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  4. The Physical Cycle
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter IV / Section C

The Physical Cycle

The 336-Year Cycle
Physical Crossovers
occur twice in a 336-year Cycle, or every 168 years. This happens when the Cycle crosses up from Low to High, and down from High to Low. The mid-point of the Cycle is the time of transition. This brings a shake up in Physically-based things as the Cycle changes. (Learn more about Cycle Crossovers).

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Physical Overview
of world energy shows how the Physical Cycle has progressed through its High and Lows, four Quarters of development, and periodic Crossovers. The waves have been consistent and we are now in 3rd Quarter of Review that began in 1978. (Learn more about Cycle Overviews).

And the Cycle continues. After looking at this overview of the past, you can return to the beginning of this chapter for "Physical Cycle Now," then, "Physical Forecast: 21st Century" and you will have a continuity of past, present and future to view the Rhythm.

Phases of the Physical Cycle

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