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  5. The Emotional Cycle
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter V / Section C

The Emotional Cycle

The 432-Year Cycle
Emotional Crossovers
happen as the Cycle crosses up or down between and Low in the midpoint of transition. This occurs twice in a 432-year Cycle, or every 108 years. It can bring crises to the heart of the nation. This agitated state usually results in fear and/or anger. Eruptions of this type can range from the election of "War Hawks" to Congress, chasing foreign ships in our harbor, even starting a war, and, more than one presidential assassination. Panic selling can also result in an Emotional Crossover year. (Learn more about Cycle Crossovers).

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Emotional Overview
of our nation shows a patterns of Highs and Lows, Quarters of development and Crossovers between High and Low. Tides of Emotional energy bring consistent change. We are passing through and Upward Emotional Crossover now that is brining in our an Emotional 1st Quarter of founding a new era. (Learn more about Cycle Overviews).

Phases of the Emotional Cycle

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And the Cycle continues. After looking at this overview of the past, you may return to the beginning of this chapter for "Emotional Cycle Now," then, "Emotional Forecast: 21st Century" and you will have a continuity of past, present and future to view the Rhythm.

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