Mitchell Rabin on Communication, Today, Yesterday & Tomorrow, March 13, 2014 8pm

mitchell-rabin-in-radio-studioMitchell Rabin of A Better World Radio & TV discusses changes everyday communications and media in the last two decades.  More than a 20 year veteran in media casting himself, he began his weekly television program, A Better World TV, on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York in 1993.  From there he expanded into A Better Radio which ran on the Progressive Radio Network for seven years and is now heard as: A Better World on Blog Talk Radio.  Mr. Rabin began casting before modern methods that we take for granted today were prevelent, such as, common use of the Internet, blogging, podcasting and easy use of automated mass e-mailing.  He will share his stories of how he used to get his message out and adapting to new tools has shaped consumer demand in not on the methods but the message of his outreach.

We will talk about how…


  • Living, markets and even search engines have become more local
  • More consumers have become media producers with blogging YouTube and casting
  • Media market share have become more local and diversified in topics

Listen and gain a perspective on how the message that reach you every day have changed and we as consumers and producers are bringing about the changes for tomorrow.

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