in Sugar Land, a Houston suburb on January 25, 2002. President Bush proposed regulation reforms on February 1, 2002 in response to the Enron collapse included reforms of 401(k) retirement plans and the Justice Department investigators began a paper trail search on Enron. The US House voted in more worker protections to pension laws on April 11, 2002 after the Enron collapse. Former Enron financial executive, Michael Kopper, pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and money laundering on August 21, 2002, and he admitted to large kickbacks to the CFO, Andrew Fastow as he agreed to return $12 million.

Trouble with Arthur Anderson: Arthur Andersen announced on April 7, 2002 that it would lay off more than a quarter of its U.S. workforce as a result of its connection to the collapsing Enron Corporation. The US Justice Department reported a criminal indictment against Arthur Anderson LLP for obstruction of justice charges in the Enron case on March 14, 2002. Arthur Andersen was charged with shredding documents deleting computer files related to Enron on March 20, 2002 and later  found guilty of obstruction of justice and given probation and and a fine of $500,000. Timothy Belden, a former Enron executive, pled guilty to conspiracy on October 17, 2002 and to giving grid operators false information and shipping California power out of state then selling it back at higher prices. In February, 2002 Arthur Anderson & Co. agreed to pay a $10.3 million  settlement on shareholder suits arising from the Boston Market bankruptcy.

Trouble with Worldcom: the No.2 long distance carrier, WorldCom, fell in scandal. Former controller David Myers pled guilty to securities fraud on September 26, 2002. Two executives WorldCom's financial records pled guilty to federal charges on October 102, 2002. WorldCom and the government settled a civil lawsuit over the company's $9 billion accounting scandal on November 26, 2002. Shares of WorldCom Inc. were halted on June 26, 2002 after they lost almost all of their remaining value in pre-market trading. They also reported $3.8 billion in improperly booked expenses as they soon eliminated 20% of its workforce (17,000 jobs). WorldCom filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 21, 2002, about a month after revealed that it had inflated profits by nearly $4 billion. With $107 billion in assets, this  was the largest US bankruptcy in history. Another improperly accounted $3.8 billion in was reported in August, 2002.  In 2004 their earnings for 2000 and 2001 were restated as losses of $48.9 billion and $15.6 billion instead of gains of $4.6 billion and $2.1 billion. WorldCom said it had uncovered another $3.3 billion in bogus accounting on August 8, 2002, beyond to the $3.85 billion fraud discovered in June.

Trouble in Other Companies:
American Airlines (AMR) announce plans to acquire Trans World Airlines (TWA) on January 10, 2001 after TWA's board approved plans for bankruptcy and accept the buyout.
On January 25, 2001 Lucent Technologies announced it would end up to 16,000 jobs.
On January 29, 2001 DaimlerChrysler announced  production cuts of 15% and work force cuts to 20% (26,000 jobs) the biggest US auto industry cutback in almost a decade.
President Bush directed Vice President Dick Cheney to head a task force to develop an energy strategy On Jan. 29, 2001.
Intel and Cisco announced thousands of job cuts on March 9, 2001.
US unemployment rose to 4.5% on July 6, 2001, up from 4.4% in June.
Bethlehem Steel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 15, 2001.
Webvan Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
on July 13, 2001 after recently going public on November 5, 2000 (during the Crossover). The online grocery delivery company raised $1.2 billion by going public, but doing so during a Crossover is a tricky operation that could pull the rug out from underneath the feat of high aspirations (as the Emotional Cycle Peaked this year).
A scheme called Project Alpha inflated the cash flow of Dynegy Corporation by $300 million in 2001, and in 2004 Dynegy executive, Jamie Olis, began a 24-year jail sentence for his involvement.
In January, 2002 Ford Motor Co. took a $1 billion write-off on its stock pile of precious metals, consisting mostly palladium.
Amtrak lost $1.1 billion last year in 2001.
A Thirty-five year plot to accept bribes and cheat the city out of tax revenues in New York City resulted in the arrest of 16 tax assessors who charged with altering values of over 500 properties worth some $8 billion on February 25, 2002.
Xerox Corporation announced on June 28, 2002 that it had improperly reported $1.9 billion in revenue over the previous five years and that itwould restate those financial results.
Bob Pittman stepped down as chief operating officer of AOL Time Warner on July 18, 2002 amid the shake-up at the world's largest media company.
Former CEO of Tyco International, L. Dennis Kozlowski, and financial advisor, Mark Swartz, were indicted for a $600 million racketeering scheme and three former Tyco International executives were charged with stealing of hundreds of millions of dollars, all of whom pled guilty.
The bankrupt Adelphia Communications Corporation received a 24-count indictment on charges of securities fraud and wire fraud on September, 23, 2002

Trouble in the Government:  On November 12, 2002, former FBI Director William Webster resigned under pressure as head of a special accounting oversight board that was created by Congress to rebuild shaken public confidence over a cascade of business scandals.

