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American Cycles 1900s

This Overview is a brief look at the time and the influence of Cycles. Significant events from each decade are noted along with the position of the Cycles to show how history is moving in Rhythm. Enjoy the walk through history.

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American Cycles 1900s1900-1910: The Square Deal came after 1901, a year that would transform American industry forever. For the first time, America had two Cycles Cross Over at once. A Physo-Emotional Double Downward Crossover came as both the Physical Cycle and the Emotional Cycle shifted from 2nd Qtrs. of Expansion into 3rd Qtrs. of Regression & Reform by simultaneously crossing over the transitional mid-point of crisis in 1901. In the crisis, President McKinley Was Shot by an Anarchist and Teddy Roosevelt succeeded to the presidency. An era of big business came to an end with a shake up for reform. Huge Trusts and Monopolies Formally Had Control of industries like copper, sugar, meat, tobacco and oil but stock prices fell in the Crossover and the Panic of 1901 threatened the entire banking structure. Roosevelt Activated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act against big railroad monopolies, oil monopolies, tobacco monopolies, the Northern Securities Company, timber companies and more. The Bureau of Corporations Gained Sweeping Power Over Business after Congress established it in 1903 to investigate practices. This was the period of "Muckrakers" or "Trustbusters" that ushered in Reform. An Intellectual 4th Qtr. of Alternatives & Experimentation simultaneously created a search for the new. Frank Lloyd Wright Began the "Prairie House" Style of Architecture and Charles Ives conducted Musical Experiments with Dissonance and Unusual Rhythms. This was followed by an Intellectual Upward Crossover in 1907 and the Panic of 1907 with a run on banks. Following the Crossover was an Intellectual 1st Qtr. of Precedents, Foundation & Unification when new things developed like Henry Ford's Model T and the Beginning of the Plastics Era. In the next decade, all Cycles will rise.
American Cycles 1910s1910-1920: The New Freedom is how President Wilson referred to Physo-Emotional Dbl. 4th Qtr. of Alternatives, Experimentation & Progressivism . Sure enough, The Progressive Party came into being from 1912 as an alternative to the Republican Party, (it then reunited with Republicans in 1916 during the Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. of Unification). In a decade with two 4th Qtrs., a departure to abstract art reflected the times. "Ashcan" Style of Painting came in, both the Armory Show and the Society of Independent Artists demonstrated Iconoclastic Art, and the Synchromist Movement experimented with color in Abstract Painting. Meanwhile, the Intellectual 1st Qtr. of Foundation brought establishment of the Federal Reserve System and Henry Ford introduced the Continuous Moving Assembly Line in automobile production. When the Physical Upward Crossover came in 1915, fences rose in crisis. The nearly dormant KKK Revived in Georgia and rose throughout the High. The Iron and Steel Workers Strike in East Youngstown Ohio was one of the most significant of the time. In Physical 1st Qtr. of Precedents that followed, Goddard test fired the First Jet Propelled Rocket. With the energy of a Physical High, we Engaged Effectively in World War I from 1917 to 1919. An Emotional Upward Crossover in 1919-20 gave us a different crisis. In "The Red Scare," federal agents conducted nationwide raids and arrested six thousand people as alleged communists and anarchists. Few charges resulted from this, however, as it proved to be mostly an Emotional reaction. After this Crossover, all Cycles were High and we headed into the next decade with great enthusiasm.
