Cycles of a Nation

Introduction to Part II

Kalarhythms - The Cycles of ChangeThe Tao of NowINTRODUCTION

To know that which we have not learned.
Such is like the Tao.
Looked for it is not seen.
Seen, it is not recognized.
Recognized, it is not believed.
These things are passed on to us and known only on the subtle level as the basis of all thing we hold real.
That from which even the un-manifest emerged is where you will find it.
For that, we must look within, for it is us.
All things are one.

If we want to be heard, we must listen,If we want to be seen, we must look,
If we want to be felt, we must touch.
We must know the scent of the earth
and taste from the sea, for we are that.
The Tao is all things, including nothing.
When our journey ends unto this all,
we will find that we have not left
where we are right now.
As we begin anew toward that which has
never been, we do so again.

We will know it in the Dance as the un-played note from which
all sounds emerge.
We will know it in the silence
to which all Rhythm will lead.
We will know it in the darkness
that is pregnant with light, to find,
that Creator and image are
the same, and one.
All of the many things are one
existing in the Tao of Now.Om Namah Shivayah
K. David Katzmire

The current decade is predestined to be the most exciting time America has ever known. This is because of the natural flow of Rhythms that began with the birth of our nation in the American Revolution. Consistent Highs and Lows have come ever since as the Cycles of change pulse through our nation. We now have all of our Cycles High at the same time. In the decade of the 1990s, each Cycle crossed out of its Low half, into the High, to reach peaks in all three Cycles this decade. Our future now is like never before.

You can find a chart that gives the times of coming ocean tides, because they move in Rhythm. Calendars can list the next phases of the moon, because it moves in Rhythm. Now you know the times of change, because our times move with Rhythms that are as regular as ocean tides and phases of the moon. The Seasons of time are changing dramatically now and everything around us is changing with them. Periods of crisis and chaos also come as regular parts of the Cycles. Now for the first time we can put our knowledge together and see the Highs and Lows, and times of chaos, before they happen. They are encoded in the mathematics of life, encrypted in the American experience, and decoded here in the map of time.


Ka is ancient Egyptian for energy. Kala is Sanskrit for time. KalaRhythms are changes of energy through time. The Egyptians believed that Ka is the Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual parts of a person, or god, that constitute an individuality. It transcends death of the body as living energy. Ancient Indian scriptures described Kala as transcendent time and as relative time which is Cyclical in nature. We live in relative time and all the Cycles within it. KalaRhythms are therefore changes in Physical, Spiritual and Intellectual energies through Cyclical time. This triad of energies that constitute an individuality is part of any person or living system. In our case, they are basic elements of the United States. Change is part of any time. To see where we are in time is to know where we are in the Cycles of change. Cycles tell us from where we come, where we are, and where we are going. That is the Tao of Now.


Fractals are replete through nature as transcendent repeating patterns on different scales of size and time. These patterns give us clues to what is all around. Spirals in pine cones, sunflowers and snail shells encode the same mathematical pattern by which plants replicate their leaf growth (Fibonacci sequence). The ratio found in this sequence is the rate by which our bones increase in length when progressing from smaller to larger joints in our hands, feet and legs (phi ratio). Our average number of respirations per day, and our number of heartbeats every six hours, each equal the number of years in the precession of the equinoxes, (a 25,920-year Cycle of where the earth is in its orbit on the first day of Spring). We find ourselves as part of it all.

The rise and fall of our industrial production is a multiple of the 7-year septennial Rhythm of cell growth in our bodies(1). This is a Physical Cycle. A woman’s menstrual Cycle has an average length that coincides with phases of the moon every twenty-eight days. Rises and falls in social tides of enthusiasm coincide with the moon again, and a multiple of the 9-year Cycle, as the tilt of the moon’s orbital plane around the earth moves in “Saros Cycles” that relate to mood swings in the nation. This is an Emotional Cycle. Academic achievements and peak times of invention for our nation resemble a multiple of the 11-year sunspot Cycle and electromagnetic radiation in solar wind. This is an Intellectual Cycle. We are not observers of nature, we are part of it. We are within the Rhythms and the Rhythms are within us. More discovery of self repeating patterns through the microcosm and the macrocosm has led to a new word in the English language, “Fractals.” These are reappearing and transcending patterns of nature. Now Fractal-Rhythms show us transcending patterns with the added dimension of time. As we navigate the currents of time, we are transcending a scale of our own. It is self realization. In the process, the wonders of the universe reappear in ever more splendid and fascinating ways, and they come, in Rhythmic Cycles.