Trouble in the Market - The Recession of 2001/2002:
March 9, 2001 the DJIA fell 213.63 to 10,644 and the Nasdaq fell almost 116 to close at 2052.March 12, 2001 the DJIA fell 436 to 10,208 and the Nasdaq fell 129 to 1923 as the 61% Nasdaq drop since Mar 10, 2000 making it the largest in its 30 year history.
March 14, 2001 the DJIA fell 317 to close at 9,973 and the Nasdaq fell 42 to close at 1,972.
April 3, 2001 the DJIA fell 292 to 9,485. and the Nasdaq fell almost 110 to 1,673.
April 5, 2001 the DJIA rose 402 to 9,918, its 2nd largest point gain ever and the Nasdaq rose 146 to 1,785, its 3rd biggest % increase showing more volatility in the market as we sought our true level.
April 9, 2001 the WSJ noted that his was the 10th time since WW II that the S&P 500 dropped by 20% or more and on nine of the previous instances we had an average gain of 18% a year later, except on (the Double Downward Crossover year) of 1973 when stocks went on to fall an additional 35%.
April 10, 2001 the DJIA went up 257 to 10,102 and the Nasdaq increased 106 to 1,852 as were sought our level.
April 18, 2001 the DJIA rose 399 to 10,615 and the Nasdaq rose 156 to 2079 seeking levels.
May 16, 2001 the DJIA rose 342 to 11,215 and the Nasdaq rose 80 to 2,166 in more bounces.
The US Labor Department reported on October 4, that 199,000 jobs were lost in September, 2001.
The US jobless rate report on for August, 2001 was showed a rise of .4% as the DJIA fell 235 to 9,605 and the Nasdaq ended at 1,687.
September 21, 2001 the DJIA fell 140 to 8,235 and the Nasdaq fell 47 to 1,423, a 3 year low.
President Bush endorsed a $60-75 billion stimulus package to help the US out of recession on October 3, 2001.
President Bush urged Congress to pass $60 million in tax cuts to help the economy on October 4, 2001 and the US House passed a $100 billion economic stimulus package on October 24, 2001.
October 4, 2002 the DJIA fell 188 to 7,528 and the Nasdaq fell 25 to 1,139.
October 9, 2002 the DJIA fell 215 to 7,286. Nasdaq fell 15 to 1,114.2002.
October 15, 2002 the DJIA rose 378 to 8,255 and the Nasdaq rose 61.9 to 1,282 as volatility continued.
The US Commerce Department reported a 3rd quarter  fall in the GDP of 0.4% annualized on October 31, 2001, which ended 33 straight quarters of economic growth.
The US Treasury stopped selling 30-year bonds in October, 2001.
The US government reports showed that the nation's unemployment rate had shot up to 5.4 percent in October and that the US lost 415,000 jobs during the month of October.
United Airlines reported a record 3rd quarter loss of $1.16 billion on November 1, 2001.
The U.S. unemployment rate jumped to 5.7 percent in November, 2001, making it the highest in six years.
The 2001 US recession, the first US recession since the early 1990s, ended in November, 2001, after 8 months according to a 2003 report by the National Bureau of Standards and it ended was said to have ended late in 2001 according to a 2003 report by the the National Bureau of Economic Research.
January 11, 2002 Ford Motor Co. announced it was eliminating 35,000 jobs and closing five plants as it was eliminated four models.Despite the Trirhythmic High the US Labor Department reported the April jobless rate at 6% on May 3, 2002, which was an increase of  .3%.
The US trade gap climbed to $35.9 billion, the highest on record in April 2002 and economists feared it would lead to a decline in American living standards.
July 10, 2002 the Dow Jones fell 282 to 8,813.5 and Nasdaq closed down 35 to 1,346.
July 19, 2002 the Dow Jones industrials dipped to post-terrorist attack lows in a 390-point sell-off.
July 22, 2002 the DJIA fell almost 234 points to 7,785 and the Nasdaq fell 3% to 1,283.
July 23, 2002 the DJIA fell 82 to 7702 and the Nasdaq fell 53 to 1229.
July 24, 2002 the DJIA rose 488 to 8,191 and the Nasdaq rose 61 to 1,290.
July 29, 2002 the DJIA rose 447 points to 8,711 in the 3rd largest point gain in Dow history and the Nasdaq rose 73 to 1,335, showing volatility in the market as we were seeking to find our true level.
September 3, 2002 the DJIA fell 355 to 8308 and the Nasdaq fell 51 to 1263.
The US Census Bureau reported a rise in the poverty rate to 11.7% on September 24, 2002, as 32.9 million people were classified as poor, making this the first rise 8 years.
September 24, 2002 the Dow Jones industrials dropped nearly 190 points toa four-year low and the Federal Reserve voted to keep U.S. interest rates steady for now despite rare dissent within its ranks.
September 27, 2002 the DJIA fell 295 to 7701.45 and the Nasdaq fell 22.45 to 1199.16.
September 27, 2002 the DJIA fell 109 to 7591.90 and the Nasdaq fell 27.1 to 1,172.
September 27, 2002 the DJIA rose 346 to 7,938 and the Nasdaq rose 41 to 1,213.
September 27, 2002 the DJIA rose 255 to 8,931 and the Nasdaq rose 43 to 1,487.

Physo-Intellectual High (1999 - 2006)

2001 Apr 26, A group led by New York City developer, Larry Silverstein, and Westfield America Inc., signed a 99-year lease on the 11-million square-foot WTC complex from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on April 26, 2001.

University of Chicago doctors announced on August 25, 2001 that they a kept a human kidney operating for 24 hours in a machine that simulates a warm human body.

Trirhythmic High (1999 - 2009)

On March 8, 2002, the US Labor Department reported an addition of 66,000 jobs in February which was the first increase in 8 months.

The Federal Reserve reduced interest rates by a half % on January 3, 2001, and  the Nasdaq went up 324 points to 2616 as the Dow rose 299 to 10,945.

The US consumer confidence index rose to 93.7% from 84.9% in November, which was the first gain in 6 months.

El Salvador adopted the strong US dollar as its official currency in 2001.

2003 Jan 4, Pres. Bush said he will ask Congress to boost federal education aid for poor children by $1 billion. As Bush put the finishing touches on an economic growth package costing $674 billion over 10 years, Democrats who wanted his job, pledged to scuttle what they characterized as a plan that would help the wealthy without reviving the economy. (AP, 1/4/03)(AP, 1/4/04) 2003 Jan 7, Pres. Bush put forward a $674 billion "growth and jobs" economic stimulus plan that would provide tax relief to an estimated 92 million Americans by accelerating income tax rate cuts, wiping out all federal taxes on stock dividends paid to investors and boosting the child tax credit by $400 per child. (AP, 1/7/03)(SFC, 1/8/03, p.A1) 2003 Jan 8, Pres. Bush signed an emergency extension of federal unemployment benefits following approval by the 108th Congress. It extended 26 weeks of state aid with 13 weeks of federal aid. (SFC, 1/9/03, p.A1)(WSJ, 1/8/03, p.A1) 2003 Jan 8, A federal appeals court ruled that Pres. Bush could order U.S. citizens captured overseas indefinitely detained as enemy combatants without the rights normally afforded citizens charged in criminal cases. (AP, 1/8/04) 2003 Jan 15, White House budget director Mitchell Daniels predicted federal deficits will exceed $200 billion and probably go over $300 billion in 2004. (SFC, 1/16/03, p.A7)(AP, 1/15/04) 2003 Jan 23, The US Senate approved a $390 billion spending bill. (AP, 1/23/03) 2003 Jan 29, The Congressional Budget Office predicted the current year's federal deficit would soar to $199 billion even without President Bush's new tax cut plan or war against Iraq. (AP, 1/29/04) 2002 Dec 12, Pres. Bush announced a series of regulatory changes to allow religious social-service organizations to receive more government grants and contracts. Bush named Stephen Friedman, former chairman of Goldman Sachs, as his chief economic advisor. (SFC, 12/13/02, p.A3)(SFC, 12/13/02, p.A8)

- - - - -

Bernard Madoff and the Largest Scheme in History: Bernard Madoff, founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities and former Nasdaq chairman was charge on December 11, 2008 with massive fraud. He is alleged to have mastered the largest scam in the history of the world in which he bilked his own investors out of a possible $50 billion in a massive Ponzi scheme. An ongoing investigation is uncovering the startling details.

Whistle blower, Harry Markopoulos, testified at a hearing by a House committee about the huge Ponzi scheme to say that he had been sounding warnings about Madoff repeatedly for nine years. Markopoulos said that it took him fewer than eight hours to mathematically prove that Madoff was a fraud. He wrote a lengthy memo for the SEC in 2000, he met with the SEC enforcement staff, and he continued to sound the alarm for years, to no avail. It was only after Madoff ran out of money that he was caught.

Startling also is the absence of scrutiny and reforms that would have overseen such a huge investment company to keep it in check. However, an Absence of Reform happens when none of the American Cycles are in a period of reform, as is the case now. A period of reform comes when a Cycle crosses into the Low half and begins a 3rd Quarter of Review and Reform. None of the American Cycles are that position now as all Cycles are Trirhythmic High. This has made recent times a heyday for business during which activity expands and reforms are wane. In the case of Madoff, this combination of trends led to a bust.

