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  7. Polyrhythms

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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter VII / Section B


Energies Combined

Physo-Emotional Effect - when both the Physical and the Emotional Cycles influence the same thing. In a Physo-Emotional High, for instance, trad networks and cultural exchanges may increase. During a Physical High - Emotional Low, we could over-industrialize the environment and not care. In a Physical Low - Emotional High we could have a Romantic period in which the working class, considered peasants, will not fare as well. Also following suit, amid a Physo-Emotional Low we could have a late medieval period.

Physo-Emotional Highs & Lows Combined bring a confluence of changing energies as Physical and Emotional Cycles move with different frequencies. This alters the interrelationship of the body and the heart in motion.

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Physo-Emotional Overview

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