Singularity University to Open as a New Kind of School

Image: Steven Senne / AP

Singularity University is a departure from traditional education that will host its first class of 30 graduate students this summer. The nine a nine week course it offers will explore ways in which technology can improve the life and welfare of humankind, rather than harm it. Plans for Singularity will be announced today in Long Beach, California at the annual Technology, Entertainment and Design conference (TED).

Singularity will be base in the silicon valley and housed on the NASA Ames base near Mountain View, California and it is the product of renown scientists, Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. Google already has contributed more than $1 million, and several other major companies are planning to pitch in at least $250,000, said Diamandis. Target subjects for the new school will be based on poverty, famine, disease, global warming and dwindling energy supplies. With the idea that technology will be many more times powerful than it is now, focus will be on how to harness this for the good rather than have it lead to social upheaval. Said Diamondis, We are reaching out across the globe to gather the smartest and most passionate future leaders and arm them with the tools and network they need to wrestle with the grand challenges of our day.

In that the new school will focus on technology as a means of bettering the plight of humanity, rather than blinding rendering destructive side effects, reflects the era of reforms that come when a Cycle enters the Low half to begin a period of 3rd Quarter Review. The 336 year Physical Cycle has done just that, ending the previous Physical High that gave us the late great machine age and industrial revolution. Now the Intellectual Cycle is breaking into the High halfc to give us an Intellectual High that is reflected in the all encompassing objectives of Singularity University that seeks not only to obtain knowledge, but to find how to use it wisely. Can it be that we are seeing the combined effect of Physical 3rd Qtr. Review with an Intellectual High in our schools already? [1. Source:] [2. Source:] [2. Source:]