Skyler Madison: Changes in Psychology & Spirituality in American from coast to coast – February 7, 2013


Skyler Madison joins the show as we discuss how the field of psychology has changed in recent decades as it reflects the psyche of the nation. From her thriving practice in Manhattan to her current studies in California, Skyler has had her finger on the pulse of a field that is more integrated with spirituality and age-old philosophies as we expand the ways we look within. Introspection, like outlook, reflects a consciousness in rhythm in changing times.

Skyler is the Director and Founder or the Nirvana Diet: Based on ten years experience empowering people to take charge of their lives and well-being, she created a unique process that blends motivational coaching, hypnosis and techniques from meditation that helps people to change from within.

Director and Founder of Skyler Madison Center for Well Being where she developed, marketed and sold motivational life change coaching programs for a high profile, sophisticated clientele. She grew the business from zero to $600,000 in three years.

Co-Founder Director of Sales & Marketing of Center for Cosmetic Design as she co-founded one of the first Medical Spas in New York.

Director of Sales and Marketing of the Center for Cosmetic Design and she developed and managed a highly successful multimillion dollar marketing campaign for a group of doctors. Hired and trained the sales associates. Organized and presented marketing presentations to doctors and potential clients.

Education – Skyler has a Masters Degree in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology and she is currently studying for her PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Depth Psychology. Her specialties: Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Author & Motivational Speaker.  In addition to depth psychology Skyler is developing a transformational process to help “re-story” life and a consultant to using archetypal story structure in the film industry.

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