American Cycles 1920s1920s: The Roaring Twenties came in the Trirhythmic High when All Three Cycles Peaked within a ten year period (1919-1929). The "Jazz Age" came after the "War to End all Wars" and rose to new heights with wild enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this would end with great crisis in the Physo-Intellectual Dbl. Downward Crossover in 1929. Both the Physical Cycle & the Intellectual Cycle ended a Three-Way High by simultaneously crossing the transitional midpoint of crisis in double trouble. America learned with an Emotional High what a Dbl. Crossover can do when no one knows its coming. The market crashed. On the way up a Physical High gave us the Am. Professional Football Association, a Dance Marathon Craze and Wild Land Speculation. With Physical 2nd Qtr. Improvements; Goddard Launched the Liquid Propelled Rocket, Ford Replaced the Model T with the improved Model A, and Lindburgh, Earhart & Admiral Byrd made historic flights. The Emotional High gave us the first "Free Love" movement as it was called. Emotional 1st Qtr. Precedents brought the First Women as; Speaker of the House, State Governors (Wyo. & Texas), and first Cabinet Member. In the Intellectual High Illiteracy Hit a New Low (%6), the National Spelling Bee Began and we hit a Post War Education Peak. In Intellectual 1st Qtr. of Precedents of technology Radio went public, Harkins Postulated the Existence of Subatomic Particles, and color & sound first came to film. Market Speculation soared from 1921-1929 with a boom in the Dow Jones Industiral Average and GNP growth of 40%. This ended when the nation's internal clockwork put Cycles in conflict. The Emotional Peak came just before both the Physical & Intellectual Cycles Crossed Down through the midpoint of crisis in 1929. The nation's enthusiasm out ran its own strength and common sense. The result was Black Thursday, October 24, and The Stock Market Crash of 1929.
American Cycles 1930s1930s: The Great Depression came in a Trirhythmic Low and descending Cycles. Thereafter, All Three Cycles Troughed within a ten year period (1936-1946). This made recovery after the crisis of a Physo-Intellectual Crossover in 1929 both slow and difficult. The Physo-Intellectual Low brought Bank and Business Failures, unemployment, wage reduction, industrial decline and even school closings. The Physical element of the Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 3rd Qtr. brought Reform to many large companies like Standard Oil for Violations of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, and former Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall was convicted in the Teapot Dome Scandal (both in 1929). A Physical Trough in 1936 led to . German Functionalism of bare faced architecture caught on in the late 1930s and John Cage Conducted Experiments with Rhythmic Freedom and non-traditional instruments. Despite our economic woes, an Emotional High endeared viewers to cinematic releases with Shirley Temple, Laurel & Hardy and the Marx Brothers. With Emotional 2nd Qtr. Improvement, Swing Music Spun Off of Jazz, and in religion, Jehovah's Witnesses Spun Off of the International Bible Students Association. The Emotional Downward Crossover of 1937, however, caused a 38% Decline in the Stock Market. An Emotional element in the following Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 3rd Qtr. brought social themes to cinema that turned against the mob, KKK, and slum conditions, and Roosevelt Urged Investigation of "Immoral" Tax Evasion. By now the Intellectual 3rd Qtr. had created Numerous Reform and Control Acts like the SEC, FCC & FDIC. In all, the Great Depression of cutbacks, difficulty and reform came in the great Cyclic Low of our Rhythms.
American Cycles 1940s1940s: World War II caught us by surprise as we lay unawares and undefended in a Trirhythmic Low. In 1941,an attack on peal Harbor brought us THE External Abberation - War. To the emergency, we jumped into action. Before the war ended, a Physical High came in our rising Cycles. We went on to Triumph in Europe and Japan and emerge a world leader. The Upward Physical Crossoverin 1943 gave us trouble at home. Federal Troops Were Called To Michigan because of a black-white riot, and The Fed Seized the Nation's Railroads in response to a strike threat. Physical 1st Qtr. Precedents afterwards produced Prefabrication in Ship Building and Polyethylene Plastic started the "Golden Age" of Plastics & Synthetics. Foundations brought the Creation of the US Air Force, the Selective Service and the Department of Defense. An Intellectual Trough in 1940 brought us a New Low in Illiteracy that year ( 4.2%). An Emotional Low after the war manifested Short Hair styles for the young, "Cool Jazz" Reigned Over "Hot," and Realism appeared in Literature with works by "Tennesse" Williams, Arthur Miller and Eugene O'Neil and more. In the Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 4th Qtr. of Alternatives, Experimention & Progressivism, a new Progressive Party again emerged in politics. Progressive Jazz developed as artists like Miles Davis searched for the lost note. Abtract Expressionism developed in the paintings of Robert Motherwell and Jackson Pollock and Abstract Sculpture came in works by David Smith and Alexander Calder. A Physical High and Emo-Intellectual Ascent took us into the next decade with a Post-War Boom that came with the Trirhythmic Rise.
