Norma Erickson on SANE Vax & the Era of Pharmaceutical Reform, June 13, 2013

norma-ericksonNorma Erickson is president of SANE Vax, an information group that reports on the effects, efficacy and recorded dangers of vaccines that are widely used today.

The Sane Vax Mission is to promote only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information.
According to a cycles theory we have entered an era of reform that will last for years. This theory predicted years ago that the our recently developed era of reform will be comparable to the “muckrakers” period at the turn of the last century ad the Watergate era after 1973 that ushered in widespread reforms in politics and industry. The prediction also held that the pharmaceutical companies may receive much of this focus become as much of a target as continuing reforms upon the oil industry. SANE Vax, founded three years ago before our current era of reform, has gained the momentum that is forming now, and it may bear bellwether messages of growing public concerns.


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SANEVax logNorma Erickson has more than 25 years experience an independent business consultant specializing in start-ups and corporate problem solving and has worked as a freelance author focusing on healthy living articles and providing information surrounding the vaccination controversy. In her research she discovered an inordinate number of girls reporting serious adverse events occurring after HPV vaccinations and conducted extensive research into HPV vaccines.

This research led her to the creation of SANE Vax Inc. Since its founding in 2010, SaneVax has become a strong international coalition of parents and vaccine safety advocates partnered with medical and scientific professionals who are all dedicated to making sure that consumers are informed properly for their protection.
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