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Kalarhythms & Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry - Double Tetrahedron - small
Triadic Energies are at play we use our body, heart and mind. When we focus more on one than the others, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies influence our behavior. This alters our methods, how we interact with others, and even our life decisions. Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies, and their combinations, give us our interpersonal styles.
The 23-day Physical Cycle, the 28-day Emotional Cycle and the 33-day Intellectual Cycle move within us as an internal clockwork Rhythms from the day we are born. The Highs & Lows that come as the Cycles move into different phases bring undulations to our energies that effect our mind, heart & body. Critical Crossover days that occur in each Cycle as it crosses from High to Low, or from Low to High, can cause a day of crisis. Together, changes positions of these Cycles can alter how we may feel or act on any given day. read more....
Interpersonal Style...
Physical styles of behavior in a person are active driving force, assertive or even forceful. Material gain and acquisition are important as is finding creative ways of winning the game. Physical styles may be territorial, prone to fence building, and in quest of a challenge. They are their bodies and see the physical world as the true reality. Often they are mesomorphs. Emotional styles of behavior in a person lead with the "heart." They are fluidic, expressive and quick to react. They are warm, outgoing and social as they form personal relationships and subjective positions. Emotional styles may be righteous, judgemental, and compassionate. Often they are endomorphs. Intellectual styles of behavior in a person are technical, analytical and specific in their approach. Intellectuals build on facts and data for objective analysis and their search for truth. Often they are ectomorphs. read more...
The 28-year Physical Cycle, the 36-year Emotional Cycle and the 44-year Intellectual Cycle in a nation bring about our changing times. The Physical Cycle in a nation is the body of a nation in motion. It manifests in what the we as a nation build, and how. Industry, construction, production, military, sports, fitness and health are all Physical. "Physical behavior" can make one materialistic or territorial. An Emotional Cycle energy is part a nation. Where ever there are people, there is a character of people. In the Now are moods, capable of all the basic emotions that an individual may have, and they can change as the direction of the mass changes. We know High times with such names as the "Gay nineties," the "Roaring Twenties," and the "The Sensational Sixties." They were full of idealism and excitement. We know Low times like the reform of "muckrakers" at the turn of the century, the "Great Depression" of the 1930s, and the "cut-backs" of the 1970s. They were darker and reflective, until, the Cycle changed. And the Intellectual Cycle in a nation is its changing state of consciousness. Government policies, court decisions, commerce, social awareness, SAT scores, and book sales may all move with the same tide. With some inspiration from Descartes we can say "Cogitamus ergo sumus," we think, therefore we are. In our being comes Rhythm from the Causal Body(1) and the Intellectual aspects of a nation. read more...
The 336-year Physical Cycle, the 432-year Emotional Cycle and the 528-year Intellectual Cycle shape the changing eras of World History. A Three-Way Low in these Cycles will bring us The Dark Ages. A simultaneous rise will spawn The Renaissance. A Peak in the Intellectual Cycle will develop as the Baroque Era. An Emotional High will spawn the Romantic Era. And a Peak in the Physical Cycle will give us the Machine Age. These great Cycles in motion account for the influence of energy through the ages. read more...
Genetic Law...

Biogenetic Law This is parallel to Bio-genetic Law which states that stages of development within the life span of an organism (phylogeny) are similar to stages of development that have occurred in the species over thousands of years (ontogeny). The same holds true as civilization mirrors a single life. Both Bio-genetic Law and Socio-genetic Law demonstrate Transdimensional Recurrence, or, a fractal relationship.

Sociogenetic Law could be used as a term to describe the relationship between the development of an individual and changes in civilization over time. Both have periodic Rhythms of life. We contain fractal images of society and carry behavioral codes that act like a social DNA. Behavioral patterns that develop within a person could perhaps be called "psycogeny." Behavioral patterns that develop in society could perhaps be called "sociogeny." The relationship between psycogeny and sociogeny could perhaps be called Socio-genetic Law.

We Carry the Map of Civilization Like Fractal Images in the Web of Life.


Psycles as a word is a coined phrase used here for fun. It is a contraction of the word "psyche," which means the soul, the spirit, or the mind, and, the word "Cycle" used as Rhythmic change. Together in the word Psycle, it is used here to refer to the dynamic influence of Rhythmic change. Consistencies in Kala-Rhythmic Psycles found so far are:

1) A triad of Cycles manifests as Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies
2) They are separate yet interdependent Rhythms that begin at birth
3) The Rhythms are periodic, (repeating with consistent frequency)
4) The Rhythms are symmetrical, (half the Cycle is High, and half is Low)
5) Each Cycle has four Quarters, or seasons, of development
6) All experience brief chaos when they cross between High & Low halves
7) The Cycles are of different and equally spaced durations, whereas:

Physical (P) is the shortest, followed by Emotional (E), then Intellectual (I) and Spiritual (S) is the longest. The difference in duration between each Cycle and the one just before it is a constant amount, which we shall name x.

For example:

The 23-day Physical Cycle plus 5 days = the 28-day Emotional Cycle,
The 28-day Emotional Cycle plus 5 days = the 33-day Intellectual Cycle
The 33-day Intellectual Cycle plus 5 days = the 35-day Spiritual Cycle
- or -
P + x = E
E + x = I
I + x = S
The constant additive between Cycles of greater length is 5 days which is our element x.

For another example:

The 28-year Physical Cycle plus 8 years = the 36-year Emotional Cycle,
The 36-year Emotional Cycle plus 8 years = the 44-year Intellectual Cycle
The 44-year Intellectual Cycle plus 8 years = the 52-year Spiritual Cycle
- again with -
P + x = E
E + x = I
I + x = S
The constant additive between Cycles of greater length is 8 years which is our element x.

This pattern may have Transdimensional Recurrence to other sets of Psycles.

The Math Provides the Form, The Form Provides the Energy, and the Energy Shows Up in the Now of a System.