Neil Killion on The Life Cycles Revolution – February 28, 2013


Neil Killion
returns with the debut of his book: The Life Cycles Revolution. Neil worked as a management consultant/psychologist with observations on thousands of clients for 20 years in business that turned into a brand new theory known as Life Cycles. His previous book titled Life Cycles has won 2 finalist Awards in the USA Book News contest and it has an Amazon rating average 4 1/2 stars. It’s unique, entertaining and it’s evidence based on Neil’s blog at: is all about people’s life stories and how they validate the theory. I’m also a songwriter, tennis and poker player and fitness enthusiast.


The Life Cycles Revolution by Neil Killion

About the Book

the-life-cycles-revolutionA follow up to author Neil Killion’s critically acclaimed book Life Cycles, his new book The Life Cycles Revolution takes his theory and evidence about man’s 12-year life cycles to a whole new level.

An International Book Awards Finalist, The Life Cycles Revolution offers comprehensive proof that our lives progress in symbolic 12-year cycles. Readers will learn new terms, research methods, icons and a whole new form of prediction in this eye-opening book. Some the diverse lives examined are Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Ghandi, J.K. Rowling, Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga.

Because it is based solely on biographic data, this book lays a bridge between the occult and science with the newest and perhaps most valid system of self-knowledge ever devised. Its 10 affirming methods will guide you in every facet of your life. The Revolution is waiting for you!

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