Sal Lifrieri President of Protective Countermeasures in New York on Changing Security in Changing Times: Newsletter – 2012-11-29

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~ This Week’s Guest: Sal Lifrieri – November 29, 2012 at 8pm Eastern ~


sal-lifrieriSal Lifrieri, CEO and President of Protective Countermeasures & Consulting, Inc. served as the Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for the Office of Emergency Management under Rudolph Giuliani, was the head of the Protective Operations Unit of NYC’s prestigious Municipal Security Section, and is a retired “Detective First Grade” of the NYPD. With rich experience and adaptation to changing times, Mr. Lifrieri applies his leadership toward Protective Countermeasures & Consulting, Inc. to help companies and individuals address essential security concerns. Topic of discussion: if the cycles of change have changed the world, how have we, and how can we change with it? Are old locks out-dated as new doors open in the national and international eras of change?


Mr. Lifrieri will als0 feature forthcoming book: ‘Connecting The Dots’ in the very near future which will be of vital interest to us all.


Find out more at: ProtectiveCountermeasures


(Pre-recorded on November 26, 2012, no call-ins this week)If you don’t catch the show Live you can listen to the audio archive at:


All Veteran's Memorial Park of Stephenson County, Illinois

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What is Cycles Radio?” Cycles Radio explores the Cycles of Change based on the study of your host, K. David Katzmire, who has developed the theory for more than three decades to understand the Cycles of Time. Universal patterns can be found in a person, a nation and in the eras of civilization on different scales of size and time. Therein lie undulating energies of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles that are replete through our lives in wonderful fractal patterns that we can discern once we unlock the simple code.


This fascinating discovery has led to notable accuracy in identifying the manifestations of energy that effect all aspects of our lives from; the leaders we choose, our business trends, scientific developments, arts & literature, music & entertainment, sports, fashion trends and much more, all moving to the same universal patterns. This weekly show is dedicated to exploring this inquiry further. Join us and see how these cycles may effect you in the days and years ahead and where you are in the tides of time.


Thank you,  K. David Katzmire