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  6. The Intellectual Cycle
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Intellectual Cycle of World Social Change
The 528-Year Cycle:
The Mind of a Global Collective (yang)
Intellectual World Cycle wave chart
Intellectual Energy
is in the changing consciousness of the nation. Government policies, court decisions, commerce, social awareness, SAT scores, and book sales may all move with the same tide. Interests, psychology, chess tournaments and word games will rise and fall. Should political campaigns be run on style, or substance? The Intellectual Cycle will play a role. Is the public more concerned with new issues, or old ones? It depends on where we are in the Cycle. Are consumers more or less well informed? The Intellectual level changes. To find out, one need only to look at the common thread which connects them all, the Intellectual Cycle. With some inspiration from Descartes we can say "Cogitamus ergo sumus," we think, therefore we are. In our being comes Rhythm from the Causal Body(1) and the Intellectual aspects of a nation. (Learn more about Cycle Energies).

Yung symbol yung
Yung of Chung Yung differs from Yin & Yang
is an element of the Intellectual Cycle. Yung is neither yin nor yang. Intellectual energy neither masculine nor feminine. It is genderless and neutral. Intellectual energy, like Yung, is not of either side (yin and yang), and not the mean average between the two (Chung), but a window to absolute and fixed principles from the abstract reality, as described in the Chung Yung of Confucianist Scriptures.(2) Yung is the electrical force of matter, per se, but we can discover three Cycles in electricity by dividing it further. Positively charged matter is Physical and yang. Negatively charged matter is Emotional and yin. Neutral matter is like the Intellectual and Yung. Knowledge may add to strength, but is not strength itself. If, for instance, a tiger were about to eat you, knowing the Latin name for its species would not help as much the use of a forceful weapon. Intelligence may aid in designing a better weapon, however, and it might even keep you from standing in front of a tiger in the first place. Knowledge may be used to estimate odds, but not to place values. Only the "heart" can judge. Intelligence knows the difference between correct and incorrect, not between right and wrong. Moral judgment is an Emotional value. The mind has the Intellectual capacity to know what is, the "heart" has the Emotional awareness to know what should be, and the body the Physical means to bring it into action. (Learn more about Yung).

Intellectual Cycle Now
is in an Upward Intellectual Crossover (2000 - 2012), This ushers in a 1st Quarter of Foundation and Precedents that will reign throughout this century (2000 - 2132). (Learn more about Cycles Now).
Cycles of World History 1500ad - 2500ad
is in an Upward Intellectual Crossover (2000 - 2012). This brings a period of critical uncertainty and crisis in decision that will reflect in the Intellectually based aspects of the world. Since Intellectually based aspects include finance, interest and currency, the home lending and insurance failures of 2008 have fallen prey to this transition. This financial collapse if felt not only in the United States but is reflected all around the world.

Intellectual Cycle Forecast
(Learn more about Cycle Forecasts).

Intellectual Highs & Lows
have come with 528 years between Peaks and 528 years between Troughs. In the 264-year High half of the Cycle we have more Intellectual energy with interest and learning, then for a 264-year Low the mind of the nation relatively dormant. Our collective awareness moves in waves. (Learn more about Cycle Highs & Lows).

1. The Causal Body, or karana-sarira in Indian philosophy is the unmanifest mental self.

2. From the Doctrine of the Steadfast Mean (Chung Yung) of Confucianist Scriptures: Being without inclination to either side is called Chung; admitting of no change, is called Yung. By Chung is denoted the correct course to be pursued by all under heaven; by Yung is denoted the fixed principle regulating all under heaven. This work contains the law of the mind