Molly Cheshire, Media Technician and Producer, on Changes in Entertainment & Media Production – December 13, 2012

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Discussions on where we were, where we are and
where we are going in changing world of universal rhythms.


~ This Week’s Guest: Molly Cheshire – December 13, 2012 at 8pm Eastern ~

Molly Cheshire

Molly Cheshire has worked on many projects in a variety of capacities for more than 20 years. She was on the production team of the Emmy Award winning, NBC Documentary “The Mystery of Sphinx”; she was the lighting department of major motion pictures, such as “Philadelphia”, “True Lies” and “Twelve Monkeys” She also has worked in the editing department for NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in Sydney and Salt Lake City, and their coverage of the tennis championships at Wimbledon and at the French Open. Molly has also operated camera for various documentaries and did lighting for the hit TV Show, “Law & Order.”.Molly shares herrich experience with us to discuss the change that are taking place in the entertainment, documentary and educational production and more.


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~ Special Event: Mayan Calendar Roundtable – Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 6pm Eastern ~
A Better World Radio with Mitchell Jay Rabin will be hosting a Mayan Calendar Roundtable in honor of the upcoming, long-discussed and meditated-upon, controversial date and subject of December 21, 2012 which is soon upon us to reveal is cosmic magic, or not!
Carl Johan Callemann

Carl Calleman, Mayan Scholar author of several books including The Mayan Calendar & the Transformation of Consciousness and The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory & the Mayan Calendar Explain the Origin & Evolution of Life.

Cal Garrison

Cal Garrison, author of The Astrology of 2012 & Beyond and is also the astrological consultant to Drunvalo Melchezidek. Her work has appeared in Glamour Magazine, Nexus Magazine and Sage Woman, to name a few.

Monty Taylor

Monty Taylor, is a well-known and widely sought Jungian Astrologer in the New York area with a rich and diverse understanding of both mythology and history which inform his work.

K. David Katzmire

David Katzmire creator of Kalarhythms, a study of time cycles that is to nations as bio-rhythms are to the indivdual, analyzing them into the component parts of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual cycles of a given country.

Stephen Dinan

Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network may be joining us.

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Sal Lifrieri
~ Last Time on The Cycles Of Change: Rene Vidmer, World Traveler ~
Rene Vidmer, Traveler of the World’s Waterways on Our Divergent Societies.

Deborah Paulmann

~ Coming Up on Cycles Radio:  Live from Copan, The Mayan Calendar – December 20, 2012 ~
K. David Katzmire comes to you Live from Copan, Honduras to discuss: The Mayan Calendar


What is Cycles Radio?” Cycles Radio explores the Cycles of Change based on the study of your host, K. David Katzmire, who has developed the theory for more than three decades to understand the Cycles of Time. Universal patterns can be found in a person, a nation and in the eras of civilization on different scales of size and time. Therein lie undulating energies of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual cycles that are replete through our lives in wonderful fractal patterns that we can discern once we unlock the simple code.


This fascinating discovery has led to notable accuracy in identifying the manifestations of energy that effect all aspects of our lives from; the leaders we choose, our business trends, scientific developments, arts & literature, music & entertainment, sports, fashion trends and much more, all moving to the same universal patterns. This weekly show is dedicated to exploring this inquiry further. Join us and see how these cycles may effect you in the days and years ahead and where you are in the tides of time.


Thank you,  K. David Katzmire