Gina Rolkowski on Emotional Learning in Education, January, 15, 2015

gina-rolkowskiGina Rolkowski is an Educational Consultant specializing in early childhood education, social and emotional learning and self regulation.  Ms. Rolkowski empowers early childhood educators and parents utilizing scientifically proven brain based strategies to develop executive skills necessary for children’s long term success in academic, family, and social environments.  Ms. Rolkowski studied Early Childhood Development and Human Resources at The University of Delaware and continued her passion for children’s education and wellbeing at The University of Central Florida where she earned her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and worked as a graduate research assistant.  She co-authored the Florida Network for Community-Based Early Learning and Professional Development HUBS-Math and Science Workshop Manuals and is an active member of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children, Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children and Pennsylvania Association for Young Children.

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Cultivating Compassion and Resilience in Children
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In the cycles of world change, the paradigm has shifted from producing assembly-line students to fit the mold of and industrialized mold, to a feeling world in which a growing child must understand themselves to learn how to adapt in a more fluidic and interactive world of information.  Old precedents will not serve now and as Ms. Rolkowski shows us, to further intelligence itself, we must teach parents and educators how to help children to understand and work with their emotional development as part of the learning process.  This is a fascinating discussion that is sure to hit home with you and give a voice to things you may instinctively recognize as true.  Thanks to Gina Rolkowski, that voice will be leading our educators with methods that have achieved results with many children.


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