Our Triad of Energies holds the Physical Cycle, the Emotional Cycle, and the Intellectual Cycle. They come from the body, the heart, and the mind of the nation. We undulate between strengths and weakness, hopes and fears, and ideas and apathy. The Physical Cycle changes our production, territoriality, and strength. It affects what we build, our sense of materialism, the military, how we play sports, and our health and fitness. These rise and fall together. The Emotional Cycle changes our sense of idealism, inspiration, and faith. A national mood is reflected in our styles, practice of religion, market speculation, entertainment and general outlook. They move in waves. The Intellectual Cycle affects invention, learning and interests. Shifts come in government policies, court decisions, commerce, academic performance of students, and technologies. They are Cyclical. Together, these changing energies bring change to our times


Stages of a Cycle


Quarters of a Cycle

A Cycle goes through four stages that are the Seasons of a Cycle, as it progresses between Highs and Lows. It begins with a First Quarter, or “Spring,” where we lay Foundations for things to come. This is when we begin anew. The Second Quarter, or “Summer,” comes with Improvements as we branch out in variations. This is when we expand. A Third Quarter, or “Autumn,” brings Review and reform to what we have done. This is when we retreat. Then, the Fourth Quarter, or “Winter,” comes with Alternatives as we abandon the past to simplify. It is when we search. This consistent pattern repeats as each Cycle revolves.


Points of Chaos

Cycle Crossovers

A Cycle goes through chaos when it crosses the midpoint. Whenever a Cycle switches from Low to High, or from High to Low, it passes through the point of transition (red dotted line) where it meets with turbulence. A Crossover in the Physical Cycle might cause an industrial recession. Crossovers in the Emotional Cycle might come with rioting in the streets. A Crossover in the Intellectual Cycle might bring falling stock prices. Every time a Cycle goes through a Crossover, we have chaos in the nation.

Our Three Cycles

Cycles work together as our Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual energies progress through their four stages of development, and points of chaos, to bring change to the nation. This universal pattern of development that is common to all three Cycles holds true even though the three Cycles are of different lengths. The Physical Cycle repeats every 28 years, the Emotional Cycle recurs every 36 years, and the Intellectual Cycle revolves every 44 years. They still follow the same pattern while influencing different parts of the nation. The combined effect of the Cycles is that they may all be in different stages of development at any given time. A myriad of combinations is possible. This brings variety to our times. Once this simple pattern is understood, however, we can see where we are in each Cycle, and how each Cycle affects us. The combined state of the nation is then deciphered. Beneath the complexity of our times, lie simple and basic elements. It becomes clear, once you have the math.


Birth of a Nation


28y Physical 36y Emotional 44y Intellectual

Cycles USA 1775-1800

1770s: The Beginning: This all goes back to the beginning, our point of origin. We were born in the American Revolution. Since then, the body, heart and mind of a new nation have gone forth with Cyclical progression. Of course, there were preceding Rhythms from native American tribes, and trends set in motion establishing the colonies were embraced by English loyalists, but the new order of Rhythms would collect all cultures or becomes mutually exclusive to them through war. New vibrations do not just come into being, they come with birth pains which, in our case, was the American Revolution. This formed a new nation with a life of its own, and with it, the Rhythms of Life. The triumvirate braid of Rhythms in the body, heart and mind of a nation brings us up to today. Now the combination of Cyclical energies is shaping our times as much as ever. They will continue to do so as the inveterate precession of Rhythms carries us into the future.


