Molly Cheshire, Media Technician and Producer, on Changes in Entertainment & Media Production – December 13, 2012


Molly Cheshire has worked on many projects in a variety of capacities for more than 20 years. She was on the production team of the Emmy Award winning, NBC Documentary “The Mystery of Sphinx”; she was the lighting department of major motion pictures, such as “Philadelphia”, “True Lies” and “Twelve Monkeys” She also has worked in the editing department for NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in Sydney and Salt Lake City, and their coverage of the tennis championships at Wimbledon and at the French Open. Molly has also operated camera for various documentaries and did lighting for the hit TV Show, “Law & Order.”.
Molly shares herrich experience with us to discuss the change that are taking place in the entertainment, documentary and educational production and more.


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