Kala-Rhythms & Understanding Time Cycles: Consciously Peddling Into the Future – July 18, 2007

The Meta Center New YorkKala-Rhythms & Understanding Time Cycles: Consciously Peddling Into the Future
PRESS RELEASE: Our world occurs with cycles, ebbing and flowing. Knowing when the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles are at their highs and lows, in times of change, and how they work together in different locations on the planet, gives us a keen advantage and insight into “what’s next.” It is tuning into a personal, local and global consciousness. If you know the flow of cycles, you have an upper hand and a prescience of the future by tapping into a primordial pattern underlying Nature, the understanding of which David Katzmire, the originator of Kala-Rhythms has made his life-mission to do. Dave’s ground-breaking work in Kala-rhythms gave him the ability to essentially know the truth of the Mayan Calendar without ever having studied it. With tonight’s talk, you will gain the beginning of a knowledge that can make a real difference in your life.
The Meta Center
214 W. 29th St. 16th fl. btwn. 7th & 8th Ave.
Manhattan, New York
2007 Jul. 18

7:30 – 9:30pm
Live Event
Workshop: Live Appearance
$20 in advance w/ pre-registration, $25 at door.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007