Cycles Now
28y Physical 36y Emotional 44y Intellectual

American trends 1990 - 2020

2000s: The New Reality This Trirhymic High in the Cycles came into being after an Upward Physical Crossover in 1999-2000 that put us in a vulnerable period of crisis as we reached an Emotional Peak in 2000. Consequently, we were in a point of overs peculation in an over-bought market when we hit an abrupt Physical crisis and “the bubble burst” in the market. Meanwhile a rising Intellectual Cycle brought us further into space and scientific achievements. The unexpected attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 came from external sources beyond the internal rhythms of the nation producing largest External Aberration in our history. We recovered, due in part to the strong position of our Cycles. We moved on to a hysoIntellectual Peak in 2006 that gave a pause as real estate sales slowed down. Now we are gaining momentum in a Trirhythmic 2nd Expansion which produces even more energy a Peak and our greatest expressions unfolding in an historic High. We face a moral and emotional crisis in 2009-2010 when we have an Emotional Downward Crossover.

Below is a chart showing the three Cycles from the birth of our nation in 1775 until 2100. Look at where the different Cycles are in different times and for an overview of America. Different energies manifest in different time as we surf through the tides of history.


U.S. KalaRhythms Chart
Cycles of the United States - vertical chart



Cycle Highlights

Below is an overview of some key points in American history with a look at where Cycles where at the time. Note how Cycles working together can have a dynamic effect on events from beyond the plane of physical causality.

28YR Physical Cycle 36YR Emotional Cycle 44YR Intellectual Cycle

Cycles in America from 1775 to 1800

After the birth pangs of the Revolutionary War, we separated from our mother country, England. A new nation began a life of its own, and with it, a new set of Cycles came into the world. Our Physical, Emotional and Intellectual energies gave us an individuality. These Cycles soon peaked to boost us forward. A myriad of combinations came in the Cycles and our times changed.


Cycles in America from 1910 to 1940

The first time we had a sustained High in all three Cycles at once was from 1919 to 1929. Every Cycle Peaked to bring us the “Roaring Twenties.” Unprecedented Highs came to the market, optimism soared, and achievements flourished. This ended suddenly when two Cycles crossed down through the point of chaos (red line meridian) and we had the Stock Market Crash of 1929. It was predictable.


Cycles in America from 1920 to 1950

The longest period for all Three Cycles to be Low at once came during the Great Depression. We were still reeling from the Crash of 1929 which made it even worse. It took so long to recover because all Cycles were going down. We finally began to recover when two Cycles started to rise just before WW II. A wartime economy boosted us upward and we continued with Cycles that peaked in the 1950s & 1960s.


Cycles in America from 2000 to 2030

Now we are headed for our greatest Cyclic High since the American Revolution. All three Cycles have been High since the an Upward Crossover of the Physical Cycle in 1999, and all three Cycles Peaked in just a six-year period (2000 – 2006). Now we have a Triple 2nd Quarter of Variation and Expansion. It is the 2nd Quarter that is the most productive as it is a time of fruition. This promises that the time we are in now will make this our most energetic decade ever! It is toward these times that generations to come will reflect and admire, hold in awe, and even admonish. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Double Crossovers in America are rare, but consequential.
If a Crossover can bring brief crisis to the nation, then what happens when two Cycles Cross Over in the same year? Three times in our history, we found out.

28YR Physical Cycle 36YR Emotional Cycle 44YR Intellectual Cycle

Cycles in America from 1890-1920 - Double Downward Crossover

A PhysoEmotional Double Downward Crossover of 1901/02 came as both the Physical Cycle and Emotional Cycle shifted from 2nd Qtr. Expansion into 3rd Qtr. Reform by crossing the transitional midpoint of crisis. In the crisis, President McKinley Was Shot by an Anarchist and Teddy Roosevelt succeeded to the presidency. An era of big business ended as Huge Trusts and Monopolies Lost Control of industries like copper, sugar, meat, tobacco and oil when stock prices fell in the Panic of 1901 that threatened the entire banking structure. Roosevelt Activated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act against: big railroad, oil & tobacco monopolies, the Northern Securities Company, timber companies and more. This was the period of “Muckrakers” and “Trust Busters” that ushered in 3rd Qtr. Reform.

