Ray Tomes of the Cycles Research Institute – August 30, 2012

Ray Tomes founded the Cycles Research Institute which has as its mission to: Discover, understand, and explain the true nature and origin of cycles, to solves the mystery of recurrent rhythm observed in natural and the social sciences, and to instruct others in the application of this new knowledge for the greater good.

Mr. Tomes worked in computer modeling applications through which he gained an interest in interdisciplinary cycles. He found cycles in the New Zealand and realized that these were almost exact fractions of 35.6 years as well as other cycles also that relate to this figure. He went on to discover that his work yielded similar findings to what was already established by famed cycles researcher, Edward R. Dewey then he furthered these studies in his original work…


Harmonics Theory holds that the Universe consists of standing wave harmonics from which are descended the harmonies in which we live. Surprisingly this leads to a rich and detailed spectrum of universal frequencies that hold answers to the structure of creation from the microscopic to the astronomical realms of existence which exert influence on our everyday lives from economics and social change to the properties of physics and more.
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