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The Mayan Calendar

The Tzolkin, Haab, Calendar Round, and the Mayan Long Count, in relation to the Cycles of History

This section on the Mayan Calendar is presented to offer just some basic information about calendar because of a correlation that exists between Mayan Calendar and Kalarhythms, namely, the 52-year Cycle. The Mayan calendric system consists of many calendars that covers a wide range of durations. These could apparently be used for for their daily lives, the turning of the seasons, and the calculation of great eras of time.

The Mayan numerical system did not use a base-ten method that is commonly used today. Instead, they used base-twenty, or vigesimal system. The numerals that they used were not the ten digits of 0-9 of the base ten system, they only three digits to represent the value of: 0, 1 & 5.
Mayan numerical system
The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar that was constructed with the Mayan's base-twenty, It has 13-day "weeks" and 20-day "months" that will repeat their pattern every 260 days
The Haab is a 365-day calendar that combines a tun, which consists of 360 kin, or days, with a 5-day vayeb at year's end that aligns it with the solar year.
The Calendar Round is a 52-year span derived from the relation between the tzolkin and the haab. Every combination of days that will align between the 260-day tzolkin and the 365-day haab will take place within 52 years, then repeat. This 52-year duration functions as a cycle of calendric alignment and may have significance of its own, though much of the Mayan teachings have been lost.
The Long Count is a span slightly greater than 5,125 years. This count of 1,872,000 days (or kin runs independent of the tzolkin, haab and calendar round. It is this count that will end on December 21, 2012, according to the wide majority of scholars, and it has been the subject of speculation as to what this end date will mean in the turn of events. The last time that this long count ended was on August 31, 3113 B.C., a date which the world survived.

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III:  THE 52-YR. SPIRITUAL CYCLE points to the 52-year Spiritual Cycle of KalaRhythms in the United States.
This is the fourth KalaRhythm (after the Physical, Emotional & Intellectual Cycles.
IV:  INTRO. TO KALARHYTHMS is quick reference to the general theory of KalaRhythms.

The 52-year Calendar Round correlates with the 52-year Spiritual Cycle of KalaRhythms in terms of duration. It is for this reason that the Mayan Calendar is included here. What the Maya ascribed to dynamic influence of this repetitive cycle cannot be said with certainty, however, it is the theory of KalaRhythms that a tidal influence on social tendencies and development of spiritual perspectives and teachings recur every 52 years. Any correlation with significant schools of thought that follow this duration are therefore worth noting.

Note to Readers About the End of the Mayan Calendar: When Mayan Long Count ends on December 21, 2012 it will complete another another revolutions of its of 5,125+-year cycle. The theory of KalaRhythms has not discovered other cycles that correlate with this duration and not much is known about the year 3113 B.C. when the Mayan Long Count last ended. Since no predictions or prophecies are left by the Maya about the next end date of this calendar we are left with little to interpret or to forecast as a possible influence on events on or around December 21, 2012. However, there is another advent occurring in the position of world cycles of KalaRhythms at this time.

The Theory of KalaRhythms does hold that we are currently experiencing a rare event in the cyclic position of MegaRhythms, which are the KalaRhythmic cycles of world influence that are hundreds of years long. These consist of the 336-year Physical Cycles, the 432-year Emotional Cycles and the 528-Intellectual Cycle. At two points of each cycle there is a brief period of crisis and transition as the cycle passes between the high half and the low half of its undulating energy levels. These transitional points are referred to as Crossovers. Upward Crossover happen as the cycle is ascending into the high half, and Downward Crossovers happen as the cycle is descending into the low half. The frequency with which of any one of these cycles will cross over in either direction is such that it will occur a little more often than once in a century. The frequency by which any two of the cycles will cross over at the same time in either direction is such that is will happen about once every seven hundred years. This is a Double Crossover, which is a particularly turbulent time.

Cycles of World History 1500ad - 2500ad

The World is in a Double Crossover of Crisis and Transition from 2000 to 2012 Right Now according to the theory of KalaRhythms. Currently, the 432-year World Emotional Cycle and the 528-year World Intellectual Cycle are both crossing out of the low half and into the high half simultaneously with a Double Upward Crossover of the Emotional and Intellectual Cycles! The frequency by which the Emotional Cycle and the Intellectual Cycle will cross up into the high half together is something that will happen only one every 4,752 years, so it is a rare event. This accounts for the emotional and intellectual upheavals we have seen such as the attacks in America on September 11, 2001, and the global economic meltdown that included the housing market crisis of 2008 in the United States. Since this rare period of crisis and transition is not yet over, be prepared for more surprises.
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