- - - - -
Trirhythmic 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

The FCC approved the $106 billion merger of America Online (AOL) and Time Warner on January 11, 2001 as 1st Qtr. Foundation, Standards and Coalescence prevailed.

American Airlines completed the acquisition of bankrupt Trans World Airlines (TWA) to became the world's largest air carrier on April 9, 2001.

The Federal Trade Commission cleared the way for PepsiCo to acquire Quaker Oats for around $13.4 billion in stock on August 1, 2001.

The US government allowed Swiss food giant Nestle SA's to make a $10.3 billion purchase of Ralston Purina on December 11, 2001.

Comcast Corporation made a deal to buy AT&T Broadband as part of an agreement valued at $72 billion on December 19, 2001.2001 Dec, Airbus announced the development of a huge double-decker jet, the A-380, capable of carrying up to 1,000 passengers.

Citigroup agreed to buy Cal Fed Bank for $5.8 billion in cash and stock on May 21, 2002..

2003 Jan 16, Microsoft announced its 1st dividend along with a stock split. (SFC, 1/17/03, p.A1)

External Aberration (September 11, 2001)

The War Against Terrorism

Airline Companies suffered heavy ecomonic losses. The parent companies of American Airlines and United Airlines both announced on September 19 that they plan to lay off 20,000 employees. On November 1, 2001 United Airlines announced 3rd quarter loss of $1.16 billion. US Airways, the 6th largest US airline, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on August 11, 2002. American Airlines stated on August 13, 2002 that it would eliminate 7,000 workers and cut flights.

The attacks of September 11 would cost the nation some $105 billion over the next two years according to an estimate by New York City officials on October 4, 2001.

The US would contribute $297 million for Afghan reconstruction over the next two years as per the announcement by Secretary of State Colin Powell on January 21, 2002.

The Bush administration approved a $700 million to help rebuild lower Manhattan on February 2, 2002 following the attacks on September 11.

Congress approved a $343.3 billion defense bill on December 13, 2001. A US military transport took off carrying al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners to the US Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba on January 10, 2002. President Bush announce on January 23, 2002 that he would ask a $48 billion spending for the armed services next year which would be the largest increase in twenty years. US warplanes began to seal caves near Khost, Afghanistan on January 14, 2002.

2002 Losses for the 9 biggest US airlines totaled 11.2 billion for the year. (WSJ, 1/2/04, p.R8)

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3. Science & Technology  2000s Physical Cycle top    

2001 Jun 30, NASA launched its 16-foot, 1,800-pound Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) to orbit the Sun and to scan the universe for the faint afterglow of Creation by measuring variations in radiation temperature of up to 20 millionths of a degree. In 2003 it allowed scientists to calculate the age of the universe at 13.7 billion years. (WSJ, 6/28/01, p.A16)(AP, 6/30/02)(SFC, 2/12/03, p.A4)

2001 Dec 5, NASA launched space shuttle Endeavour to deliver a new 3-man crew to the Alpha space station. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Onufrienko flew to replace Doug Culbertson as skipper. (WSJ, 12/6/01, p.A1)(SFC, 12/8/01, p.A2)

2002 Mar 5, It was reported that a team of physicists claimed nuclear fusion utilizing a burst of ultrasound on a bubble of gases in a phenomenon known as sonoluminescence. Details were to appear the journal Science. (SFC, 3/5/02, p.A4)

2002 Mar 6, It was reported that a 3-year study of heavy marijuana users showed that long-term pot smoking impaired brain function. (SFC, 3/6/02, p.A2)

Physical High (1999 - 2013)


3. Science & Technology  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

The US House of Representatives voted to criminalize all human cloning in by a vote of 265-102 on July 31, 2001. This issue was facing moral opposition in the Emotional High.  But inasmuch as were in a Three-Way High, opposing points of view took hold and on August 7, 2001, a committee at the National Academy of Sciences were told by three researchers that they were unswayed by arguments against human cloning and would soon try to clone human beings.  The Physo-Intellectual High was calling researchers to act on ideas while the Emotional High countered with humanism.


2001 Aug 9, President Bush announced that he would allow taxpayer dollars to be used for stem cell research limited to some 5 dozen existing stem cell lines. (SFC, 8/10/01, p.A1)(WSJ, 8/10/01, p.A1)

2001 Aug 11, In his weekly radio address, President Bush said his decision to restrict but not forbid federal financing of embryonic stem cell research placed him at the crossroads between protecting and enhancing human life. (AP, 8/11/02)

2002 Jul 15, A federal agency approved Navy plans for a sonar system to search out enemy submarines despite potential injury to whales and dolphins. (SFC, 7/16/02, p.A1)

3. Science & Technology  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

2001 Feb 7, The space shuttle Atlantis took off with the Destiny module, a laboratory compartment, for the Int'l. Space Station. (SFC, 2/8/01, p.A3)

2001 Feb 10, The space shuttle Atlantis' astronauts installed the $1.4 billion Destiny laboratory on the international space station. (AP, 2/10/02)

2001 Feb 12, The $224 million NEAR-Shoemaker probe was scheduled to end its mission with a landing on the Eros asteroid. The probe completed a 5 year voyage with a successful landing and continued sending signals. (SFC, 1/9/01, p.A4)(SFC, 2/13/01, p.A1)

2001 Apr 19, The space shuttle Endeavour went into orbit with 7 astronauts on an 11-day mission to install a billion-dollar robot arm on the Int'l. Space Station. (SFC, 4/20/01, p.A6)

2001 Apr 22, Two spacewalking astronauts, including Canadian Chris Hadfield, installed a massive Canadian-built robot arm on the international space station. (AP, 4/22/02)

2001 Apr 27, It was reported that IBM scientists had assembled transistors using carbon nanotubules. The structures were first discovered in 1991 by Sumio Iijima of NEC Fundamental Research Labs in Tsukuba, Japan. (SFC, 4/27/01, p.B1,4)

2001 Jul 6, Stanford researchers reported evidence for a built-in kink in the universe known as "charge-parity (CP) violation." This favored the production of certain forms of matter over anti-matter counterparts. (SFC, 7/7/01, p.A3)

2001 Aug 5, The spacecraft Galileo flew as close as 120 miles above Io's north pole and captured wisps of volcanic gas largely composed of sulfur dioxide. (SFC, 10/5/01, p.D3)

2001 Aug 15, It was reported that scientists had found data that suggested that "there is a time evolution of the laws of physics." (SFC, 8/15/01, p.A2)

2001 Dec 7, The space shuttle Endeavour docked with the international space station, delivering a new three-member crew to relieve a crew in place since August. (AP, 12/7/02)


2002 Mar 1, The space shuttle Columbia with 7 astronauts blasted into orbit on an 11-day mission that included work on the Hubble Space Telescope. (SFC, 3/2/02, p.A3)

