The Cycles of Time

A Brief Introduction to KalaRhythms: The Cycles of Time

Upward Trikona - Physical, Emotional, IntellectualKalaRhythms are the Cyclical changes of history, Ka is ancient Egyptian for energy, Kala is Sanskrit for time, KalaRhythms are the changes of energy through time.

Our triad of energies form the basis our lives.
A complex living system has a body, a heart and a mind through which flow our basic energies,
Physical, Emotional & Intellectual.


These energies move within us complete with their own rhythms.
A nation, like a person, also functions as a form of life.
It too has a body, a heart and a mind that house our basic energies.
We move within these energies with a collective consciousness that forms the tides of time.

Physcial energy is a creative force that changes the strength and passivity of our actions.
Emotional energy is the subjective influence on our hopes and fears.
Intellectual energy is objective and an abstract regulation on our learning and interests.

PolyRhythms are energies combined. As combinations of energy influence single events,

their combinations shall be refered to as:

PhysoEmotional, (Physical & Emotional),
PhysoIntellectual, (Physical & Intellectual),
EmoIntellectual, (Emotional & Intellectual).
TriRhythmic influences are the effect of all three energies on a single event.

With this triad of energies we move together en mass as a single life force with pulsating energies that bring our changing times. The Cycles of Change of is the subject of this work. Energy creates the motion, the motion comes in Rhythm, and the Rhythm shapes our times.

Cycles Clock - America

You can find a chart that gives the times of coming ocean tides, because tides move in Rhythm.
Calendars can list the next phases of the moon, because it moves in Rhythm. Now you can plot the Cycles of Change, because our times move with Rhythms that are as regular as ocean tides and phases of the moon. The times are changing dramatically now and everything around us is changing with them. Consistent Highs and Lows bring expansions and contractions. Quarters are the seasons of change that have patterns of development. Crossovers create periods of crisis but they show that chaos and order are part of the same system. All these occur in Rhythms, the invisible forces that shape our lives. Now for the first time we can see them in action as we live them. They are encoded in the mathematics of life, encrypted in the American experience, and decoded here in the map of time.

What the driving Rhythms our nation mean to you and your business can mean the difference between success and failure. Take a moment to read through this Brief Introduction to KalaRhythms and you will understand the references and recommendations made in this report.


Our triad of energies holds the Physical Cycle, the Emotional Cycle, and the Intellectual Cycle. They come from the body, the heart, and the mind of the nation. We undulate between strengths and weakness, hopes and fears, and ideas and apathy.

Physical WaveThe Physical Cycle is 28 years long. It changes our production, territoriality, and strength. It affects what we build, our sense of materialism, the military, how we play sports, and our health and fitness. These rise and fall together.


Emotional WaveThe Emotional Cycle is 36 years long. It changes our sense of idealism, inspiration, and faith. A national mood is reflected in our styles, practice of religion, market speculation, entertainment and general outlook. They move in waves.


Intellectual WaveThe Intellectual Cycle is 44 years long. It changes our inventions, learning and interests. Shifts come in government policies, court decisions, commerce, academic performance of students, and technologies. They are Cyclical. Together, these changing energies bring change to our times



Kalarhythms Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows come in every Cycle. A 28-year Physical Cycle is High for 14 years as strength increases in construction, industry, military, sports, health, fitness, and acrobatic dance. For 14 Low years we get out of shape, build less and dress down. The 36-year Emotional Cycle has an 18-year High when we increase faith, hope, dreams, worship, idealism, romance and arts. In the 18 Low years that follow we lessen our speculation and enthusiasism as we become more prosaic and practical. The 44-year Intellectual Cycle is High for 22 years and we bring new ideas to science, education, invention, commerce, literature, and finance. For 22 Low years thereafter students do not perform as well in school, we become less detailed oriented and we simplify.




Kalarhythm Quarters

Four Quarters mark the Seasons of a Cycle and its patterns of change.

The First Quarter, or “Spring,” begins the Cycle. This is when lay Foundations and begin anew. This is when we begin anew. Many inveterate institutions had their beginnings at this time as people pull together, unite behind new standards, and forge ahead to the top of the hill. Start new things here.

The Second Quarter, or “Summer,” comes with Improvements as we branch out in variations. This is when we improve upon the precedents set in the previous Quarter. Now instead of climbing the hill we put our energy into variations of what we started to enhance our creations and bring them to fruition. Expand your projects here.

