David Katzmire on A Better World TV to discuss Kala-Rhythms, Sept. 6, 2011 at 10:30 Eastern Time

A Better World TV ShowTuesday, 10:30pm EST, Sept. 6, 2011: This evening’s guest is time-cycles scholar, David Katzmire. David made some fascinating discoveries about the nature of cycles while analyzing stock data for predictive purposes.This led to the formation of Kala-Rhythms, a system of understanding cycles from intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual points of view that has uncanny accuracy in predicting outcomes and something of the nature of events due to what are the predominating and criss-crossing cycles at a given moment in time. David primarily premiered his work publicly through A Better World TV and Radio. Tune in for this lively dialogue between Mitchell and David, who are long-time colleagues and friends.


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