Nevada is the fastest growing state in the US

Nevada has become the fastest growing state in the United States. Nevada&#39s estimated population is currently 2.6+ million, 22% of whom are 20 to 34 years old. [1. Source: Fox New 2008-08-17] Population growth in US regions corresponded to positions in the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Cycles because we have regions in the country that are Physically-based, Emotionally based, and Intellectually based (as well as regions that are based in more that one energy), according to the theory of Gaiametrics. Regions that are evenly balanced in three energies, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, are considered to be Trirhythmic. These regions receive more growth and population shifts when all three Cycles are high, as they are now. Most of Nevada lies with the Rocky Mountains region, which is Trirhythmic, so Nevada, like other states in the Trirhythmic regions, have been receiving more growth and/or population shifts.


  1. GaiaMetrics of the United States looks at Why does this happen here? in much the same way that Kalarhythms looks at, Why does this happen now? Energy centers in the United States make regions that are Physically-based, Emotionally-based or Intellectually-based. Some regions are a combination of energies. These regions remain based in their energies throughout changing times.