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Chapters IX through XI


The history section, has two main components, Overviews and Timelines.
Overviews provide a brief view of Cycles overall in any decade or century.
Timelines provide a more detailed of Cycles in any decade or century.
Below is a short explanation on how to navigate through each.

he History Sections allow you to:   Surf by Time  -  Surf by Subject, or,  -  Surf by Cycle

Both Overviews & Timelines have Top Navigation Links to all other Overviews and Timelines...

While in any Overview or Timeline you can quickly navigate to any of the other Overviews or Timelines by using the top navigation links. They will take you to the Decade of Century in a single click as you select the respective Overview or Timeline. The top navigation links will always indicate which page you are on by highlighting the link to your current page in green. This enables you to
Surf by Time.
Overviews summarize a Decade or Century in brief with a look at each Cycle...

The Left Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow) takes you to years within the Overview.
This rapid navigation is to aid you when Surfing by Time.

Timelines provide detail for a Decade or Century by looking at each of the three Cycles through cateogories...

The Left Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow left) gives you access to each of the twelve Categories (plus a Summary).
The twelve Categories function as twelve books on different subjects that follow the Cycles through time. This enables you to
Surf by Subject.

The Right Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow right) has expanding folders that link to entries for each Cycle in every Subject.
Each of the twelves categories has references to each of the three Cycles with historic examples. This enables you to
Surf by Cycle.

Timeline Categories have Drop-Down Menus that allow you to link to the same Subject in any other Timeline...

Horizontal Sufing is referencing the same Subject of interest across different Decades or Centuries. Additional navigation bars are placed at the top of each Subject (see image above) to allow horizontal jumps to the same subject in other times for quick reference. This is another way that you can surf the History section.
Surf by Subject.
Vertical Surfing is simply going down through all of the Categories within a Decade or Century.
Horizontal Surfing is to aide you when Surfing by Subject.

You will see how it is easy to navigate through the History section. History can be fun and interesting when seen through the context of Cycles. This enables of depening of understanding, rather than just a memorization of events and dates. We can do this through Kala-Rhythms.

Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you the wings of the future. - Robinson Jeffers