William Whitecloud, bestselling author on, The Last Shaman – Newsletter: January 31, 2013

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~ This Week: William Whitecloud on The Last Shaman – January 31, 2013 at 8pm Eastern ~


William Whitecloud

William Whitecloud is a super successful creator and an extraordinary communicator. His passion and purpose in life is to educate others in the reality that they have the power to create whatever they love – in every situation and moment. This calling was born out of his own rich experience of transforming his life from circumstances of crushing despair to becoming a creative inspiration to tens of thousands of people around the world.


In the late 80’s, with his life at rock bottom, William was compelled to embark on a quest to discover what it would take to create what he truly wanted – a life rich in health, wealth, love and creative expression. This search brought William into contact with the Alchemical principles of Hermetic Philosophy and the Ideas of Robert Fritz, founder of Technologies for Creating. Both modalities pointed to the premise that we can direct the subconscious mind to create the reality we choose.



William Whitecloud, Australia’s number one bestselling author of The Magician’s Way, launches his latest book, The Last Shaman this month while bringing his insightful Living From Greatness transformational workshops to the US. An Adventure story set in war torn Swaziland, in Africa, The Last Shaman is also a truly transformative shamanic journey that some have called “a cross between Indiana Jones and Carlos Casteneda.”


The book is a teaching tool, designed like Whitecloud’s work to deepen the appreciation and understanding of the reader’s intuition, and how they can use it to live soul-inspired lives. If The Magician’s Way, described as “Johnathan Livingston Seagull on steroids” by Paul Dunn, chairman of BIGI, Inc., has had a major impact on people all over the world, The Last Shaman is set to start a revolution!”


After completely turning around the negative circumstances in his life, William was inspired to found Living From Greatness, a personalized course dedicated to empowering participants in discovering and living their highest potential. He has worked with thousands of people on every continent; both one on one and in groups, coaching them in bringing their dreams into reality.
His near twenty-year search to discern the essence of what it takes for people to connect with and live from their creative spirit forms the basis of his work, first revealed in the top personal development book in Australia, The Magician’s Way and now evident in his new release The Last Shaman. He now lives in San Francisco, where he devotes his time to coaching, writing, enjoying his family, and letting life unfold by magic.
Find out more at: WilliamWhitecloud.com

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New Beginnings

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Skyler Madison

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Skyler Madison joins the show as we discuss how the field of psychology has changed in recent decades as it reflects the psyche of the nation.


What is Cycles Radio?” Cycles Radio explores the Cycles of Change based on the study of your host, K. David Katzmire, who has developed the theory for more than three decades to understand the Cycles of Time. Universal patterns can be found in a person, a nation and in the eras of civilization on different scales of size and time. Therein lie undulating energies of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles that are replete through our lives in wonderful fractal patterns that we can discern once we unlock the simple code.


This fascinating discovery has led to notable accuracy in identifying the manifestations of energy that effect all aspects of our lives from; the leaders we choose, our business trends, scientific developments, arts & literature, music & entertainment, sports, fashion trends and much more, all moving to the same universal patterns. This weekly show is dedicated to exploring this inquiry further. Join us and see how these cycles may effect you in the days and years ahead and where you are in the tides of time.


Thank you,  K. David Katzmire