Cycles in America from 1910-1940 - Double Downward Crossover

A PhysoIntellectual Double Downward Crossover of 1929/30 ended the “Roaring Twenties” with great crisis. A Three-Way High ended with both the Physical Cycle & the Intellectual Cycle crossed down through the transitional midpoint of crisis with disastrous results. Yet, America was near an Emotional Peak at the time and over-speculation turned to over-panic when the unforeseen Double Crossover wreaked havoc on stock values. The market crashed, we panicked, and Downward Cycles pulled the market down.


Cycles in America from 1960-1990 - Double Downward Crossover

An EmoIntellectual Double Downward Crossover of 1973/74 gave us this year of double trouble. The Watergate Affair began that led to resignations from the President, Vice-President and most of the Cabinet. Our Recession of 1973-74 brought the worst stock market drop since 1929. The Oil Crisis severely impacted business with emergency provisions for energy consumption.


Cycles in America from 2010-204 - Double Downward Crossover

A PhysoEmotional Double Upward Crossover in 2027/28 will make the next cyclical crisis in the United States due to occur within March 21, 2027 to March 21, 2028 as both the 28-year Physical Cycle and the 36-year Emotional Cycle cross up through the midpoint of crisis at the same time!



Looking Ahead we can see how make a forecast toward our tendencies based on our consistent history Cyclical influence.

The 21st Century
Cycles in America - 2000-2050

2010s: Our positional High that is now in place will have a gradual decline with stages. In 2009-2010 as the Emotional Cycle has a Downward Crossover we are bound to see a moral and ethical crisis in a major event in the nation. In 2013-2014 when the Physical Cycle has a Downward Crossover will are likely to experience a brief industrial recession. In 2017-2018 with the Intellectual Cycle has a Downward Crossover we will likely see a dip in stock prices and commodities. This will all lead to gradual decline and a recession in 2020.

2020s: We will rise toward new High from a likely recession in 2020, but we will encounter a major national crisis in 2027-2028 as we have a PhysoEmotional Double Upward Crossover, the fourth only Double Crossover in our nation’s history. This will likely result in over-reaction put into action with possible acts of violence and public outcry. The industrial sector of the economy could suffer and we should be cautious with are responses in foreign relations as we will have a tendency to use force. An Intellectual Low will decline through a period of reform to reach a bottom in 2028.

2030s: Rising Cycles will reach Physical and Emotional Peaks in a High that will be somewhat reminiscent of the “gay ’90s” of the 19th century, but in a new time. The Intellectual Cycle will be Low and rising through 4th Qtr. Alternatives and we make a progressive shift in our methods of learning and scientific pursuits.

2040s: This should be a new era of intellectualism as the Intellectual Cycle reaches a Peak in 2050, but both the Physical Cycle and the Emotional Cycle will end their Highs to usher in a new period of reforms in the PhysoEmotional Double 3rd Qtr. Reform. In this decade we are likely to find new ways to revise old practices as we shift from survival of the fittest to survival of the wisest.

This work is offered now after more than thirty years of research, for we are on the dawn of a
new era. As we go forth, we can identify the manifestations of energy and plot our course into the future.
A Kala-Rhythm chart on the next page shows our triad of Cycles. You can learn how it is a picture worth
a thousand words, and easier to read. It will reveal itself as a map of time that is more up to date than
tomorrow’s newspaper.


1. Pythagoras, Cicero, and Seneca all suggested the existence of such Cycles. An issue of the British Medical Journal (December 21/28, 1996) reported the findings of Jos Verhulst (of Lous Bolk Institute – Netherlands) and Patrick Onghena (of the U. Of Leuven – Belgium) who discovered a seven-year growth Cycle in human ears. They also discovered a circaseptennial Rhythm in the closure of the cranial suture. Noted researchers now note this as the “tip of some iceberg.” (See Webography – under ‘Biology’ for links).