2002 Apr 8, The space shuttle Atlantis took off for an 11-day mission to the ISS carrying latticework and a rail car. (SFC, 4/9/02, p.A3)

2002 Apr 11, It was reported that astronomers had identified 2 stars, RXJ-1856 and 3C58, that were possibly composed of quarks, the building blocks of protons and neutrons, proposed by Murray Gell-Mann in 1963. (SFC, 4/11/02, p.A2)

2002 Apr 30, Striking new images from the upgraded Hubble Space Telescope were unveiled. (SFC, 5/1/02, p.A9)

2002 Jun 3, It was reported that scientists had discovered a new amino acid, dubbed pyrrolysine, in Archaea microbes. This brought the known total to 22. (SFC, 6/3/02, p.A4)

2002 Jun 19, The space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth with one Russian and two American crewmen who'd spent six and a-half months aboard the international space station. (AP, 6/19/03)

2002 Nov 19, The US Department of Energy awarded IBM a contract to develop a 100 teraflop computer (ASCI Purple), the estimated speed of the human brain. This followed the recent development of a Japanese NEC computer that was clocked at 36.5 teraflops, trillions of floating point operations a second, more than 4 times the fastest US computer. Completion was expected in 2004.

Intellectual 1st Qtr. Foundation (1995 - 2006)

Genetic researched continued. Scientists announced on January 26, 2001 that they had decoded the genetic blueprint of rice, the first important plant to have its genome decoded. The US National Institutes of Health began its Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) project and they reported on February 11, 2001 was that scientists found that the human genome consists of 30,000 genes and that only some 300 were unique to humans as when compared to mice, and the FOXP2 gene was identified as the 1st gene definitively linked to human language. Scientists then published their first examinations of nearly all the human genetic code on February 12, 2001. As was reported on April 28, 2001, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania used gene therapy to reverse a type of congenital blindness in dogs.

2001 Feb 20, Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Edwards air Force Base following a 13-day mission to the Int'l. Space Station. Three straight days of bad weather prevented the ship from returning to its Florida home port. (SFC, 2/21/01, p.A5)(AP, 2/20/02)

2001 Mar 18, It was reported that the US National Reconnaissance Office was planning a $25 billion project for some 12 satellites to be deployed by 2005. (SSFC, 3/18/01, p.A3)

2001 Mar 21, Space shuttle Discovery glided to a predawn touchdown, bringing home the first residents of the international space station. (AP, 3/21/02)

2001 Apr 7, The $297 million Mars Odyssey was launched on a six-month, 286-million-mile journey to the Red Planet and was expected to arrive near Mars Oct 24. A 2-year orbit to map the planet's chemistry and minerals was planned. (SFC, 4/7/01, p.A2)(SSFC, 4/8/01, p.A13)(AP, 4/7/02)

2001 Apr 10, Doctors in San Diego implanted genetically modified cells in to the brain of a 60-year-old woman with early Alzheimer's disease in an effort to slow her mental decline. (SFC, 4/11/01, p.A3)

2001 May 31, Microsoft released its new Office XP for Windows software. (SFC, 5/31/01, p.C1)

2001 May, Apple Corp. announced plans to open 25 retail stores. (SFC, 1/24/04, p.A12)

2001 Jun 11, It was reported that Intel researchers had developed tiny silicon transistors that would allow production of chips with 1 billion transistors by 2007. (SFC, 6/11/01, p.D1)

2001 Jul 2, In Louisville, Ky., the 1st self-contained artificial heart, AbioCor, made by Abiomed was implanted at Jewish Hospital to Robert L. Tools (59). Tools lived 151 days with the device and died Nov 30.

2001 Aug 15, Astronomers announced the discovery of the first solar system outside our own. (AP, 8/15/02)

2001 Aug 26, IBM computer scientists reported that they had constructed a working logic circuit within a single molecule of carbon fiber known as a carbon nanotube. (SSFC, 8/26/01, p.A20)(SFC, 8/27/01, p.D1)

2001 Aug 31, It was reported that scientists at Lucent Tech. achieved superconductivity with carbon-60 (buckyballs) at minus 249 degrees by combining the carbon molecules with compounds of chloroform and bromoform. (SFC, 8/31/01, p.B3)

2001 Oct 23, A relieved NASA team celebrated as the 2001 Mars Odyssey slipped into orbit around the Red Planet, two years after back-to-back failures by Mars missions. The $297 million Mars Odyssey spacecraft entered into a stable orbit following a 6-month voyage. (SFC, 10/23/01, p.A13)(SFC, 10/24/01, p.C4)(AP, 10/23/02)

2001 Oct 25, Microsoft introduced its new Windows XP operating system. (SFC, 10/26/01, p.B1)

2001 Oct 30, NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey snapped its first picture of Mars, one week after the spacecraft safely arrived in orbit around the Red Planet. (AP, 10/30/02)

2001 Nov 8, Scientists from Lucent Technologies' Bell Labs issued a report on "nanotransistors," so tiny that 10 million could fit on the head of a pin. (SFC, 11/9/01, p.A19)

2002 Jan 28, Palm Inc. introduced its $449 i705 handheld computer with wireless e-mail and message service. (SFC, 1/28/02, p.E1)

2002 Jan, Apple Corp. introduced a line of iMacs with a swiveling flat screen on a circular base containing an 800 MHz G4 processor. It was priced at $1,799. (SFC, 1/24/04, p.A12)

2002 Mar 5, It was reported that a team of physicists claimed nuclear fusion utilizing a burst of ultrasound on a bubble of gases in a phenomenon known as sonoluminescence. Details were to appear the journal Science. (SFC, 3/5/02, p.A4)

Scientists had developed a brain implant that allowed monkeys to control a computer cursor by just by thought, as was reported on March 14, 2002,

US scientists financed by the Pentagon announced that they had synthesized a virus from scratch for the 1st time by building a polio virus relying only on genetic sequence information that was publicly available according to a July 11, 2002 news report.

2002 Oct 18, Space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth following an 11-day mission to the int'l. space station.

3. Science & Technology  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Intellectual High (1999 - 2006)

2002 Nov 25, Space shuttle Endeavour arrived at the international space station, delivering one American and two Russians, and another girder for the orbiting outpost.

