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Kala-Rhythms on the global level are the Mega-Rhythms of the world. These cycles are twelve time longer than the Geo-Rhythms of a nation. Here is a view of the 336 year Physical Cycle, 432 year Emotional Cycle & 528 year Intellectual Cycle in the Rhythms of World History.
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Mega-Rhythmsof the World

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Mega-Rhythms of the World
Physical Cycle 336-years     Emotional Cycle 432-years     Intellectual Cycle 528-years

28y Physical 36y Emotional 44y Intellectual

Are todayís economic turmoils anything new? Are we in the birth pangs of a rising power shift or the downturn of castles crumbling? Is the change we see an aberration or a reminder that chaos and order are different parts of the same system? We live in a World of Rhythms and a universe of change is all around us.

The state of world affairs is a manifestation of the all the thoughts, feelings and actions of everyone living en masse. This is our Collective Conscious, a contemporaneous state of a virtual dynamics in a moving window of time that shapes the world in our own reflection, but on a grander scheme of size and time. The world conscious has the same characteristics as do we in that it too has a body, a heart and a mind all its own. The world body is reflected in what we build and how we build it, the world heart is reflected in our romanticism or lack of compassion, and the world mind is shown through inventiveness and our learning through the ages. These energies are in rhythmic flux as they undulate between High and Low levels to bring us our different times. Any world era can therefore be characterized as more or less Physical, Emotional or Intellectual. This explains the rise and fall of civilizations and power shifts around the world. But when and how does this happen?

The study of KalaRhythms includes the study of Mega-Rhythms examines the prevalence of three main rhythms in world history, a 336-year Physical Cycle, and 432-year Emotional Cycle and a 528-year Intellectual Cycle. The Physical Cycle that had been High in the last two centuries gave us the Industrial Revolution and the Machine Age. The Emotional Cycle that had been Low up until now has risen out of the more repressive Victorian Era, which itself came after the previous Emotional High in the Romantic Era. The current Intellectual Cycle that has also been Low as and we have hunted species to extinction and destroyed our natural resources. During the previous Intellectual High, however, we were in the Baroque Era. The effect all three Cycles is a confluence of change. When all three Cycles were Low a half millennium ago we were in the Dark Ages. As cycles rose up out of that three-way Low we had the Renaissance. In recent times, a Physical High came while both the Emotional and Intellectual Cycle were Low as we out-built our own sense and didnít care. Now Cycles are changing to bring about a new world era, but new times come with birth pangs. To us birth pangs may spell chaos, but in the order of things it is part of the natural process of change, just as natural as tropical storms that hit the equator in the Spring and Fall. Is shakeup we are seeing necessary to usher in a new era? Yes.

Where We Are and Where We Are Going

336y Physical 432y Emotional 528y Intellectual
Cycles of World History - 1500-2400 AD

Mega-Rhythms move Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual energies on an even grander scale of time as they are connected with the precession of the equinoxes. These great rhythms bring about the eras of world history and effect all nation. These Cycles recapitulate the Geo-Rhythms of a nation and the Bio-Rhythms of a person.