Protests and Demonstrations at the DNC and the RNC

Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

An increase is public demonstrations can occur during a Physical High and they are more likely to occur during an Emotional High. Now we are in a Physo-Emotional High and are seeing the largest and most fervent demonstrations at political conventions since 1968. The Faith in Action Interfaith worship services that opened as the first official event of the Democratic National Convention on August 24, 2008 were interrupted moments after commencement by a few protesters who stood up and shouted that Obama supports murder by way of abortion. A small band of pro-life advocates protesters held huge posters showing gruesome pictures of aborted babies as a leader shouted anti-abortion protests over a bullhorn before people as they entered the convention. Also this Sunday activists who called themselves “Funk the War” roamed through the streets of Denver and was disbanded by police several times only to reassemble and continue. Other demonstrations included to demand the release of political prisoners and an anti-capitalist march in the evening attracted police who many numerous arrests.

Thousands of protestors marched in the streets near the Republican National Convention on September 1, 2008.  Most of the protests were against the war in Iraq.  Many protests were peaceful but some protestors attacked delegates with toxic substances, smashed windows, punctured car tires, threw bottles and hurled projectiles at police who responded with pepper spray. At least 56 were arrested.  On September 2 at least 250 were arrested for outside the convention as police used tear gas and pepper spray to fend off rioters who attacked property and blocked roads. Violent protests against the Republican Convention on September 3 brought felony resulted in felony charges on 21 citizens and another man was found with explosives that he said were intended to bomb tunnels under the convention. Demonstrators smashed windows, slashed tires, threw bags of urine and excrement and confronted delegates in the streets.