2003 Jan 2, It was reported that scientists had mapped chromosome 14, the 4th of 24 and longest sequenced to date.

Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2001 Apr 13, It was reported that new evidence from ocean surveys supported the idea of global warming due to "greenhouse gases." (SFC, 4/13/01, p.A1)

2001 Jul 14, NASA launched an unmanned solar-powered plane named Helios over Hawaii. (WSJ, 7/16/01, p.A1)

2001 Aug 14, Helios, a remote-controlled, solar powered NASA plane, reached a record 96,500 feet. (WSJ, 8/15/01, p.A1)

2001 Oct 17, Researchers at Lucent's Bell Labs reported the development of a tiny new transistor made of a simple cluster of organic molecules. (SFC, 10/18/01, p.D2)(WSJ, 10/18/01, p.B8)

2001 Dec 22, It was reported that a new "thermobaric" bomb had been developed by the Pentagon for use in caves and tunnels. The BLU-118b was capable of destroying a tunnel's contents without collapsing the tunnel mouth. (SFC, 12/22/01, p.A19)

2002 Jun 3, NASA launched the $159 million Contour space probe to study the composition of comets. Scientists lost contact on Aug 15. (SFC, 8/16/02, p.A6)

2002 Jun 5, The space shuttle Endeavour launched from Cape Canaveral carrying 7 new residents for the int'l. space station. (SFC, 6/6/02, p.A7)

2002 Oct 9, The space shuttle "Atlantis" arrived at the international space station, bringing with it a 14-ton girder. (AP, 10/9/03)

NASA's Probe, "Messenger," flew close to Mercury and successfuly sent spectacular images of the planet back to Earth today, October, 7, 2008. The probe flew past Mercury for this second time this year and in 2011 it will become the first probe to orbit the planet. The Messenger spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force State on August 3, 2004, during our current Physo-Intellectual High while the Cycles were in a Physo-Intellectual Double 1st Quarter of Foundation and Precendents. The that was launched at this time will set many precedents for Science & Technology in the exploration of space. The MESSENGER spacecraft lifted off on-time aboard a Boeing Delta II rocket from pad 17-B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla., at 2:15:56 a.m. EDT. MESSENGER has successfully begun its mission to unravel the mysteries of planet Mercury.


2003 Jan 25, NASA launched a spacecraft into orbit to measure all the radiation streaming toward Earth from the sun. The small satellite is called Sorce — for Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment. (AP, 1/25/04)

Absence of 3rd Quarter Reform  

Internal Aberrations  

2003 Jan 16, The shuttle Columbia carried a crew of 7 for a 16-day mission. Col. Ilan Ramon was aboard as Israel's 1st astronaut. The mission ended in tragedy on Feb. 1, when the shuttle broke up during its return descent, killing all seven crew members.

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4. Mechanical  2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)

2001 Aug 15, The Air Force gave the go-ahead to build its new F-22 fighter, but said it would build fewer planes for more money than it had once planned. (AP, 8/15/02)

Physical 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2001 Rubbersidewalks Inc. of Gardena, Ca., began grinding old tires into crumbs, adding chemical binders, and baking the material into sidewalk sections that weigh under 11 pounds per square foot, or a quarter of the weight of concrete. (AP, 7/27/06)

2001 The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority installed plastic railroad ties for the 1st time on its St. Charles line. Plastic tie manufacturers included Polywood Inc. and the TieTek unit of North American Technologies Group. Each mile of track laid with plastic ties was said to save 800 oak trees. (WSJ, 10/19/04, p.B8)

2002 Aug 29, The federal government approved a plan to store Colorado River water under the Mohave Desert and tap it for use by Southern California during times of drought. (SFC, 8/30/02, p.A10)

4. Mechanical  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)


4. Mechanical  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


4. Mechanical  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2001 Apr 23, A US robot spy plane completed the 1st unmanned trans-Pacific flight from California to Australia. (SFC, 4/24/01, p.A12)

2002 Jan 9, The Bush administration and the auto industry agreed to promote development of pollution-free cars and trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. (AP, 1/9/03)

Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 2nd Qtr. Improvements (1999 - 2006)

- - - - -

Wind Power catches the winds of change. The Associated Press announced on October 7, 2008 that Governor Corzine wants New Jersey to triple its use of wind power. Plans are ongoing to increase wind power to 3,000 megawatts, which is 13 percent of the state's energy consumption. Garden State Offshore Energy and PSE&G Renewable Generation and Deepwater Wind entered into a joint venture last week to build a $1 billion, 345 megawatt wind farm in the ocean some 16 miles southwest of Atlantic City to supply 125,000 homes.

Variations in mechanical advancements are due in part to the Cyclic propensity for inventive expansion in the United States (Physo-Intellectual Double 2nd Qtr. Improvement). That the mechanical variations are for reforming current power methods with clean and effiecient alternatives is due to the position of Cycles in the world as well, namely, Megarhythms. The position of Megarhythms now is such that the 336 Physical Cycle in a period of reform comes after the previous High that gave us the machine age of the 19th and 20th centuries. Another Megarhythm, the 528 Intellectual Cycle has that has been rising since that latter part of the 19th century is just crossing up in the High half now. This mean that we are configured for a Physical Low with an Intellectual High for the remainder of century and part of the next. That translates into our developing smarter altnernative to waseful and desctructive means of power. Wind power has been developing for years and will likely continue.

- - - - -
Trirhythmic 2nd Qtr. Expansion (2006 - 2009)

March 2007: Volkswagen: "Misery has enough company, dare to be happy" Honda: "Break away from the herd."

2002 Aug 7, Ford Motor Co. and Canadian fuel cell developer Ballard Power Systems Inc. jointly unveiled a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine-driven generator they said could help pave the way toward the commercialization of fuel cell technology. (Reuters, 8/7/02)

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5. Education  2000s Physical Cycle top    

2001 Dec 7, In New Jersey nearly 230 teachers were ordered freed from jail after their union agreed to end the 9-day strike and go into mediation. (SFC, 12/8/01, p.A4)

2002 Sep 17, The US "Religious Congregations & Membership: 2000" study was released. It counted some 62 million Catholics as the top of 15 faiths and listed the Mormons as the fastest growing with 4.2 million members. (SFC, 9/18/02, p.A3)


Physical High (1999 - 2013)

2002 Jun 27, The US Supreme Court ruled to allow random drug searches in public schools on students who engage in extracurricular activities. The court also upheld a Cleveland school voucher program in Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris. (SFC, 6/28/02, p.A1)(WSJ, 6/10/03, p.D5)

5. Education  2000s Emotional Cycle top    

2002 Dec 2, The US Supreme Court agreed to decide whether minorities can be given a boost to get into universities. In June, a divided Court allowed the nation's colleges and universities to select students based in part on race, but emphasized that race could not be the overriding factor. (AP, 12/2/03)

Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

2001 Mar 23, Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove signed a law that mandated public schools to display "In God We Trust" in classrooms, cafeterias and auditoriums. (SFC, 3/24/01, p.C1)

March 28, 2007: School Disricts in Missouri, Colorado and Tennessee have voted to change names of school breaks back from "Spring break" and "Winter break" to "Easter break" and "Christmas break."

2001 Dec 11, A federal appeals court struck a Louisiana law that allowed vocal classroom prayer. The state had passed a 1976 law that required schools to allow a brief time in "silent meditation." In 1992 the wording was changed to "silent prayer or meditation." In 1999 the word "silent" was deleted. (SFC, 12/12/01, p.A7)

5. Education  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

2001 Mar 12, An anonymous donor pledged a no-strings-attached $360 million to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) of Troy, NY, the largest donation to a university in US history. (SFC, 3/13/01, p.A4)

- - - - -

Colleges have higher than expected freshman enrollments and are face with overcrowding. Winston-Salem State University, for instance, closed freshman admission in July and put faculty on extra courses while projected that freshman enrollment would greatly exceed their 2005 record. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, expects to exceed its enrollment target and are offered laptops or tuition breaks to student who agreed to live three to a room instead of two. Central Oregon Community College in Bend projects a 13% in freshman enrollments this fall and they made plans for a bus service to a cooperative church about a mile away.

