Norm Winski on Astro Trends, the correlation between planetary positions and market changes – August 23, 2012

Norm Winski

Norm Winski has been trading professionally for more than thirty years, including twelve years of experience as a member of major exchanges. The August, 1991 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine named Norm Winski a “Certified Technical Genius”
Education Mr. Winski graduated from Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, in 1975, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance, and minors in Economics & Political Science. May, 1975, he became a market-maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, which he continued until 1987. In 1985 to 1987, he was a member and floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.
The Astro Trend Newsletter has been published by Norm since 1978, He has continuously edited and published the monthly newsletter which Norm believes is The Most Comprehensive Astrological Advisory Service in the world. The monthly letter covers daily analysis for 24 different futures markets. Also available is detailed daily analysis with intra-day key times that are especially valuable for day traders.
Market Expertise: Mr. Winski’s techniques currently encompass W.D. Gann, Elliott Wave Theory, Astro Physics, Astrology, Music, Cycles, Fibonacci, Technical Analysis and many other aspects of Harmonic Analysis.
The principles used by Mr. Winski to forecast and trade the markets are taught in a course, Astro 101 Home Study Course. More advanced students can take the Astro 201 Advanced Workshop. A comprehensive catalog of related books and software is also available
Hear NormWinski’s amazing observations on the possible cause of market inversions!
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