2009-2010 to be a Double Crossover year for the Emotional and Spiritual Cycles

Emo-Spiritual Crossover 2009

Both the Emotional Cycle and the Spiritual Cycle will end their Highs as they simultaneously cross over the midpoint to enter into Lows during a transitional period from March 21, 2009 to March 21, 2010.[1. Crossover years begin on the first day of Spring, as does the tropical year, because we move in consistency with nature regardless of how we date our calendars.] This will give us an Emotional Crossover and a Spiritual Crossover at the same time, or a Double Downward Emo-Spiritual Crossover. A Crossover year in either direction is critical because stress and momentum are neither up nor down. The Cycle is in transition. At this point a nation is subject to chaos.

The Double Crossover is destined to bring about a moral and emotional crises that could spawn widespread reactions of fear and/or anger for a brief time. This will be a difficult year for a new presidential administration who will be dealing with crisis within while defending from threats from without as is gets acclimated into a new position.