An increase in freshmen was expected because of a rise in high school graduates and lower tuitions in public institutions that attract more students in a weak economy. However, student increases have far surpassed expectations. I rise in learning and academic performance is holding true to form during an Intellectual High.

- - - - -
Intellectual 1st Qtr. Foundation (1995 - 2006)

2001 Feb 14, The Kansas Board of Education approved new science standards restoring evolution to the state's curriculum. (AP, 2/14/02)

2001 Mar 27, A US federal judge ruled that the Univ. of Michigan racial criteria for accepting minority students with lower test scores than whites was invalid. (SFC, 3/28/01, p.A3)

2001 President Bush promoted his No Child Left Behind education reform program. (Econ, 6/11/05, p.28)

2002 Jan 8, President Bush signed an education bill that tied federal aid to test performance. It was the most far-reaching federal education bill in nearly 4 decades. (WSJ, 1/9/02, p.A1)(AP, 1/8/03)

5. Education  2000s Polyrhythms top    


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9. Entertainment  2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)


6. Religion & Spirituality  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

2001 Jun 15, US Catholic Bishops voted 209-7 to stop the performance of sterilizations in Catholic hospitals. The new policy applied to 620 US Catholic health care facilities and included non Catholic facilities acquired in mergers. (SFC, 6/16/01, p.A1)(SSFC, 6/17/01, p.A21)

Expansion of Faith from White House: The Obama administration will be announcing today, Febuary 5, 2009, a diverse set of advisers for a revamped White House office that will direct government money to religious and neighborhood groups involved with social service work. Among these groups are a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, a Jewish rabbi active in Washington and a ground-breaking female African-American bishop. The office is to be headed by Joshua DuBois, a 26 year old Pentecostal minister who headed religious outreach for the Obama campaign. Obama had stated during that his campaign that he intended to expand White House faith-based efforts that began under form president George W. Bush. President Bush created a new white House Office for Faith-based and Community Initiatives by signing the executive order on January 29, 2001. The crux of these initiatives will be expanded but under a different name Rise in religion historically coincides with a rise in the Emotional Cycle, and we are currently in an Emotional High as we have been for the last two administrations.

6. Religion & Spirituality  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


6. Religion & Spirituality  2000s Polyrhythms top    


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7. Arts & Designbsp; 2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)


7. Arts & Design  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

2001 Apr, Part of the new $121 million extension of the Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, opened. The rest of the Quadracci Pavilion was set to open in September. (WSJ, 2/14/00, p.B12)(SSFC, 4/3/05, p.E11)

2002 Sep 2, The $195 million Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles was dedicated. It was designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. (SFC, 9/2/02, p.A2)


2002 Dec, In Fort Worth, Texas, the $65 million Modern Art Museum, opened. It was designed by Tadao Ando of Japan. (WSJ, 12/17/02, p.D8)

Arts Council Supports Creation of Secretary of the Arts: A Growing movement among the nation's arts community for President Barack Obama to name a Secretary of Arts to his cabinet was reported by WBFO News on January 22, 2009. Executive Director of the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County, Celeste Lawson, announced that the idea was first proposed last fall. France as had a minister of culture for the last 50 years, but we have not cabinet level position for the arts. She pointed out that we are in the dawn of a new era and this is time to move in this direction. Consequently, organization committees are circulating citizen petitions to support the idea. The arts invariably rise with the ascent of the Emotional Cycle and we are now in an Emotional High. Momentun for this could grown with the main obstacle being that this would be another cost during a time of unprecedent spending.

7. Arts & Design  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


7. Arts & Design  2000s Polyrhythms top    


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8. Literature & Publication  2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)


11. Literature & Publication  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

2002 May 31, A three-judge federal panel in Philadelphia ruled that public libraries cannot be forced to install software that blocks sexually explicit Web sites. (AP, 5/31/03)

The Book, So Sexy So Soon, by Diane E. Levin and Jean Kilbourne was released this month to comment on how our culture has become increasingly sexualized and how this influence is being directed at children through fashion, music, advertising and more. 1 In the theory of Kalarhythms, social acceptance and expression of sexuality increases periodically when the Emotional Cycle is High as it is now (Emotional High 1991-2009).

8. Literature & Publication  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


8. Literature & Publication  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2002 Apr 9, The WSJ redesigned the front page for the 1st time since 1942. (WSJ, 4/9/02, p.A1)

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8. Entertainment  2000s Physical Cycle top    

2001 May 25, A federal appeals court lifted an injunction on publication of "The Wind Done Gone," Alice Randall's satirical retelling of "Gone With The Wind" from a black viewpoint. (AP, 5/25/02)

2002 Feb 12, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" received 13 Academy Award nominations; tied for second with eight nods were "A Beautiful Mind" and "Moulin Rouge." (AP, 2/11/03)

2002 Mar 24, The 74th annual Academy Awards were held at the Kodak theater in LA. Halle Berry for "Monster's Ball" became the 1st black woman to be named best actress; Denzel Washington became the second black actor, after Sidney Poitier, to win in the best actor category, for "Training Day," "A Beautiful Mind" won for best picture and gathered 4 awards as did "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." (SFC, 3/25/02, p.A1,11)(AP, 3/24/03)

2002 Sep 22, The White House drama "The West Wing" won its third consecutive Emmy as best drama series; Jennifer Aniston won for best actress in Friends, which won for the best comedy series. (SFC, 9/23/02, p.A1)

Physical High (1999 - 2013)

2001 Jan 21, The Roman epic "Gladiator" claimed best dramatic movie and the 1970's rock-and-roll story "Almost Famous" won best comedy at the Golden Globes Awards. (AP, 1/21/02)

2001 Mar 25, In the Academy Awards "Gladiator" won 5 Oscars including best picture and best actor for Russell Crowe. Julia Roberts won best actress for "Erin Brockovich." "Crouching Tiger" won for best foreign film and best music score. Steven Soderbergh won best director for "Traffic," which also featured Benicio Del Toro who won the best supporting actor. Marcia Gay Harden won best supporting actress for her role in "Pollock." (SFC, 3/26/01, p.E5)

2001 Jun, NBC launched its "Fear Factor" reality show. (WSJ, 4/29/04, p.A1)

Physical 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2001 Feb 11, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh was demolished to clear the way for new separate baseball and football stadiums nearby. (AP, 2/11/02)

9. Entertainment  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

Times are more permissive during and Emotional High and on May 21, 2001 the Supreme Court ruled, six-to-three, that a radio host cannot be sued for airing a phone conversation that was illegally taped by a third party.