American Cycles 1950s1950s: The Fabulous Fifties came in rising times when, for just a brief time, we hit a Three-Way High for the first time since the "Roaring Twenties." With a Physical High after a 1950 Peak, we willingly entered the Korean War then more than tripled military reserves. An Age of Gadgets put new products in the home from better vacuum cleaners to electric can openers. Industry flourished in 2nd Qtr. Expansion with a Production and Construction Boom. On time, however, the Physical Downward Crossover of 1957-58 brought the "1957-1958 Recession" and a postwar unemployment high. >Physical 3rd Qtr. Review & Reform made Adult Westerns popular, and Congress Appropriated a $650 Million Housing Bill to Clear Slums. The decade began with an Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 4th Qtr. that influenced the Beat Movement of Abstract Literature, Poetry and Music. A break out came with an Intellectual Upward Crossover in 1951 and highly controversial decisions. President Truman Fired General MacArthur and the Rosenbergs Were Sentenced to Death for treason. Following in Intellectual 1st Qtr. Precedents were the First Commercial Computer - Univac I - used by the Census Bureau and the First US Satellite to go into space. An Emotional Upward Crossover in 1955 began the Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 1st Qtr. with transition and a Stock Market Plunge of $14 billion. Rosa Parks Refused to Give Up her Bus Seat to a white man that same year and conflict developed into the following Emotional 1st Qtr. of Foundation & Unification. This led to with the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Rock & Roll and Pop Art also both appeared in 1955 to contribute to the cultural revolution in the "Populux" era of popular luxury and the Emo-Intellectual High. A combination of Cycles made the fifties fabulous.
American Cycles 1960s1960s: The Sensational Sixites were a wild time when both the Emotional & Intellectual Cycles Peaked in 1962 and 1964, respectively. An Emotional High exploded with the Free Love Movement, the Free Speech Movement, and "Beatlemania" after the Beatles brought their music to America in 1964. Traditional worship increased and Eastern Religions became popular. An Intellectual High pervaded with; an Unprecedented Number of Art Galleries and Building of Many Museums, a 1963 Peak in Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT), and Fads in Psychology. The Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 2nd Qtr. of Improvement & Expansion after 1964 was very strong. The Hippie Movement evolved from the Beat Movement, Op Art derive from Pop, Soul Music spun off of Rhythm & Blues, and Psychedelic Rock spun off of Rock & Roll. The Information Chip Enhanced Computers in the IBM 360 Systems, and in 1969, space travel landed the First Man on the Moon. We had a Physical Low, however, and a Failed Invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961. We also Lost the War in Viet Nam. The President's Council on Physical Fitness was to counter ailing Health and lack of exercise. Recycle first became a term in refuge in the Physical 3rd Qtr. of Review & Reform. Experimenting with Alternatives followed during the Physical 4th Qtr. in avant-garde developments in art such as Minimalism in "Object," "Primary" and "Kinetic" Art, in music such as Progressive Rock, and in literature such as "Underground" Newspapers. This wild decade of the Jet Set, Hippies, the Mod Era, the Peace Movement, Civil Rights, Rock & Roll, the Kennedys, Dr. Martin Luther King, "Make Love not War," and the transcendence of old boundaries with a free expression of new ideas came with the Emo-Intellectual High and Physical Low.
American Cycles 1970s1970s: The Changing Seventies came as all Cycles reversed between High and Low. A Change to a Physical High began with a Physical Upward Crossover in 1971. Some 200,000 Anti-war Protestors Marched on Washington, a Prison Riot in Attica was horrendous, and GM had a Wildcat Strike. The following High brought a Martial Arts Fad and a Supreme Court Decision Brought the Return of Capital Punishment. Physical 1st Qtr. Foundation & Precedents brought the Disco Era in dance and music, a new genre of Disaster Movies and Acupuncture was used in America for the first time. The era of 1960s ended when two Cycles crossed the transitional midpoint of crisis at the same time for the first time since 1929. This was the Emo-Intellectual Dbl. Downward Crossover of 1973, a year of double trouble. The Watergate Affair began and led to resignations from the President, Vice-President and most of the Cabinet. The Recession of 1973-74 with the worst stock market drop since 1929. We endured these Crossover events while struggling through the oil crisis that also began this year. The following era of Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 3rd Qtr. of Review & Reform was a new era of Reform. Both the CIA and FBI Came Under Reform for abuses in 1976, Tax Reform revised income and real estate taxes, and Anti-Nuclear Rallies grew to large gatherings by 1979. Review came as Nostalgia with Golden Oldies in music a Look to the Past in entertainment and fashion. The Emo-Intellectual Low brought more Conservative Politics, a Shift From Romanticism to Realism in entertainment, a Return to Monogamy after the sexual revolution. The times changed from the sixties to a more reserved yet more kinetic era in the Emo-Intellectual Decline and Physical Rise of the 1970s.
