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  6. The Intellectual Cycle
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter VI / Section C

The Intellectual Cycle

The 528-Year Cycle
Intellectual Crossovers
can cause a twelve year period of crisis for the mind of a world. In the market, this may cause financial drops both great and small. In politics, it can bring the end of a regime, and in culture it can be the beginning or the end of an era. Questionable judgment and Intellectual slip ups can occur during in Intellectual Crossover. (Learn more about Cycle Crossovers).

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Intellectual Overview
of the Cycle shows how Intellectual energy has advanced through Highs and Lows, Quarters of change, and Crossovers. (Learn more about Cycle Overviews).

Phases of the Intellectual Cycle

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The Cycle continues. After looking at this overview of the past, you can return to the beginning of this chapter for "Intellectual Cycle Now," then, "Intellectual Forecast: 21st Century" and you will have a continuity of past, present and future to view the Rhythm.