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     Introduction to Kalarhythms
     How to Use This Site

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Chapters IX through XI


The history section, has two main components, Overviews and Timelines.
Overviews provide a brief view of Cycles overall in any decade or century.
Timelines provide a more detailed of Cycles in any decade or century.
Below is a short explanation on how to navigate through each.

The History Sections allow you to:   Surf by Time  -  Surf by Subject, or,  -  Surf by Cycle

Both Overviews & Timelines have Top Navigation Links to all other Overviews and Timelines...

While in any Overview or Timeline you can quickly navigate to any of the other Overviews or Timelines by using the top navigation links. They will take you to the Decade of Century in a single click as you select the respective Overview or Timeline. The top navigation links will always indicate which page you are on by highlighting the link to your current page in green. This enables you to
Surf by Time.
Overviews summarize a Decade or Century in brief with a look at each Cycle...

The Left Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow) takes you to years within the Overview.

Timelines provide detail for a Decade or Century by looking at each of the three Cycles through cateogories...

The Left Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow left) gives you access to each of the twelve Categories (plus a Summary).
<Surf by Subject.

The Right Navigation Menu (see above: orange arrow right) has expanding folders that link to entries for each Cycle in every Subject.
<Surf by Cycle.

Timeline Categories have Drop-Down Menus that allow you to link to the same Subject in any other Timeline...

Horizontal Sufing is referencing the same Subject of interest across different Decades or Centuries. Additional navigation bars are placed at the top of each Subject (see image above) to allow horizontal jumps to the same subject in other times for quick reference. This is another way that you can
Surf by Subject.
Vertical Surfing is simply going down through all of the Categories within a Decade or Century.
Horizontal Surfing is to aide you when Surfing by Subject.


Each Overview and Timeline has a link in the upper right corner that leads to the three Matrixes. Each Matrix is to designed to create a center point from which to navigate the site by Time, Subject, Cycle or Charts.

The Time Matrix is designed to let you link to any Overview or Timeline at a glance by subject or by Cycle. Looking at the chart excerpt on the left, which focuses on the 18th Century as an example, you can see the links that are available (the figure on the left is only a picture and does not have active links as are found in the actual Time Matrix). At the top of the Timeline, you can click on "Century Overview" for a direct link to that page, just as you can link to "Century Timelines" listed just below "1700's". Beneath these links are the 18th Century Decades where you can click on the words "Overview" and "Timelines" to link to the corresponging pages in the respective Decades. Beneath the word "Timelines" are links to the twelve Categories and the Summary within a Timeline. You can click on any of the Subject names to link directly to that subject. Following any Subject name are three letters, that serve as clickable links to the Physical Cycle, the Emotional Cycle, & the Intellectual Cycle within the Subject. You can therefore choose the Timeline, and the Subject, and even the Cycle to see how the Cycles of a particular time influenced your field of interest. The Time Matrix is designed to let scan everywhere and be able to zoom in anywhere. This is helpful in comparing changing times in the context of the Cycles of influence.

The Cycle Matrix is a system of links that follow the Cycles, and their stages of development, through history. You can choose a Cycle and link to where in history it entered; an Upward Crossover, a 1st Quarter, a 2nd Quarter, a Downward Crossover, a 3rd Quarter or a 4th Quarter. Links take you to the top of a corresponding Timeline where the stage of the chosen Cycle began. Once there, you can navigate through the Timeline with the upper left menu that links to where chosen Cycle appears in all of the Categories of the Timeline. Bold face color coded sub-headers above the text identify the Cycle and its stage. With the ability to compare a Cycle stage with other times when it was in the same position, or even another position, helps to understand how the influence of Cycles manifest.

The Chart Matrix is a quick reference to many of the diagrams on Cycles. In this Matrix, you can locate charts at a glance for; Kalarhythms of the United States, each of the three Cycles in various stages, Kalarhythms and the Market, and more. The matrix is self explanatory and its useful in finding just the chart you want when you want it.

You will see how it is easy to navigate through the History section. History can be fun and interesting when seen through the context of Cycles. This enables of depening of understanding, rather than just a memorization of events and dates. We can do this through Kala-Rhythms.

Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you the wings of the future. - Robinson Jeffers