Attacks on USA on September 11, 2001

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The attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 took down both towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and destroyed part of the Pentagon Building in Washington, DC. This is an advent of the 432-year Emotional Cycle that periodically reaches a critical period of transition and crises. The Cycles comes into crises whenever it Crosses up through the midpoint into the High half, or crosses down through the midpoint into the Low half. Right now, the Emotional Cycle is crossing up in the High half with its regular turmoil. To exemplify what kind of impact an Emotional Crossover can have, the last time this Cycle crossed down through the midpoint to end our last Emotional High, we had the French Revolution that brought down head of state and reigns across Europe. These attacks were accomplished by Muslim extremists who coordinated hijackings of airliners in flight and flew them into their targets, killing themselves, other passengers and crew on the planes, and many on the ground. The attacks targeted some of the quintessential icons of the previous machine age and revealed that familiar national boundaries may not define emerging power centers in the new century. Instead, ideological and conceptual values drew combatants from various nations into a coordinated attack. This was not a war between nations, this was the onslaught from enemy that the United States had not faced before, the virtual nation.

The virtual nation is a group of people banded together in a common ideological purpose even when they do not share a common geography or national borders. Seemingly amorphous groups can exist without a defined center to gather participants from various nations. In this case, such groups include Al Queda, the Taliban and more and they have emerged as entities without borders since the world has recently entered a Physical Low Cycle (a Physical High means fences are up and a Physical Low means that fences can come down). This defies the more conventional warfare where nations compete with each other for territory, trade and wealth. In some parts of Europe during the previous Physical High, uniformed troops from defined nations would even meet a predetermined and agreed upon locations to conduct their battles. Now, old structures are no longer in play and it’s a different ball game.

Religious fervor fueled the attacks to shift new battles away from competing military-industrial complexes to the battlefield of ideas and radical theocracy. The Emotional Cycle that is now crossing up into the High half, is the Cycle that influences religion above all others. Since we are in an Emotional Upward Crossover now, the world is in for a heightened state of agitation and emotional turmoil for the remainder of this 12 year period.