2001 Nov 4, NBC's "The West Wing" took eight honors at the twice-delayed Emmy Awards, including best dramatic series; HBO's "Sex and the City" won best comedy series. (AP, 11/4/02)

2001 Nov 16, The film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" opened to record audiences across the country. (SFC, 11/17/01, p.A1)

Don Imus was fired from both CBS on April 12, 2007, and MSNBC who dropped the "Imus in the Morning" radio program after Imus made a racial remark when referring to Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos."  Despite sincere apologies on the part of Imus, major advertisers withdrew from any future investments in the show.  Humanity rises with the Emotional Cycle and racial comments can draw an Emotional retort.

9. Entertainment  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

The television program, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" on the Fox network grows in ratings in 2007 as adults are put in competition with 5th grade students to answer quiz questions.

2002 Aug 8, The FCC ordered TV manufacturers to install tuners for digital signals in new TV sets by 2007. (SFC, 8/9/02, p.A1)

9. Entertainment  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Emotional High (1999 - 2009)

2001 Feb 8, The new Disney theme park "Disney's California Adventure" opened in Anaheim. (WSJ, 1/22/01, p.B1)(SFC, 2/8/01, p.A1)

Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. Foundation (1999 - 2006)

2001 May 4, The Writers Guild of America agreed to a new contract with the major movie studios and television networks. (SFC, 5/5/01, p.A1)

Trirhythmic High (1999 - 2009)

The Dark Knight hit movie theaters on July 18, 2008 and took in a record breaking $158,411,483 on its opening weekend. As of September 12 it attained worldwide sales of almost $952 million, making it the second highest grossing film of all time in less than two months. The action adventure genre of entertainment increases with a Physical High. An added element of suspense is will draw viewers in an Emotional High and its intricate plot has appeal in an Intellectual High. This is a film that has multiple attractors while all of our Cycles are High and influencing the genre.

Trirhythmic String of 1st Qtr. Foundation (1991 - 2006)

Emotional 1st Qtr.   (1991 - 2000)  /  Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr.   (1995 - 2006)  /
Triple 1st Qtr.   (1999)  /  Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr.   (1999 - 2006)

REWRITE: 2001 - United States Court of Appeals, DC Circuit gives Viacom temporary approval to exceed the 35% ownership cap. 2001 - Viacom completes $3 billion deal for BET Inc. 2002 - Viacom completes acquisition of KCAL-TV (Los Angeles) from Young Broadcasting Inc. for $650 million. The deal forms a Viacom duopoly in Los Angeles raising the number of markets where it owns two broadcast stations to eight. 2003 - Infinity Broadcasting owns and operates 185 radio stations, second in size to only Clear Channel Communications. Viacom Outdoor is the largest outdoor advertising entity in North America. Viacom Television Stations Group owns and operates 39 TV stations. 2004 - After years of internal battles with Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone, Mel Karmazin, resigns as the company's chief operating officer. Karmazin was formely the president and CEO of CBS

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10. Sports  2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)

2001 Oct 4, In Texas Barry Bonds hit his 70th home run to tie Mark McGwire's 1998 record in a 10-2 victory over Houston. Rickey Henderson homered to pass Ty Cobb and become baseball's career leader in runs scored with 2,246 during San Diego's 6-3 win over Los Angeles. (SFC, 10/5/01, p.A1)(AP, 10/4/02)

2001 Oct 7, In SF Barry Bonds hit his 73rd home run in the final game of the season. Two men, Alex Popov and Patrick Hayashi, fought over the ball and went to court. In 2002 a judge ruled that the ball be sold and the cash split. In 2003 the ball was auctioned off for $450,000. (SFC, 10/8/01, p.B1)(SFC, 12/19/02, p.A1)(SFC, 6/26/03, p.A1)cy

2001 Nov 19, Barry Bonds became the first baseball player to win four Most Valuable Player Awards. (AP, 11/19/02)

2002 Apr 14, Tiger Woods became only the third player to win back-to-back Masters titles; he closed with a 1-under 71 to claim a three-stroke victory over Retief Goosen. (AP, 4/14/03)

2002 Jun 16, A runaway winner again in the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods became the first player since Jack Nicklaus in 1972 to capture the first two major championships of the year. (AP, 6/16/03)

Michael Phelps broke all records by winning an unprecedented eight gold medals at the Olympics. While the United States has gold medals Olympians in every occurrence of the games, we are more likely to have record breakers during a Physical High in our Cycles (Physical High 1999-2013). The last time an Olympic record was set for the most gold metals won by and athlete was by an American again when Mark Spitz won seven gold medals at the Munich Olympic games in 1972. The United States also won 83 gold medals in 1983, the greatest number ever won by a single country. Both of these events occurred during the previous Physical High in US Cycles (Physical High 1971-1985).

10. Sports  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)


10. Sports  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


10. Sports  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Emotional High (1999 - 2009)

2002 Jul 30, WNBA player Lisa Leslie became the first woman to dunk in a professional game on a breakaway in the first half of the Los Angeles Sparks' 82-73 loss to the Miami Sol. (AP, 7/30/03)

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11. Fashion  2000s Physical Cycle top    


Physical High (1999 - 2013)


11. Fashion  2000s Emotional Cycle top    

Emotional High (1991 - 2009)

Revealing fashions in New York included a sheer black top that revealed the model's nipple ring, see through camisoles, a breast-revealing see-through dress, and a model clad in a see-through raincoat with nothing but thong underneath. A New York Times reported that peek-a-boo was the biggest trend in New York Fashion Week that ended Friday, September 12, 2008.1 Both promiscuity and revealing fashion are historical more acceptable when we are in an Emotional High as we are now.

Emotional High (1991 - 2009)


11. Fashion  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)


11. Fashion  2000s Polyrhythms top    


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The average cost of housing criminals in the US in 2001 was $22,650.

12. Lifestyles  2000s Physical Cycle top    

2001 Mar 7, United States census 2000 results showed that the Hispanic population at 35.3 million, just above the 34.7 million African Americans. (SFC, 3/8/01, p.A1)

2001 Apr 2, The town of Edgar Springs, Mo., was named the population center of the US. It marked the point where the US would balance if its 281 million population were equally distributed. The actual center was 3 miles east of town. (SFC, 4/3/01, p.A2)

2001 Aug 13, It was reported that the US state-prison population had declined in 2000 for the 1st time since 1972. (WSJ, 8/13/01, p.A1)

2002 Jun 30, A US prisoner head count showed 1,355,748 federal prisoners and 665,475 local inmates. This amounted to 1 in every 142 US residents. (SFC, 4/7/03, p.A3)

2002 Sep 8, The US government reported that violent crime rate had dropped by 10 percent the previous year, reaching lowest level since 1973. (AP, 9/8/03)

2002 Nov 11, Bill Gates of Microsoft pledged $100 million to fight AIDS in India.

Physical High (1999 - 2013)

2001 Mar 5, Charles Andrew Williams (15), a freshman at Santana High School in Santee, Ca., a San Diego suburb, shot and killed 2 students and wounded 13 others. Williams was sentenced 50 years to life in prison on Aug 15, 2002. (SFC, 3/6/01, p.A1)(SFC, 8/16/02, p.A3)

