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Kalarhythms - The Cycles of Change

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Kalarhythms: The Tao of Now & The Cycles of Change is about the changing triad of Cycles in America. This look at the United States is divided into three sections, Cycles, History and Forecast. It may be read fully as a story, or browsed to pinpoint information by Time, Subject or Cycle - made possible with an intricate and easy to use cross-link navigation system.

The Home Page will direct to the main study of Kalarhythms and how it's influence on changing times in a nation. The nation noted in this study is the United States, but all nations have Kalarhythms.

Both Megarhythms of the World and Kalarhythms of the United States are divided into Four Parts...

Part I:
Defines the Energies
and The Three Cycles
Part II:
Shows Kalarhythms through
American History and can be referenced by Cycle, Subject or Time. This part has its own Introduction.
Part III:
Reads Kalarhythms
Now and in The Future
Part IV:
Shows Kalarhythms
in Varied Studies

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May you enjoy learning about Kalarhythms. They can help you with whatever you do.
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