Norman Wolfe on The Living Organization & Social Change – May 2, 2013

Norman Wolfe(Re-cast from October 4, 2012)

Norman Wolfe is recognized as an expert in changing business methods and creating a greater impact to improve the lives served by these systems.  He serves on boards of directors and is an adviser to CEOs and boards as well as and a leader of corporate organizations.  He has led major turnarounds and restructured and growth initiatives across a wide range of industries. Mr. Wolfe has been CEO and Chairman of Quantum Leaders, Inc., since 2002 and a consulting firm committed to changing the way business operates.

His book The Living Organization® is an amalgamation and a refinement of what lies at the core of these different disciplines.  It is also a robust new model that describes how to work with the forces that create an individual’s or an organization’s results.

We discuss patterns of group trends as they exist in society and how we collectively form a living organism with its own life cycles.

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