David Katzmire and Michael Vescuso on Small Business Digest Radio on March 31, 2013

blogtalkradio-cycles-david-katzmireDavid Katzmire was invited to Small Business Radio to describe the benefits of a radio program for a small business nd why a program like this can help a smaller enterprise build an audience and convert members to customers.

He’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing a program and strategies for making the process work.  David lays out basic strategics that has work for his clients in his own web design business at: The Web Elves and how it helped to facilitate his life’s of: KalaRhythms .
He has his own weekly radio program at; BlogTalkRadio.com/cycles .

mike-vescusoMichael Vescuso is a organizational psychologist and management consultant who identifies organizational needs, improves employee efforts.  He was instrumental in the organization of such companies as Frito Lay, Kellogg, Dell Computers, American West Airlines and Harcourt Brace. He holds a doctorate in psychology and has been a senior executive in top corporations.

small business digest logoMike discusses problems facing organizations today, how to get benefit resolution from solutions and how to engage people.  Core people processes of and organization involve: selecting & hiring talent, onboarding & assimilating that talent, managing & rewarding performance, identifying and retaining the talent you hire over time, and planning in line with your budget.  These essentials apply to all organizations, large and small.  You can reach Mike Vescuso at: mike.vescuso@gmail.com .

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