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Cycles of the United States:
KalaRhythms of the USA:  Physical Cycle 28-years     Emotional Cycle 36-years     Intellectual Cycle 44-years

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Cycles of American History Geo-Rhythms of the USA:
Energies in American change, from History to Forecast.
Cycles of History Mega-Rhythms of the Eras:
Energies that bring about the eras of World History.
Biorhythms Bio-Rhythms Revisited:
Energies moving within us in Rhythm from the time of Birth.
Personality Styles Personality Types & Energy
Transactional Analysis of Energies in Personality Styles.
Rhythms of Geomancy GaiaMetric Mapping:
Cultural Regions of the World and National Territories.
The Manyan Calendar The Mayan Calendar
Calendric and Numerical Systems of the Maya.
Sacred Geometry Sacred Geometry:
Theoretical Viewpoints and Spin-offs of Cycles Theory.
Cycles of History blog USA Blog
American Cycles and
the cycles of time.
Cycles of History blog World Blog
World Cycles and
the cycles of time.
Cycles Network Cycles Network
Cycles Network:
Social Networking with Cycles.


The Cycles of Change

Patterns are encoded in the human experience,
encrypted in the anecdotal evidence of our behavior
and decoded here in the map of time.

The Machine Age is Ending and the Industrial Revolution will no longer define our future. Instead, the green revolution and industrial reforms are leading consumers away from the behemoth conglomerates of our modern world of iron. The Victorian Era has Long Been Abandoned as we continue to rise from the post mediaeval repression of the nineteenth century. Now we are developing a new romantic era with the emergence of gender equality and emphasis on wisdom. Military-Industrial Complexes No Longer Hold the Center of civilization's growing power bases. Replacing old competition among nationalistic hierarchies is a rising tide of international trade and culture. The world is rapidly changing,

Why are Religious Wars and Global Financial Collapses Happening Now? Cycles can tell us why. We are in the birth pangs of a new era that could have been predicted centuries ago, and you can know the code.

KALARHYTHMS AS:      Geo-Rhythms of the USA >
Cycles of American History
The Map of Time is our navigational guide through the lessons of history and our lead to the future. Just as you can find a chart of coming ocean tides that move in Rhythm, and a calendar for phases of the moon that moves in Rhythm, you can know the times of change because they move in Rhythms that are as regular as the ocean and the moon. You need only to know how. Seasons of change are moving dramatically now and everything around us is changing with them. Periods of crisis and chaos also come as regular parts of the Cycles, but order and chaos are not mutually exclusive, they are parts of the same system.

Mastering the Consistency of Change is Ours for the Learning.
That is the Unhidden Secret.

KALARHYTHMS AS:  Mega-Rhythms of the World >
Cycles of American History
Now for the First Time we can put our knowledge together and see changing directions and crises before they happen. To do so, we need only to embrace the unseen reality, for it holds the key to all things we hold as real. We can know it as easily as we understand how invisible winds cause a ship's sail to bellow, and how currents beneath the surface of the sea will lead us on our way. Our sails are full and the currents strong as we navigate the tides of time.
'Ka' is Ancient Egyptian for Energy. Ka 'Kala' is Sanskrit for Time.  Kala-tala
'Kala-Rhythms' are the Changes of Energy through Time.
The Time Code
We Have Crossed the Threshold into a New Era. Now nothing is the same, again. Understanding has already reached critical mass and the birth our evolutionary step is unfolding. As we proceed we can identify the manifestations of energy like never before. We can harvest the Highs and ride out the Lows by knowing the pattern of change. Cycles within us are moving around us, just on differents scales of size and time. You already hold the key that will reveal a Rosetta Stone of Time that is within you and around you. A Kalarhythm chart is a picture worth a thousand words, and easier to read, once you know how. Learn to use this and you will shape your destiny in a changing world, or at least, you will find your way until you do. Kalarhythms will show you how.

The Dance of Shiva
We are Catching Up With The Ancients who knew the keys to our future. Ancient Egyptians believed that Ka is the Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual parts of a person, or god, that constitute an individuality. It transcends death of the body as living energy. Ancient Indian scriptures described MahaKala as transcendent time and Kala as relative time which is Cyclical in nature. We live in relative time and all the Cycles within it. Kalarhythms are therefore changes in Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies through Cyclical time. This triad of energies that constitutes an individuality is part of any person or living system. It holds true for every nation in the world and for the world itself. To know where we are in time is to know where we are in the Cycles of Change. Cycles tell us where we were, where we are, and where we are going. That is the Tao of Now.
What the Past and the Future Have In Common is that They are Both Connected to Now, and They Are Ever Connected In Rhythm.

Manifestations of Energy
Kala-Rhythms in the Media Kala-Rhythms in the Media
Talks & interviews with K. David Katzmire on Kala-Rhythms; live, radio, television, webcasts.
K. David Katzmire founded the study of Kala-Rhythms. This site is to document findings and to develop discussion. The study of Cycles within us and around us is the study self-realization on a mass scale. As we journey through our omniscient connections, modern methods allow us to commune ideas like never before. The lyceum principle that has always held that the one teaches the few, and the few teach the many, has exploded into social networking and the techo-era. Now, the many connect with the many. The next step lies on the other side of change. Lectures and seminars are offered when Mr. Katzmire is on tour and tours bring people together with many kinds of research. If you would like to sponsor a Kala-Rhythm event in your area, or, to simply drop a note or ask a question, feel free to contact us.

Rhythms are Encoded in the Mathematics of Life, Encrypted in the Human Experience, and Decoded Here in the Map of Time.

Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual energies progress through their four seasons of development, and points of chaos, to bring change to the nation. A universal pattern is common to all Cycles of different durations. The combined effect is that they may be in different stages of development at any time with a myriad of possible combinations. This brings variety to our times. Once this simple pattern is understood, however, we can see through the complexity of our times to find simple truths. It becomes clear once you have the Rhythm, and you have the Rhythm when you have the math.
World Cycles - Where We Are and Where We Are Going
336y Physical 432y Emotional 528y Intellectual
Cycles of the 21st Century

World cycles bring us highs and lows that shape the changing eras of civilization. When they rise out of a low, we have a renaissance, when we have a high in the cycles with will define the era, such as the Intellectual High of the baroque era, the Emotional High of the romantic era, and the Physical High that gave us the machine age from which we come. About twice in a century, one of these great cycles with cross the midpoint of transition and (see the red line in the graph above), and this will bring a world crisis. In rare occasions, two of these cycles will crossover at the same time. This will more than twice the trouble of a single crossover crisis. Right now, that is what is happening. Two cycles are crossing out of the Lows they were in throughout the last century by crossing the midpoint of crisis at the same time bringing us twelve years of crisis from 2000-2012. It is the Emotional Cycle and the Intellectual Cycle that are crossing over now giving us "holy wars" and economic collapses and turmoil across the globe. We are still in this crisis now but is will usher in a new era of reason and romanticism while the declining Physical Cycle spells the end of the machine age.

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