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  7. Polyrhythms

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  •    Trirhythmic Effect
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Kalarhythms - the Tao of Now

Chapter VII / Section D


Energies Combined

Emo-Intellectual Effect can be seen when the both Emotional and Intellectual Cycles unite. In an Physo-Intellectual High, for example, the arts could expand in the Baroque and Rococo Eras. During an Emotional High - Intellectual Low we could have a rise in religions and a decline in science. In an Emotional Low - Intellectual High we could have a rise in philosophy and a decline in art. An Emo-Intellectual Low we could have a decrease in political and economic expansion.

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Emo-Intellectual Highs & Lows Combined bring variations of High and Low tides as two Cycles of different lengths influence the same things.

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Emo-Intellectual Overview

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