Katzmire on A Better World Radio: The World of Cycles

A Better Word guest: K. David KatzmireA Better World Radio: Wednesday, February 8, 2018

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The World of Cycles with K. David Katzmire

A Better World TV & Radio with Mitchell Rabin has as a special guest this evening is, K. David Katzmire, to talk about The World of Cycles.  These are the Cycles of Change in a nation and in the world.  Just as cycles appear in nature, they also shape events on local, national and international levels.   Cycles appear on different scales of size and time because they fractal in their development.  That is, the same cycles found in a  personal as BioRhythms can be found in a larger scale within a nation, and in an even larger scale around the world.  These rhythms bring us our changing times in what are the tides of times.  Because of their periodic nature of recurrence, their positions are predictable.  Cycles do not predict specific events, but they do forecast the state of a nation and world trends because of the patterns of change in all things.

Although cycles move everything around us, they have not be easily observable because there are many cycles moving at once, but they move together in patterns.   KalaRhythms are found in the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual aspects of a person, an nation and the world.  They move with periodic durations that can be charted.   Following the flow of these cycles gives us insight into what energies will be high and low at any given time.  We can therefore plot their combined influence in a map of time.  This can tell us when we will be high and low, and it can even tell us when we are susceptible to time of crisis, which is also periodic.  But with many cycles moving at once, there is no single cycle to history that will forecast our tendencies tomorrow.  There is, however, a combination of cycles working together that we can easily understand once we know the pattern.  This gives of the cycles of time, which are KalaRhythms.