Will Slatyer, author of five books on futures and foreign exchange, on his latest book, “Life/Death Rhythms of Ancient Empires” – August 16, 2012

Will SlatyerColin William (Will) Slatyer  is the author of five books on futures and foreign exchange published; “The Speculative Strategist,” “The Debt Delusion” and his latest release, “Life/Death Rhythms of Ancient Empires. Climatic Cycles Influence Rule of Dynasties – A Predictable Pattern of Religion, War, Prosperity and Debt.”

He is world-traveled and he is associated with the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association.   His interests in economics and economic cycles and antiquarian economic books led him to amazing discoveries in the cycles of world history.  His quest toward managing international financial markets to provide policy guidance and financial risk management strategies led him toward a rich employment history.   He has work for the International Commodities Services Pty Ltd, Bancorp Ltd, Arathorn Financial Ltd, Aetna Life & Casualty Ltd, Pont Securities Ltd, Rivkin Croll Smith, Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd, C.Itoh & Co (Aust) Ltd bringing his skills to management positions.  As a consultant he was the Principal and Director of International Commodities Services Pty Ltd, as a member of the SFE he was retained by Elders Drexel (Australia) Ltd, he researched and developed a computerized financial and equities markets trading system which was demonstrated internationally, and more.

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Mr. Slatyer accepted an assignment to establish and staff futures operations on the New Zealand Futures Exchange and co-ordination of futures, money market and foreign exchange operations domestically and overseas.  He subsequently managed the Treasury unit of this expanding merchant bank.  He also assisted in the formation of trading rules on the New Zealand Futures Exchange, a unique computerized trading environment.  Advised on structure of funding, foreign exchange and financial risk management. Provided daily operational recommendations using a proprietary computerized risk management system and he has developed a proprietary computerised system to provide daily market analysis.

As a broker, Mr. Slater managed Jackson Securities Ltd with a staff of 45 in a computerized environment which enabled minimum support personnel in offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and he introduced facilities and connections for trading on overseas commodities and financial markets which provided a 24 hour service to clients.  This led to Jackson’s reputation as one of the biggest and best administered Australian brokers.

As Director of the Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd. he assisted in the formation of policy of the Sydney Futures Exchange Ltd in the transition from a parochial exchange, trading solely in wool futures to an internationally acknowledged exchange trading a range of commodity and financial futures contracts. On committees with other trade experts, administered technical operations, performance of futures contracts and handled complaints/requests for futures users. Re-elected to Board after return from New Zealand.

As a Director and member of the Meat and Livestock Committee of the SFE, he framed the regulations concerning the Live Cattle, Boneless Beef, Trade Steer, Export Bullock and Fat Lamb futures contracts in conjunction with representatives of the cattle and meat industry.  He dealt with complaints/requests of cattle and meat futures users.

As a commodities consultant, he was closely involved with the expansion of forward selling of wool from Australia to overseas importers and the use of the futures and forward exchange markets to cover the subsequent price risk. Monitored forward selling commitments and wool buying activities in conjunction with wool futures and forward exchange operations.

Mr. Slatyer traveled overseas annually to Hong Kong, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany 1968-1989 conducting business with clients and gaining first hand knowledge of market conditions. Assignments took him to New Zealand two years 1984-1986. Developed financial hedging systems for users in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong. He also speaks French and Japanese.

In his talks he lectured with international experts on treasury management, the use of forward foreign exchange, futures, and foreign exchange options for hedging purposes to business audiences in Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington, Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and was invited to present papers at prestigious United States Conferences.  He  is the author of many books, has has been a broadcaster, and his successfully forecasts have been too numerous to list here comfortably.   Now his vast and varied experience in the world of international economics has positioned him to understand the rhythms of nature as manifest in the affairs of man.   This opportunity to speak with Will Slatyer shall be an enlightening and enriching experience.



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