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  5. The Emotional Cycle
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Emotional Cycle of Social Change
The 36-Year Cycle:
The Heart of the Nation (yin)
Emotional Cycle wave chart
Emotional Energy
is in the heart of the nation. Where ever there are people, there is a character of people. In the Now are moods, capable of all the basic emotions that an individual may have. As the mood of the nation changes, the direction of the mass changes. We know High times with such names as the "Gay nineties," the "Roaring Twenties," and the "The Sensational Sixties." They were full of idealism and excitement. We know Low times like the reform of "muckrakers"; at the turn of the century, the ";Great Depression" of the 1930s, and the "cut-backs" of the 1970s. They were darker and reflective, until, the Cycle changed. (Learn about Cycle Energy). In terms of physics, this might relate to gravity.

Both Highs and Lows are necessary. All phases of the Cycle are of equal importance. Changing moods may come independent of wealth or knowledge, or be accented by them, but they will change in a feeling nation. This is Rhythm that comes from the Subtle Body(1) and Emotional aspects of the nation.

top Yin symbol yin
Yin of Yin & Yang
is found in the Emotional Cycle and feminine energy, (described as K’un in the I Ching). It is in our sense of beauty, subtlety of action, and mystique. Emotional ways tend to be more fluid and interactive, and less structured with the rigidity of power and dominance. Yin is the magnetic force of matter and it is in the anima of our national persona. (Learn more about Yin & Yang).

Emotional Cycle Now
is in the Seventh Emotional Cycle (1991- 2028). Emotional energy is High (1991 - 2009) and in a 1st Qtr. of Foundation (1991 - 2000). (Learn about Cycles Now).

Emotional Cycle Current Events

A new trend of spirituality is pervading across America and more emphasis is being placed on faith. “The Celestine Prophecies” has become a runaway long-term bestseller among books with a tale of moral and mystical virtues of life. Musical trends bring less “Heavy Metal” and “Rap” as new stars rise with romantic styles and feminine energy such as Whitney Houston, Alanis Morrisette, and Jewel. Entertainment has moved its primary focus from the action adventure films of the 1980s. Now we have a more moral outlook in films like the academy-award-winning blockbuster “Forrest Gump,” a more humorous genre with the meteoric rise of Jim Carey, and a more romantic style with such films as the academy-award-winning “Sense and Sensibility.” Fashion has turned away from the “Dressed for Success” of recent materialism, and taken on more style. Men’s labels and neckties have become significantly wider since 1991, and women are choosing dresses over slacks more often while dresses become shorter and hair is getting longer. The faithful and spirited are leading the way in a rising tide of Emotional trends.


Eighth Emotional Cycle (2028 - 2063)
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Ninth Emotional Cycle (2063 - 2099)
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Upward Emotional Crossover (2099-2100)
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Emotional Highs & Lows
come with Peaks every 36 years and alternating Troughs every 36 years. Half the Cycle is High for 18 years and then it is Low for 18 years. Waves of greater and lesser Emotional energy see trends come and go. Figures #5-4a thru #5-4c show the 36-year Emotional Cycle with Highs & Lows. Emotional Quarters of 9 years each repeat with the 36-year revolution of the Cycle. For 9 years we establish foundations in the 1st Qtr. of “spring,” make improvements for 9 years thereafter in the 2nd Qtr. of “summer,” review our values for 9-year 3rd Qtr. of “autumn,” then make a progressive shift and experiment toward the future during 9 yrs. in the 4th Qtr. of “winter.” The four Quarters then continue with a new 36-year Emotional Cycle. 1st Qtr. Foundation in the Emotional aspects of our nation began with our earliest 9-year 1st Qtr. in the American Revolution. (Learn about Cycle Highs & Lows).

Figures #5-4a thru #5-4c show the 36-year Emotional Cycle with Highs & Lows.

Emotional Cycle - America - Highs & Lows - 18th century

Emotional Cycle - America - Highs & Lows - 19th century

Emotional Cycle - America - Highs & Lows - 20th century

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1. The Gross Body, or stuhla-sarira, in Indian philosophy is the Physical body.