Personality Mngmnt.

KalaRhythms & Interpersonal Style
Personal Styles - Analytical, Amiable, Driver, Expressive, Facilitator, Organizer

Managing Personality Styles

Personality Styles Working Together

Balancing Polarities

Interpersonal style sometimes means that successful interaction and meeting the expectations of others requires adjusting your own behavior in the mix. This may mean addressing the other person’s arena of expectations with versatility, even if it means differentiating from your comfort zone to do so. Understanding how to do that lies in understanding the Personality Types of the people involved. Are they a Driver, Expressive, Analytical, Facilitator, Organizer, or Amiable? Knowing how different personalities interact and react to each other may mean the difference between smooth transactions and conflict.

Dominant, Swift to act, Makes Statements, Leans forward, Quick Amiable
Yielding, Unhurried, Listens, Leans Back, Deliberate

Active & Dominant Passive & Yielding

This scale measures the degree to which a person is perceived as putting things into action or attempting to influence the thinking and actions of others.


Active and Passive Behavior

Personal Styles – Polarities: Active-Passive
If you are perceived as effectively yielding (Amiable or Expressive),
take actions to…
. Volunteer information. Quicken your pace, get to the point
. Be willing to disagree
. Act on your convictions
. Initiate conversations
If you are perceived as effectively dominant (Driver or Facilitator),
take actions to…

. Listen without interruptions
. Ask for others” opinions
. Slow down, adapt to others’ time
. Allow others to take the lead
. Negotiate decision making


Outgoing, Flexible, Involved, Informal, Warm Organizer
Reserved, Controlled, Detached, Formal, Cool

Outward & Responsive Inward & Reserved

This scale measures the degree to which a person is perceived as expressing feelings when relating to others.


Inward and Outward Behavior

Personal Styles – Polarities: Inward-Outward
If you are perceived as socially reserved (Organizer or Driver),
take actions to…
. Say what you feel
. Make personal remarks/pay compliments
. Devote more time to relationships
. Engage in small talk
. Use more open body languageIf you are perceived as socially outgoing (Expressive or Amiable),
take actions to…

. Stick to facts/business
. Restrain enthusiasm
. Make decisions base on logic and solid evidence
. Refrain from referencing your feelings, intuition
. Acknowledge opinions of others


Specific, Technical, Theoretical, Detailed, Researched Facilitator
General, Broad, Basic, Uninquisitive, Scanning

Complex & Detailed Simple & General

This scale measures the degree to which a
person is perceived as supplying ideas to others.


Simple and Complex Behavior

Personal Styles – Polarities: Simple-Complex
If you are perceived as broad in research (Facilitator or Expressive),
take actions to…
. Introduce case in point examples
. Focus on how to accomplish
. Refer to technical support
. Listen to special interests
. Examine categoriesIf you are perceived as technical in research (Analytical or Organizer),
take actions to…

. Zoom out to overall strategy
. Focus on outcome
. Return to trunk instead of branches
. Squelch the data
. Put ideas over facts




Addressing Styles


Hex Model – Driver Style
Managing Yourself with

Driver Styles
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Consise, to the point . Vague and time wasting
. Business link, result oriented . Personal and casual
. Specific when asking questions . Pretentious or irrelevant
. Armed with alternative and choices . Conclusive or arbitrary when recommending
. Prepared with facts about the probabilities . Careless with facts and forecasts
. Supportive of their conclusions . Directive or forceful
. Ready to stress results . Personalizing the decision
. Organized, professional, in control . Whining, making excuses, apologizing.


Hex Model – Expressive Style
Managing Yourself with

Expressive Styles
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Supportive of their ideas and concepts . Arbitrary and directive
. Stimulating, thought provoking . Unyielding, too structured
. Willing to discuss their successes . Too rigid about plans, existing procedures
. Providing ideas to put their plans into action . Leaving decisions up in the air
. Seeking their opinions and ideas about people . Wasting time on formalities and protocol
. Contributing idea to a plan . Emphasizing concepts too much
. Offering special, immediate incentives to take a risk . Being too logical or dogmatic
. Willing to socialize, take time to know them personally . Patronizing or superior


Hex Model – Analytical Style
Managing Yourself with

Analytical Styles
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Well prepared, have an agenda . Loosely organized, unstructured
. Direct, orderly, but patient . Informal, too casual
. Oriented toward specifics . Too general about plan
. Doing what you say you will . Vague about what is expected of each party
. Willing to draw up a schedule with action steps . Leaving loose ends, not geared toward follow through
. Amenable to verifying the plan . Too reliant on others
. Having evidence, ready to follow up . Unrealistic with deadlines
. Supportive of their principles, logic,

thought processes, and thoroughness
. Threatening, emotional impulsive
Managing Yourself with

Facilitator Styles


Hex Model – Facilitator Style
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Efficient, ready to go . Distracted
. Experienced and communicative . Abstract and theoretical
. Willing to work with others . Overly adherent to plans
. Contribute to and enhance the system . Isolating methods from one another
. Presenting modifications . Creating more work
. Meetings needs now . Experimental
. Winning the support of others . Increasing responsibilities
. Conformant with the system . Going against the grain.
Managing Yourself with

Organizer Styles


Hex Model – Organizer Style
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Organized, methodical . Ad hoc, without a plan
. Formatted and productive . Personal and tentative
. Orderly in process . Inattentive to detail
. Having related experience . Inexperienced
. Conceptual in planning . Subjective in presentation
. Creating step by step application . Having to vision for the future
. Providing a higher yield versus cost . Lacking support for proposals
. Adaptable to the form . Fixed in demands


Hex Model – Amiable Style
Managing Yourself with

Amiable Styles
Plan Actions to be seen as… Avoid being seen as…
. Candid, open, patient . Impatient, don’t force the agenda
. Personally interested in them . Aloof, too business like
. Responsive to their ideas . Arbitrary, overly aggressive
. Supportive of teamwork & harmony . Limiting participation in the plan
. Having a well defined ideas, but willing to negotiate . Pushing for a quick, intuition-based decision
. Supporting win-win relationships . Pressing for an arbitrary decision
. Ready to provide plans that minimize risk . Making promises that can’t be kept
. Willing to commit your personal time and involvement . Manipulate or bullying