Roberta Grimes, afterlife author, What Is After The Life Cycle? October 2, 2014

roberta-grimesRoberta Grimes, author on afterlife

Is our lifetime just one cycle of our existence?
If so, what happens next after the end of this cycle?


Roberta Grimes spent decades studying nearly 200 years of afterlife evidence, in 2010 Roberta published:
She follows that book in late 2014 with The Fun of Staying in Touch.
My Thomas: A Novel of Martha Jefferson’s Life was published by Doubleday in 1993 and reissued by Wheatmark in 2014. Roberta’s next mainstream novel, Rich and Famous, has just been published.
The Letters From Love Series is a planned seven-novel saga spanning almost five hundred years that is based on what Roberta has learned about human nature and the nature of reality from studying the afterlife evidence. It constitutes a reconsideration of everything that we have long believed to be true about ourselves.
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