The Third Quarter, or “Autumn,” brings Review and reform to what we have done. This is when we pull up the drawbridge and retreat into memory to look back at the previous High (and earlier Highs). In our Review, that which we find to be good is cherished as nostalgia, and that which we find to be bad is amended through Reforms. Cut back and clean out your operations here.

The Fourth Quarter, or “Winter,” comes with Alternatives as we abandon the past to simplify. It is when we search into the void and experiment into the wilderness. Anything from before that is not strong enough to last will dissapate in these times. Consider alternatives here.


Kalarhythms Crossovers

A Crossover in a Cycle is a brief perid of chaos that results when it crosses the midpoint from High to Low or from Low to High, (red dotted line on the chart). A Crossover in the Physical Cycle might cause an industrial recession. Crossovers in theEmotional Cycle might come with rioting in the streets. A Crossover in the Intellectual Cycle might bring
falling stock prices. Every time a Cycle goes through a Crossover, we have chaos in the nation.


Cycles work together as our Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual energies progress through their Highs and Lows, four Quarter of development, and Crossovers of chaos to bring change to the nation. It is a confluence of energies. Different Cycles change their stages at different speeds because they are of different lengths so they can be in varying stages at any time. But once you indentify them individually you can see them working together and how simplicity breeds complexity. From this we forecast because the consistency of Cycles. We do not foretell actual events or prevent exceptions by forecasting, but we can calculate invisible forces in our lives and navigate the tides of time. That alone can make all the difference.

Below is an overview of some key points in American history with a look at where Cycles where at the time. Note how Cycles working together can have a dynamic effect on events from beyond the plane of physical causality.

Cycles in America from 1775 to 1800

After the birth pangs of the Revolutionary War, we separated from our mother country, England. A new nation began a life of its own, and with it, a new set of Cycles came into the world. Our Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies gave us an individuality. These Cycles soon peaked to boost us forward. A myriad of combinations came in the Cycles and our times changed.

Cycles in America from 1910 to 1940

The first time we had a sustained High in all three Cycles at once was from 1919 to 1929. Every Cycle Peaked to bring us the Roaring Twenties. Unprecedented Highs came to the market, optimism soared, and achievements flourished. This ended suddenly when two Cycles crossed down through the point of chaos (red line meridian) and we had the Stock Market Crash of 1929. It was predictable.

Cycles in America from 1920 to 1950

The longest period for all Three Cycles to be Low at once came during the Great Depression. We were still reeling from the Crash of 1929 which made it even worse. It took so long to recover because all Cycles were going down. We finally began to recover when two Cycles started to rise just before WW II. A wartime economy boosted us upward and we continued with Cycles that peaked in the 1950s & 60s.

Cycles in America from 2000 to 2030

Now after a decade of record breaking expansion while all three cycles were high at the same time, we are nearing the end of this period and headed toward a period of reversal, reform, and reason. The Physical Cycle is High, bringin up the “new reality” until a Downward Crossover in 2013-2014 that could result in a brief industrial recession. The Emotional Cycle that gave us the “new age” and “emo” period had a Downward Crossover in 2009-2010 creating a brief period of agitation and “tea party” reform against the government. The Intellectual Cycle is High and extending reason into scientific advancements, record books sales, and education reforms until a Downward Crossover in 2017-2018. The combination of these declining cycles will likely culmination in an overall recession in 2020, followed by an iconocalstic and experimental trend toward new ideas while we faintly remember and amened the zealous expansion of the last decade.

Double Crossovers in America are rare, but consequential.
If a Crossover can bring brief crisis to the nation, then what happens when two Cycles Cross Over in the same year? Three times in our history, we found out.

Cycles in America from 1890-1920 - Double Downward Crossover

PhysoEmotional Double Downward Crossover of 1901/02 came as both the Physical Cycle and Emotional Cycle shifted from 2nd Qtr. Expansion into 3rd Qtr. Reform by crossing the transitional midpoint of crisis. In the crisis, President McKinley Was Shot by an Anarchist and Teddy Roosevelt succeeded to the presidency. An era of big business ended as Huge Trusts and Monopolies Lost Control of industries like copper, sugar, meat, tobacco and oil when stock prices fell in the Panic of 1901 that threatened the entire banking structure. Roosevelt Activated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act against: big railroad, oil & tobacco monopolies, the Northern Securities Company, timber companies and more. This was the period of “Muckrakers” and “Trust Busters” that ushered in 3rd Qtr. Reform.


