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  5. The Emotional Cycle
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Emotional Cycle of World Social Change
The 432-Year Cycle:
The Heart of a Global Collective (yin)
Emotional World Cycle wave chart
Emotional Energy
is in the heart of world change. The human element has character and moods that are capable of all the basic emotions that an individual may have. As the global mood changes, so changes the diretion en masse around the world. We have known High times such as the "Romantic Era," full of expressive music, deep writing and fanciful design. We have known Low times like the "Victorian Era" that was less permissive and more practical than idealistic. (Learn more about Cycle Energies).

Both Highs and Lows are necessary. All phases of the Cycle are of equal importance. Changing moods may come independent of wealth or knowledge, or be accented by them, but they will change in a feeling nation. This is Rhythm that comes from the Subtle Body(1) and Emotional aspects of the nation.

top Yin symbol yin
Yin of Yin & Yang
is found in the Emotional Cycle and feminine energy, (described as K’un in the I Ching). It is in our sense of beauty, subtlety of action, and mystique. Emotional ways tend to be more fluid and interactive, and less structured with the rigidity of power and dominance. Yin is the magnetic force of matter and it is in the anima of our national persona. (Learn more about Yin & Yang).

Emotional Cycle Now
is in an Upward Emotional Crossover (March 21, 2000 - March 21, 2012). This marks the beginning of our 1st Quarter of Foundation and Precedents that will last throughout this century (2000 - 2132). (Learn more about Cycles Now).
Cycles of World History 1500ad - 2500ad
The 432 year Emotional Cycles that reached a bottom in the 19th century is crossing up out of a Low and emerging into a new High. In so doing, it is crossing the midpoint of crisis, this is the transitional point of chaos through which all rhythms must pass to go from Low to High, or from High to Low. This Crossover through we are passing now brings a 12 year period of upheaval and chaos that began in 2000 and it will last until 2012. So far during this transition we have seen attacks on America in September 11, so-called "holy wars" around the world, and a financial collapse of major institutions that financed the previous machine age. Through it all, old hierarchies of competing military-industrial complexes will give way to a new global network in a less nationalistic and "flat" world. The price is power shifts as a new High brings sudden change.. The 432 Emotional Cycle that is crossing over has done this many times before. The last time that this cycle crossed down out of its previous High we had the French Revolution. To understand this as the natural birth pangs of a new era is to increase your ability to respond to a situation rather than react to it. That is, knowing what is due and when, how it will influence us and for how long, will help to tell if that sun you see on the horizon is rising or setting.
Emotional Cycle Forecast
(Learn more about Cycle Forecasts).
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Emotional Highs & Lows
come with Peaks every 432 years and alternating Troughs every 432 years. Half the Cycle is High for 216 years and then it is Low for 216 years. Waves of greater and lesser Emotional energy see trends come and go. Emotional Quarters of 108 years each repeat with the 432-year revolution of the Cycle. For 108 years we establish foundations in the 1st Qtr. of “spring,” make improvements for 108 years thereafter in the 2nd Qtr. of “summer,” review our values for 108-year 3rd Qtr. of “autumn,” then make a progressive shift and experiment toward the future during 108 yrs. in the 4th Qtr. of “winter.” The four Quarters then continue with a new 432-year Emotional Cycle. (Learn more about Cycle Highs & Lows).

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1. The Gross Body, or stuhla-sarira, in Indian philosophy is the Physical body.