Joshua Levitt, New York journalist on social and economic trends, February 20, 2014

Joshua LevittJoshua Levitt is Senior Correspondent for the Algemeiner, an international Jewish newspaper, based in New York City. He reports from across the Middle East and can be followed on Twitter @joshua5737.

Previously, Joshua was a Foreign Correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Madrid, Spain, where he lived for six years. On sabbatical, he was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow at Columbia University, the youngest ever in the program. In the private sector, he has worked for hedge funds, energy companies, lobbies and small businesses on communication issues.

Joshua will share his observations on the social and economic trends that he witnessed as a journalist whose job it is to report on to informed readers. His works on a Jewish newspaper and his years in the Middle East lend experience to insights he will share on a theatre drama on WWII which was in recent production in New York City, titled, When Yellow Were The Stars On Earth. From there we will move on from the change in religious and social trends of recent times to examine the larger religious and social trends of global change and followed by the ancient Maya, Babylonians, Sanskrit and more which appear to have elements in common.

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