Biorhythms Overview and History

biorhythm-wavesAn Overview and History of Biorhythms is read on The Cycles Of Change radio program by host, K. David Katzmire, and he narrates from the KalaRhytms web page  at: .

The reading detailes the 23-day Physical Cycles, the 28-day Emotional Cycles and the 33-day Intellectual Cycle .  Orinins and early theories are sited from antiquity and the classical Greek.  Formative works from the late 19th and early 20th century are described with the works of: Dr. Hermann Swoboda, Dr. Wilhelm Fliess, Alfred Teltscher, Dr. Rexford Hersey & Dr. Michael John Bennett.

More biorhythms are discussed with the theories of a 38-day, 43-day, 48-day and 53 day biorhythms with special mention to author Mort Gale.