2001 Apr 7, In Cincinnati Timothy Thomas (19), an unarmed black man wanted on 14 misdemeanor warrants, was fatally shot by a white police officer. The shooting led to city-wide riots. Officer Stephen Roach was later charged with negligent homicide and obstructing official business. (SFC, 4/11/01, p.A10)(SFC, 5/8/01, p.A3)(AP, 4/7/02)

2001 Apr 12, In Cincinnati Mayor Charles Luken declared a state of emergency and imposed a citywide curfew and other measures to prevent a 4th night of riots following the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by police. This was the worst outbreak of racial violence in the city since the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. (SFC, 4/13/01, p.A1)(AP, 4/11/02)

2002 Apr 1, The American Rivers environmental group listed the most endangered US rivers and included the Missouri, Big Sunflower (Mississippi), and Klamath (California) in the top 11. (SFC, 4/2/02, p.A3)

2003 Jan 22, Maryland's new governor, Robert Ehrlich, declared an end to a moratorium on executions instituted by Gov. Glendening. (WSJ, 1/23/03, p.A1)(SFC, 1/31/03, p.A9)

2002 Dec 31, US executions for the year rose from 66 to71 with 33 in Texas. (SSFC, 12/29/02, p.A3)

2002 The US prison population grew 2.6% to 2.1 million. (WSJ, 7/28/03, p.A1)

Caffeine consumption was up and energy drink sales were up 30% according to a report by CNN on June 24, 2008. This appeal of booster drinks comes as people are keeping up with the momentum of a Physical High.

12. Lifestyles  2000s Emotional Cycle top    


Emotional High (1991 - 2009)


12. Lifestyles  2000s Intellectual Cycle top    


Intellectual High (1995 - 2017)

Product Advertisements in 2007: Ditech.com claims "People are smart," and they know enough to buy their service. Accelerate sports drink used the slogan, "sweat smarter."

12. Lifestyles  2000s Polyrhythms top    


Physo-Emotional High (1999 - 2009)

2002 Apr 24, On the 10th anniversary of "Take Our Daughters to Work Day," the Ms. Foundation announced that boys would be included next year. (SFC, 4/24/02, p.A1)

Trirhythmic (1991 - 2006)

Nevada has become the fastest growing state in the United States. Nevada's estimated population is currently 2.6+ million, 22% of whom are 20 to 34 years old. 1 Population growth in US regions corresponded to positions in the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Cycles because we have regions in the country that are Physically-based, Emotionally based, and Intellectually based (as well as regions that are based in more that one energy), according to the theory of Gaiametrics. Regions that are evenly balanced in three energies, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, are considered to be Trirhythmic. These regions receive more growth and population shifts when all three Cycles are high, as they are now. Most of Nevada lies with the Rocky Mountains region, which is Trirhythmic, so Nevada, like other states in the Trirhythmic regions, have been receiving more growth and/or population shifts. Read more at: http://kalarhythms.org/gaiametrics/usa.htm.

  Internal Aberrations  

2001 Feb 28, A 6.8 magnitude slab earthquake shook the Northwest and rocked the cities of Seattle and Portland, Oregon. It was centered 32.6 miles below the surface along the boundary of the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate and the continental North American plate. Damages were later estimated at $1.5-2 billion. (SFC, 3/1/01, p.A1)(WSJ, 3/2/01, p.A1)(SFC, 1/5/02, p.A4)(AP, 2/28/02)

2001 Jun 10, Tropical storm Allison hung over Texas and Louisiana and killed at least 16 people. President Bush declared 28 counties disaster areas due to flooding. (SSFC, 6/10/01, p.A12)(WSJ, 6/11/01, p.A1)

2001 Jul 8, In West Virginia Governor Bob Wise declared a state of emergency due to flooding in 8 counties. (SFC, 7/9/01, p.A4)

2001 Jul 11, A wildfire in Washington state killed 2 male and 2 female firefighters in the Chewuch River Valley of the north Cascade Mountains. (SFC, 7/12/01, p.A3)

2001 Aug 14, Some 18,000 firefighters in 8 US Western states battle 315,000 burning acres. (SFC, 8/15/01, p.A1)

2001 Aug 16, Wild fires in the 10 Western US states covered over 50,000 acres, half in Oregon. 20,000 fighters fought 42 major blazes. (SFC, 8/17/01, p.A8)

2002 Jan 31, The central US was hit by a winter storm that left at least 15 dead. (WSJ, 2/1/02, p.A1)

2002 Mar 20, Heavy storms and severe flooding extended to West Virginia. Kentucky Governor Paul Patton declared 12 counties emergencies. (SFC, 3/21/02, p.A3)

2002 Jun 8, The Colorado Hayman fire began and by June 16 burned 102,000 acres and destroyed at least 24 homes. It was later reported to have been accidentally set by Terry Lynn Barton (38), a forest service technician. (SFC, 6/17/02, p.A1)

2002 Jun 23, Two fires in Arizona merged and approached the town of Show Low. The Rodeo-Chediski fire grew past 375,000 acres. (SFC, 6/24/02, p.A1)(SFC, 6/26/02, p.A1)

2002 Jul 2, The Hayman fire in Colorado was declared under control. It had burned 137,760 acres over 24 days. (SFC, 7/3/02, p.A5)

2002 Jul 18, It was reported that drought in western US states was causing the biggest grasshopper invasion in 50 years. Nebraska was among the hardest hit. (SFC, 7/18/02, p.A2)

2002 Jul 23, In California a growing fire in Sequoia Nat'l. Park consumed 48,200 acres in 3 days. (SFC, 7/24/02, p.A1)

2002 Aug 2, In Louisiana Governor Mike Foster declared a state of emergency after West Nile virus killed 4 residents and infected another 58. (SFC, 8/3/02, p.A3)

2002 Aug 8, In Oregon the Florence and Sour Biscuit fires merged and formed the largest active fire in the nation. The fire soon covered 308,000 acres. (SFC, 8/9/02, p.A9)(SFC, 8/10/02, p.A5)

2002 Oct 24, It was reported that over 8,000 backyard poultry had been killed in southern California to stop the spread of Exotic Newcastle disease. The deadly avian infection last surfaced in California the 1970s when some 12 million birds were destroyed. The number of chickens killed reached 100,000.

2002 Nov 10, A series of pulverizing storms barreled through more than a half-dozen US states including Tennessee and Alabama, killing at least 36 people. More than 100 were injured.

2002 Nov 21, Intensive cleaning began aboard the cruise ship Disney Magic after over 100 passengers fell sick from an unknown stomach virus.

External Aberrations

A 71 year old woman died of West Nile Virus near downtown Atlanta, GA on August 11, 2001. Hers was the first reported death from the disease outside the Northeast since the first outbreak in 1999.

Hurricane Lili hit the Louisiana coast with 100 mph winds on October 3, 2002.

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