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  7. Polyrhythms

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  •    Trirhythmic Effect
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter VII / Section E


Trirhythmic Effect

Trirhythmic Effect comes from the simultaneous influence of all three Cycles. This is the continual state of Kalarhythms inside the Now. Every High & Low, every Quarter of development, every Crossover, from each Cycle - is felt. In this is harmony. A Three-way High for instance can produce a an advance in civilization. A Three-Way Low could produce dark ages. Highs and Lows mix to produce the different times.

Trirhythmic Overview shows all three Cycles on the same chart and how they work together. The triumvirate braid of Rhythms weaves a tapestry of change through manifest events. Reading sine waves on a Rhythm chart is like a conductor reading sheet music to a symphony. They show us how the music around us. The Rhythm of the music becomes clear, once you know the score.

By looking at the Kalarhythm charts on the below, you can see the patterns of the human experience. The charts speak for themselves and show the Trirhythmic effect on our major changes. With a little imagination, you can see how all three Cycles work together in our experience. Part II shows how they have worked in history. Part III shows where they are in the present and where they will be in the future. This is the story of civilization.

Phases of Cycles Combined

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