American Cycles 1980s1980s: The Rise and Fall of Materialism followed the Physical Cycle. The Physical High created an era of Young Urban Professionals, or Yuppies, who traded in peace signs and patched blue jeans for Stock Portfolios and sought their gains in business. Money and success bought finer homes, high-tec toys, BMWs and other ambitious desires measured in Physical terms. This lone High stood out as Disco Replaced Love Songs, fashion was Dressed for Success, the Tao was Spelled Dow, and Reality was Pronounced Realty. The Emo-Intellectual Low Increased Conservatism, as Realism Replaced Romanticism in all genres of entertainment, and Monogamy Returned after the sexual revolution. Physical 2nd Qtr. Improvements & Improvement Split HEW into the Department of Health and Human Service and the Department of Education, Disco Spawned Rap Music and Break Dancing, and Defense Enhancements were labeled "Star Wars." In the Physical Downward Crossover in 1985, the US became a debtor nation for the first time since WWII. This put us in a Three-Way Low. Under-achievers growing up in this time were dubbed Generation "X." Physical 3rd Qtr. of Review & Reform created the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the Welfare Reform Bill of 1988 and the Strengthening of the Clean Air Act in 1989. The Emotional Trough in 1982 and the Intellectual Trough in 1984 brought us the Market Bottoms of 1982 and 1984. Both Cycles subsequently went into an Emo-Intellectual Dbl. 4th Qtr. of Alternatives and Experimentation. "Alternative" Music came in, Alternative Healing Out-grossed all Conventional Medicines by 1990, and Esoteric Forms of Spirituality departed from conventional belief systems. Entrepreneurs Pervaded in Business, MTV used Experimental Television to draw viewers. This would rise to take form in the 1990s.
American Cycles 1900s1990s: The New Beginning comes from the ascent of all three Cycles after 1992. The decade will go from a Three-Way Low to a Three-Way High with economic growth, rising spirituality, and a change from "Generation X" of under performance to "Generation Why?" of curious innovation. Breakthrough began with an Emotional Upward Crossover crisis in 1991. National Shock followed the Rodney King Beating that led to riots across the country. A Recession Began in 1991 with a lack of consumer confidence and it continued through the Physical Trough of 1992 with industrial losses. The following Emotional High brought a rise of femininity. Women are Setting Musical Trends with top artists like Jewel and others. A National Outpour of Emotion Over the Death of Princess Diana reflected our High and Religion and Spirituality are defining our times. In 1st Qtr. Unification came religious-based gatherings like the Promise Keeper Rallies, the Million Man March and the Million Woman March. The previous Intellectual 4th Qtr. of Alternatives brought notice in 1991 that No More Space Shuttles Would be Built. A Physo-Intellectual Dbl. 4th. Qtr. of Alternatives & Progressivism in 1994 saw Congress Change Parties after forty years of one party rule. Two years earlier in the Dbl. 4th Qtr. Incumbent President Bush Lost to dark horse candidate Bill Clinton. Crisis in the Intellectual Upward Crossover came with an Historic Shutdown of the Federal Government over budget disputes, a Drop in Stock Prices, and the controversial O. J. Simpson Verdict. Now in our Intellectual High SAT Scores are Rising and U.S. Students Have Improved in International Standing. With 1st Qtr. Precedents we made the First Landing on Mars and President Clinton Proposed National Student Testing. Now that the Physical Low is rising, the economy is also rising, but at an overheated pace as the Emotional Cycle Peaked that would come in 2000. In fact, the Physical Low and Emotional High meant that speculation was far outpacing our strength and we investing in things that were not grounded. Physical Upward Crossover in 1999/2000 precipitated a correction that we now know as when "the internet bubble burst." Those who recovered from this recession were the companies that had equity and product. Many of the great mediators that had more ideas than assets perished as an age of new reality began.