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  4. The Physical Cycle
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Physical Cycle of Social Change
The 28-Year Cycle:
The Body of the Nation (yang)
Physical Cycle wave chart

Physical Energy
is easy to describe when talking about a person. It is the action of one's body. Physical energy in a nation is the body of a nation in motion. It manifests in what we as a nation build, and how. Industry, construction, production, military, sports, fitness and health are all Physical. "Physical behavior" can make one materialistic or territorial. It terms of physics, this might relate to the strong nuclear force.

In an industrialized society such as ours, production and durable goods play a significant role. Our main industries are steel, energy, construction, automobiles, railroads, and more. These businesses often rise and fall together. The armed forces do not stay at the same level either, sometimes we have more strength than other times. In sports, we will play harder and achieve more at different times. Health fads come and go. Our dress and attitudes will change. When the Cycle is High, we guard our territories from what corporate mergers we allow to, who we want living next door; then, when the Cycle is low, we transcend all boundaries with the free exchange of ideas across open boundaries. Materialism rises and falls. Care for property swings in everything from major urban renewals, to painting the front porch on a Sunday afternoon. It is Rhythm in the Gross Body,(1) and Physical aspects of a nation. The rise and fall of our industrial production is a multiple of the 7-year septennial Rhythm of cellgrowth in our bodies(2).

Yang symbol yang
Yang of Yin & Yang
  • Yin (ch. 05)
  • Yang (ch. 04)
  • Qualities of Yin & Yang (Kala Theory)
  • 3-D Aspects of Yin & Yang (Kala Theory)
  • Yin, Yang & Yung (Kala Theory)
  • Chung Yung (Kala Theory)
  • is found in Physical and masculine energy (described as Ch'ien in the I Ching). We see this energy in machismo, masculine styles, and Physically-based strengths. Physical ways tend to structure with hierarchy. Systems in Physical Highs are based more on power and dominance than on networking. Territories are drawn and involve patriarchal figures at the center. We focus on the material world. In Physical Lows we pull up the drawbridge, become more passive and are less inclined toward action. Not only may Physical fences come down, but rigid adherence to old systems will wane. The format of our social structure will become less partitioned and more fluid in a Low. Yang is the mechanical force of matter and in the animus persona of our character.

    Physical Cycle Now
    is in the Ninth Physical Cycle (1999 - 2006). Physical energy is in a High (1999 - 2013) and in the 1st Qtr. of Foundation (1999 - 2006). (Learn more about Cycles Now).

    Physical Cycle Current Events

    The Upward Crossover of 1999 (March 21, 1999 - March 21, 2000) precipitated the transitional crisis that shook up business and industry. That is when the bubble burst and overprice internet businesses and other ventures fell with a hard correction in 2000. The Emotional Peak of 2000 brought over speculation to the market with the Physical Cycle previous to that time had been Low. That means that we our optimism outran our strength. When the Physical Cycles crossed up into the High half, only those business that stood on solid foundations survived to continue into the new reality. Now as we rise, Physical things increase in value, which accounts for the dramatic increase that has come to real estate values since 2000. After the Peak in Spring, 2006, we will continue into a period of expansion that will enhance industry and the sciences. This will last as long as the Physical High until a Downward Crossover in 2013 brings another brief crisis and we decline into the next Low.

    Ninth Physical Cycle (1999 - 2027).
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    Tenth Physical Cycle (2027 - 2055).
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    Eleventh Physical Cycle (2055 - 2083).
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    Twelfth Physical Cycle (2083 - 2110).
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    Physical Highs & Lows
    have been consistent. Peaks come 28 years apart, and concurrent Troughs come every 28 years. Half the Cycle is High and we have more Physical energy for 14 years, then half the Cycle is Low for 14 years. This change manifests throughout the Physical fiber of the nation in waves. (Find out more about Cycle Highs & Lows).

    Figures #4-4a thru #4-4c show the 28-year Physical Cycle with Highs & Lows.

    Physical Cycle - America Highs & Lows - 18th century

    Physical Cycles - America - Highs & Lows - 19th century

    Physical Cycle - America - Highs & Lows - 20th century

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    1. The Gross Body, or stuhla-sarira, in Indian philosophy is the Physical body.

    2. Pythagoras, Cicero, and Seneca all suggested the existence of such Cycles. A recent issue of the British Medical Journal reported the findings of Jos Verhulst (of Lous Bolk Institute - Netherlands) and Patrick Onghena (of the U. Of Leuven - Belgium) who discovered a seven-year growth Cycle in human ears. They also discovered a circa-septennial Rhythm in the closure of the cranial suture. Noted researchers now note this as the "tip of some iceberg."