Cycles in America from 1910-1940 - Double Downward Crossover

The “Roaring Twenties” ended with great crisis in the PhysoIntellectual Dbl. Downward Crossover of 1929/30. Both the Physical Cycle & the Intellectual Cycle ended a Three-Way High by crossing the transitional midpoint of crisis with disasterous results. America was in an Emotional High when the unforseen Double Crossover wreaked havoc on stock values. The market crashed with Emotional reaction to a double crisis.


Cycles in America from 1960-1990 - Double Downward Crossover

An EmoIntellectual Dbl. Downward Crossover of 1973/74 gave us this year of double trouble. The Watergate Affair began that led to resignations from the President, Vice-President and most of the Cabinet. Our Recession of 1973-74 brought the worst stock market drop since 1929. The Oil Crisis severely impacted business with emergency provisions for energy consumption.


American Cycles 1990sToday, the Cycles still pulse through our nation. Here are three recent examples from our times of Cycles working together. The first example is the Recession of ’91/’92 when our Physical Cycle hit the very bottom of a Low. This affects what we build, industry and production. Our Emotional Cycle was at the transitional point of Chaos bringing fear or anger to the heart of the marketplace. Our Intellectual Cycle was Low and we had little innovation for business or commodities. The net result was an industrial recession in the (Physical Trough), fear spread fear among consumers who cut spending and investments in the (Emotional Crossover), and we couldn’t think our way out of it (Intellectual Low). This was predictable.

The Second example is Midterm Elections of 1994. Both the Physical Cycle and the
Intellectual Cycle were in the same stage of development, 4th Qtr. Alternatives, or “Winter.” As we search for Alternatives and abandon the past. The Emotional Cycle was in 1st Qtr. Foundation, or
“Spring.” This is when we begin anew. As a result voters ousted the
existing Democratic majority from the House, Senate, and governorships across the country
during (Physical and Intellectual 4th Qtr. Alternatives). Freshmen Republicans were selected to begin anew in the (Emotional 1st Qtr Foundation). The reverse could have happened if Republicans had ruled. The most popular candidate was “other” during a “Reelect Nobody” mood.


The third example is the O.J. Simpson Case of 1995/96 when the Physical Cycle was Low and enforcement lessened. The Emotional Cycle was High, however, and we were led by Emotion. The Intellectual Cycle was in the transitional point of Chaos (3/21/95 to 3/21/96) and we had a crisis in decision. The net result was a controversial verdict that came as something of a shock to a public who had been riveted by the case. Jurors chose not render the guilty verdict that spared enforcement against Simpson (Physical Low), as jurors were swayed by Emotional appeal in the (Emotional High), and the controversial decision brought a shake up to the judicial system, (Intellectual Crossover). This exemplifies the ever-present confluence of Cycles.



American Cycles 2000s

The previous decade was a great cyclic high for America. This is because of the natural flow of Rhythms that began with the birth of our nation in the
American Revolution. The Cycles of change pulsed through our nation ever since. Soon we will find all of our Cycles High at the same time. In the decade of the 1990s, each Cycle crossed out of its Low half, into the High, to reach peaks in all three Cycles one decade. But the arena of world cycles that effects all nations held surprises for us and the global economy. Each nation, moving with its own rhythms, a player in the global scheme of slower moving rhythms of civilization that take hundred of years to turn. During our own heyday we would find ourselves faceing a global economic meltdown.

Following is a chart showing the three Cycles from the birth of our nation in 1775 until 2100. Look at where the different Cycles are in different times and for an overview of America. Different energies manifest in different time as we surf throught the tides of history.

Cycles of the United States - vertical chart

We stand on the dawn of a new era where we can identify the manifestations of energy to better understand where we are and plot our course into the future. This work is backed by thirty years of research and is presented to you so that you do not have to do the work. Knowledge of Cycles is as important as any message from history and it is more up to date than tomorrow’s newspaper. A chart of Kalarhythms is a picture worth more than a thousand words for it is a map of time. Learn how to read it. Know it, and you may skillfully navigate our Rhyhtmic changes to reach and surpass your goals. Ignore it, and times that pass may pass you by.